Three Long Economic Trends

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Archives

Self Publishing has been incredibly good to me and many of our readers for over four decades.   This is not because I am a good writer.  This is not because I am really smart.  This is not because I started with any capital at all. This is not because I had a great education. This is not because I had a big organization.

Let me quickly add that at first I did not spot the first trend but rather stumbled on it.   Only after the stumble created success did I learn to look.  Plus behind every success is a good woman… in this case named Merri.

Self publishing has been good to Merri and me because we spotted and became involved in three big and long trends. The rest was sharing what I was doing in script.    Function is the key when self publishing ideas that make people’s lives better.  Form is not vital when what you write is new, unusual but really right.

The three long term ideas that have woven their way through our years of self publishing are:

#1: Globalization which led to international investing and the awakening of Ecuador.

#2: The emergence of technology that made self publishing possible for everyone.

#3: Super Thinking is the third and most important of these trends.  If you learn how to invest better, that’s one improvement in your life.  If you learn how to self publish a book, that’s another improvement in your life.  If you learn how to be more intelligent, everything in your life improves.

Knowing these facts keeps us asking again and again , what’s next in these big, long, economic trends?

In global investing… sandalwood is one huge but almost unknown hotspot now.   Getting into sandalwood investing  now could increase one’s investment 10 times over the next ten years.  See more on this investment here.

The big self publishing trend is that shorter is better.   I am researching and practicing this new self publishing shorter items and have posted my first report. Watch because we’ll have a dozen… all short and all leading to a website.   This we have learned about future self publishing success.  Write short.  Link to website. Build list.  Get the multiple effect by optimizing  your activity with search engines.

One week left until our webmaster’s Search Engine Optimization webinar. See more on Search Engine Optimization here.

Super Thinking has always been a really long trend.  This trend accelerated in the West around 1920, when Yogananda arrived in the USA aboard the ship City of SpartaHe became the first Hindu yoga teacher to spend a great deal of time in the US.  Then the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi picked up the torch with Transcendental Meditation along with Dalai Lama, Jose Silva and the Super Learning movement started by Dr. Georgi Lozanov.  Now the ideas of Super Thinking are also being spread through the Mindfulness movement.    Each of these disciplines have helped unite the heart and mind so that we can tap into our deeper levels of intelligence.

There is so much power in Super Learning that one country kept its founder under house arrest.

Merri was lucky to be one of a few students in the West taught by Dr. Lozanov….and unfortunately one of the few people still alive.  We teach delegates at our Super Spanish and Writers Camps how to use Baroque music (especially Vivaldi and Corelli) to learn and work more successfully.  The techniques we share came from lessons from Lozanov and have stayed strongly with Merri all these decades.

Three big and long trends have propelled Merri’s and my life…  globalization, communications, technology and super thinking.  We look forward to sharing these trends with you.


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