How to Build Powerful Search Engine Rankings – Tip #1

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Content Updates

Powerful search engine rankings can help your business. Here is a tip on how to build powerful search engine rankings.

house of cards

Building good search engine rankings is like building a house of cards.

We provide self publishing services including search engine optimization tips so ranking well for the phrase “self publishing” will attract business.   Here is how and why we go about this.

I was able to obtain a #3 ranking for our February 20, 2014 article, at Google, for the phrase “Self Publishing Momentum Success”.

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google seo

Some phrases, such as “self publishing” are very popular and thus extremely competitive. The are hard phrases to use for good rankings.

The way we approach this problem is by getting good rankings with many four word phrases that include the key phrase, ie. “Self Publishing Momentum Success”.   This helps rank higher with three word phrases… which will help build toward the more powerful one and two words phrases.

In other words ranking well for the phrase “Self Publishing Momentum Success”  will help us rank better for the phrases “Self Publishing Momentum”  and “Self Publishing Success”.  High rankings for these phrases can build up to a better ranking for the phrase “self publishing”.

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