28 Acre Ecuador Farm $59,000 and Going Viral Part I

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See a 28 acre Ecuador Farm for sale at $59,000 below.

Ecuador farm

First, let’s look at a surprising secret we just discovered that can help living on a farm (as Merri and I do) and earn extra with writing and self publishing.

Everyone wants the power of a positive viral expansion in their business.   How does one get this viral effect?

Getting the help of Amazon.com’s algorithms is one step for creating a viral jump.

First, let us be clear.  There is no magic.  The ultimate foundation of viral marketing is a worthy, tuned to the times, product, service or publication.  This is the absolute key. Never forget this.

Yet there are many really great products that never get viral support… so what else is required?

One way to create viral success in book sales is to get the Amazon.com algorithms working for you.    We just stumbled onto a way to do this.

Since we launched our Self Publishing 303 course we have been conducting experiments using publications at Amazon.com as prospecting tools.  As is often the case,  experiments unveil totally unexpected new ideas.

The surprise we found can help turn on a viral spiral.

We have a series of beginning writers who after studying our self publishing course have self published at Amazon.com.  Three recent publications all have to do with ways to have better health and support a better environment.

Nicki Goff for example published two books of quinoa recipes. 

The next Writer’s Camp delegate, Jamie Alexander, a globally known chef from New Orleans published her recipe for a healthy Chocolate espresso infused cake.at Amazon.com.  The key ingredients for this delicious low calorie low carb treat are quinoa, avocado and stevia.

Nicki Goff and Jamie Alexander are writing about what they love and earning extra income in the process.   They are helping each other as well in an unusual way.

Then I recently released our Sandalwood Investing Report.  Sandalwood essential oil promotes good natural health.  Sandalwood plantations help ease social strife (created by sandalwood smuggling) and help protect this endangered species.  This report helps our readers learn about a good investment for health and wealth that also helps the environment.

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 5.28.13 PM

amazon detials

Our Sandalwood Investing Report was published at the end of January 2014.   Within a week sales of this self published report reached #5 on the Kindle ebook sales list list in the “Investing: Stocks” category.  Plus #12,359th paid in the Kindle Store.

Sandalwood Investing Report

Amazon.com’s Algoritims help these three publications help one another.

As I was studying the Sandalwood Report at Amazon, I noticed that Amazon informed me that buyers of the Sandalwood Report also bought Jamie Alexander’s Chocolate Espresso Cake recipe.

Then I clicked on Jamie’s recipe for Espresso cake and the Amazon algorithms referred me to the Sandalwood Report and to Nicki Goff’s quinoa books as well.

amazon algorithm

Click on image to enlarge

Here is the clue!  Every time someone buys or even searches for one of these books,  it helps sell the others!

This is how viral expansion begins and is a benefit of becoming a member of our growing family of self publishers.  Because so many readers at our website are interested in natural health, in the environment and in global investing… they tend to buy all the books I write about that touch on these subjects.  This captures the attention of the Amazon algorithms and gives each publication a boost.

If you want to get viral expansion in your business, create and self publish a worthy publication.  Build a list of readers. Connect your publication with best sellers in the same genre.   This can help put Amazon.com to work for you.


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28 Acre Ecuador Farm $59,000

Ecuador farm

This 11.5 Hectares (28 Acres) Ecuador farm 25 minutes outside of Malacatos Ecuador has a very low asking price of $59,000.00 cash or equivalent in Bitcoins, one ounce Gold Eagles or one ounce Maple Leafs.

This Ecuador farm has beautiful views and a bunch of mature fruit trees, including Bananas, Plantains, Avocados, Lemons, Oranges, Tangerines, Papaya, Aloe Vera, Cilantro, Parsley, Young Coconut Trees, Sugar Cane, Mango, Coffee, Babaco, Chitimoya, Guanabana, Passion Fruit, and more.

Ecuador farm

This property has electricity, new high speed internet available to it, private road, private drive ways to each building pad and building pads. There is also a small 2 bedroom Ecuadorian adobe house already rented for income or to use as a temp house while building more. The house has a shower, with hot water, septic tank, modern toilet, and motion sensor lights around the house. It also has a fence around the house for dogs if you want.

Ecuador farm

The main source of water is located 1.5 miles from the farm and it is taken there by pipes, which is common in Ecuador. There is a one inch pipe of water, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round that comes from a spring in the mountains. On average this will be about 53,280 gallons per day at medium pressure, which comes out to be about 1.5 million gallons per month. There is also one small spring on the property.

Price – $59,000.00 cash or the equivalent in Bitcoins, one ounce Gold Eagles or one ounce Maple Leafs for the entire property of11.5 hectares  (28 acres).

For details see ecuadorrealestatecentral.com
Or contact Michael at the email address:  cuencasale@outlook.com

We DO NOT investigate properties when they are advertised so be sure to complete your due diligence.  Always use an independent Ecuador attorney who represents you (not the seller) when you buy real estate in Ecuador. We also recommend that you rent, become familiar with Ecuador before you buy.

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Nickolette Goff loves, organic gardening,  healthy cooking and visiting Ecuador.   She used our self publishing course to write non fiction in two niches and to help promote her first book… a Quinoa recipe cookbook with 13 recipes she garnered from her Ecuador trips.   She had 10,000 downloads of the book in five days and obtained dozens of good reviews!

You can get 13 more great quinoa recipes in Nicki Goff’s book at the links below.


You can order Nicki’s first book at Amazon.com.

She wrote:  Hi, Gary,  Book sales are actually going well, and I’m having a lot of fun with this. I’m so grateful to you and Merri  for pushing me to get some action going!   The free promos really get things going, and seem to reignite sales.  Best wishes to you and Merri.   Love, Nicki

Nicki learned at the camp that getting these downloads is step three in a seven step process we teach in our Self Publishing course. Next she completed another book in a totally different genre, organic gardening. This book is “Under Cover Gardening”.

She used the three day free Kindle marketing program again. Read about Nicki’s new book here.

kindle book

Nicki wrote:  Gary: My book was downloaded exactly 6000 times during the 3 days, and is selling around 5 per day right now.  I’m very pleased with the results – three 5* reviews so far.  Nicki

Nicki’s husband recently wrote:  Nicki, her sister and two nieces are visiting Ecuador for 3 weeks in January –  Her Kindle books have paid for her trip so she loves that!

The next Writer’s Camp delegate Jamie Alexander is a globally known chef from New Orleans who makes sinful food healthy.

I love chocolate.  Jamie’s recipes provide an excellent reason why chocolate should be part of our health fare.

Jamie is a professional baker who attended our Writer’s Camp and brought the most delicious health cakes we have ever tasted!  The main essential ingredient is avocados instead of shortening and fat and cream.   I promise you… you could not guess that there was avocado in this delicious cake.  The flavor and moistness of that cake was simply outstanding.  Delegates (as well as Merri and I) devoured this delicious but really healthy cake.

We encouraged Jamie to publish her recipes at Amazon.com.

You have my word for it, this cake is delicious and there is not an ounce of sugar or white flour in it!

chocolate quinoa cake

You can order this Quinoa Chocolate recipe by clicking on Amazon.com here

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