October Seminar Scholarship

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Seminar Scholarship Available

Here is an opportunity to learn about Ecuador in the US.

The scholarship recipient for our October 4-5-6 seminar had to cancel so this slot is available.  See seminar details below

The entire $799 ($999) if a couple is waived. Travel accommodations and food are NOT included.

If you can attend and feel you can do something positive with this scholarship, send me a note to gary@garyascott.com.

We’ll be review applications tomorrow and will award a scholarship promptly.

Also several readers reporting difficulties linking to the videos on today’s message about how to use social media to generate business.  To see those videos, click here.

Here is How a Top Selling Self Publisher Uses Social Media

The Wall Street Journal article “Sci-Fi’s Underground Hit” says of Hugh Howey:  Authors are snubbing publishers and insisting on keeping e-book rights. How one novelist made more than $1 million before his book hit stores.

Hugh Howey’s postapocalyptic thriller “Wool” has sold more than half a million copies and generated more than 5,260 Amazon reviews. Mr. Howey has raked in more than a million dollars in royalties and sold the film rights to “Alien” producer Ridley Scott.

And Simon & Schuster hasn’t even released the book yet.

Check out what Hugh has to say about how he uses social media in my interview with him.

Also go to Hugh’s website here.

Go to the video August 5th, 2013 entitled “That’s So Awesome!!!”  Click on the picture of a three year old boy titled “What say you, little man?”   You will see social media at its best.

Here is the 4 minute social interview with Hugh.

[wpvideo fLNgTYXw]

See a four minute video of my interview with Hugh Howey speaking on Using Social Media

How to Enhance Your Social Media

For those who want to use Social Media in your business my friend and tax attorney of many decades Joe Cox has alerted me to a social media optimization service called helpme SOCIAL

This service provides social media management for businesses and professionals.

helpme SOCIAL manages your social media for you.  They collect, curate and manage personalized content to build  better communications, raise your brand’s awareness and increase revenue.

Here is a short video to show you how helpme Social can and help you grow your business!!

If this video does not start, click here vimeo.com/73273811

Or go to www.helpmesocial.com/smallbiz/

This era of broadband communication allows us to easily connect with like minded souls.  Using this technology to create good social interaction can improve health and longevity as it improves profits and business.


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