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Serenity brings real success.  Reinhold Niebuhr’s prayer of serenity is a favorite.  God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

How can we enjoy serenity and success in such a tension filled world?

Our publications have always been about finding value in the right place… before the right time.  This is a personal journey… there is a great peace to be found in the knowing  that you are in the right place…  for you.

The three right places we have been focusing on recently are the right currency  (the US dollar is at risk), the right business  (the old way of supporting a great lifestyle with a job is diminishing) and Ecuador.  Ecuador is a great place to be… low cost… good weather… close to North America and filled with a warm, friendly population.

This post touches a bit on all three (a good currency… an earning idea and an Ecuador idea). We hope they help you to see options that move you toward serene success in a tension filled world.

Serene Currency

It is hard to remain calm when one’s currency is losing its purchasing power by the day and the dollar fell last week to its lowest level since February.  (Markets were surprised by the Federal Reserve’s decision to continue communications on keeping monthly bond purchases unabated depending on the strength of the economy.)

The U.S. currency fell against most of the 16 highest traded currencies.  This was the third straight week of dollar weakening.  Now it must withstand a test of confidence as Congress battles over the debt ceiling and budget.

One way to regain calm is to hold a basket of fundamentally stronger currencies that pay higher interest.

Recent posts have looked at the ENR Global Currency Sandwich  as an equally-weighted anti-dollar portfolio including the Norwegian krone, Swedish krona, Singapore dollar, New Zealand dollar and gold bullion.

These are good value currencies.   We reviewed the Singapore dollar in the recent post “More Problems Emerge in Multi Currency Market“.  The post  Are we days from Dollar Disaster   reviewed the Mexican peso. NZ dollar Chart

NZ – US dollar Chart from

The New Zealand dollar has risen 23% versus the US dollar since 2009. Click on chart to enlarge.

The chart above and this one below show that the Kiwi has risen steadily after the 2009 fear based dollar boost and it is in a much longer term trend as well. NZ dollar Chart

The New Zealand dollar is a good place to diversify some of your investment and savings for the next year or so when the US dollar is at risk of a large downwards slide.

Compare the fundamentals of the US versus New Zealand. The first important statistic is the interest rate, 2.62% for New Zealand and  0.25% for the US.  Budget deficit for New Zealand  is -2.1% of GDP.  The US deficit is -4%.  These fundamentals suggest that the Kiwi will maintain strength versus the US dollar and pay a higher return.

Two AAA rated short term New Zealand bonds:

EUROPEAN INVT BK   6.500  maturing 10-09-2014  AAA  selling at 103  yields appx. 3.27% per annum.

KFW   6.375  maturing 17-02-2015  rated AAA  selling at 104 yields appx. 3.25% per annum

We’ll review various multi currency portfolios at our October 4-5-6 International Business and Investing seminar. See details below.

Serene Serena

Having a purpose and setting goals doing something you love that generates income can help calm a hectic lifestyle.  Relaxed concentration comes from knowing who you are and acting on it.  Take Serena Williams as an example… who at age 33 suddenly zoomed back after having lost her winning edge.

Her coach Patrick Mouratoglou gives us a clue when he said “Mentally, she’s different. She really wants it,” the Frenchman coach said. “She’s working like she’s 19 years old and wants to win her first Grand Slam. She has the same appetite.  “That makes a huge difference. How many players being (almost) 32 have the same appetite and especially after winning so many Grand Slams? I mean, they are different. Serena is really different, mentally,” he said.

When asked what adjustments has he made to Williams’ impeccable game, he responded: “When you have a player at that level, small changes make big differences. Small changes make major differences. They can make someone play from a great level to an unbelievable level.

“The better you achieve what you want to achieve, the more confidence you get. The more confidence you get, the more difficult to beat also you get. So little things have many consequences,” he added.

“Stay relaxed and stay confident . . . and you can do whatever you want to do – in anything.”

Those are good tips. Start with small changes that build confidence. Then build on the confidence.

Serena Williams gives some more great tips on gaining serenity in an article linked below.

She says that one of the secrets to being a successful knowing when to pursue a goal, and when to give up.  She says:  “Luck has nothing to do with [my success], because I have spent many, many hours, countless hours, on the court working for my one moment in time, not knowing when it would come.”

We know that tenacity and hard work are a part of success but when we set our own goals it is important to be realistic… to keep in mind our own resources, time, talent and experience.  We need to blend our infrastructure with our desire and recognize our weaknesses (to work on) as well as our strengths.

The article about Serena’s success is linked below and shares these three tips for setting and achieving goals that support your purpose (bolds are mine).

1. Set goals that represent who you are. “I was just tired of losing,” says Serena Williams. “Life was passing me by.” She is incredibly successful at playing tennis because she got tired of feeling left behind. Williams chose a life goal that she was passionate about, that represented who she was. And, she not only won…she’s also happy and fulfilled. To create a successful life plan, you need to figure out who you really are as a woman.

2. Set your intentions and focus on what you want to achieve. “If you can keep playing tennis when somebody is shooting a gun down the street, that’s concentration.”

3. Let go of the past. “I decided I can’t pay a person to rewind time, so I may as well get over it.”

Those are great tips, especially doing what you love and being yourself.

Author Scott Nicholson shares another tip on serenity and self publishing. See this tip in a 3 minutes and 36 second here.

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 5.20.06 PM

Scott Nicholson interview: The Most Important Self Publishing Tip

Ecuador Get Together – All You Need to Know

Roberto Ribadeneira, Head of the Ateam Ecuador, in Quito

Many people have sent us emails asking for details about our upcoming Get Together Seminar. For a big number the idea of having everything that they need to know in one place is indispensable.

We get questions about immigration, visas, security, real state, where to rent, which cities are best, if they can have extra income or if they can work here, how far is one city from another, whether to buy or not a car, how is the weather, about people, etc.

This week we will look at five areas of focus in Ecuador.

#1:  Ecuador medical benefits.

#2: Ecuador food right from where it is grown in less than 24 hours.

#3:  Ecuador peace and stability

#4: Ecuador business opportunities.

#5:  Yachay Ecuador’s City of Knowledge, an immense construction over 4.200 hectares (10,000 acres).Yachay will be composed of four sectors;  Agriculture and Biotechnology – Entertainment – Industrial Technology  and fourth Knowledge.

Ecuador’s City of Knowledge is under construction at a rural location not far from Cotacachi near the small village, Urcuqui.   Ecuador’s minister of higher education, science, technology, and innovation, says that the goal is to make this school first class.  The goal is for Yachay to be part of that international network of knowledge development, that will help Ecuador’s economy evolve in a positive way.

There is a good four part report on CNET news.   Read that report here.

One of the project managers will be a speaker at our seminar and will talk about the city, its purposes and how it will be something that will change the technological future of Ecuador. Not only that but also will create a pharmaceutical complex that will bring private and public companies in order to create a “Hub” in Yachay for developing pharmaceutical products.

Ecuador Yachay

Yachay Citi of Knowledge under construction.

You might join the group in November 7-8 in Quito and get to see just how this trip can change your life.

If you have any questions please write to or call his toll free number 1-888-482-3850.

Tomorrow we’ll look at Ecuador’s use of 911.

Ecuador 911

Ecuador-911 headquarters. Photo credit ecu-911

Serenity. Where will you find it?  In a currency?  In writing? In Ecuador?   Not at all. Serenity  is only found within… when you know your purpose and then follow that path.  But the tips above may assist in finding that path. I hope so and look forward to sharing it with you.


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