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Here are two Ecuador medical stories sent from Ecuador Living Club members.

quito ecuador hospital

Learn about Quito’s main hospital

Hi Gary,  I would recommend medical care in Ecuador any day.  I went to Dr. Alquilerra in Ibarra to have 22 cysts removed. It took one-hour 10-mins. and he was thorough and gentle and charged: $200.00.

Six months prior I had ONE removed in Waynesville, N.C. from a P.A. It was obvious she didn’t get all of it as Dr. Alquielerra noticed, so he removed the rest. The P.A. charged $120.00 at their medical practice that I have to say looks like something back in the ’50’s. Dr. Alquilerra’s “State of the Art” facility was unbelievable. Never have I seen any here in N.C. as clean, as well run as his.

I would recommend medical care in Ecuador over N.C.   I cannot speak for the other states, but people I know across the U.S. are complaining that, if they lived after a particular procedure, the hospitals were not State-of-The-Art”. They were not as clean as they should have been. They had infections afterwards that put many back in the hospital, and that the nursing care was not adequate but hostile.  Is this where this country is heading?

Another reader wrote:  have just been to  Dr.Roberto E. Alicivar Viteri —an Oftalmologo in Manta (Opthamologist) in Manta who also goes to Portaviejo.  He speaks English and  trained for 5 years in Mexico.

His exam to check for a detached retina was $25.00.

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