Who Runs the Business – Avoiding Stress

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Here is a question that can help you avoid stress. Who runs a business… the customer, the owner or the bank?

The answer of course is all three… a successful business must serve all three interests… the business person should be fulfilled, the customer satisfied and the bank account needs more coming in that going out.  When a business attains this balance there is little stress.

We are always very satisfied when we see a friend or reader succeeding, so I am really happy to share a new restaurant in Cotacachi, Ecuador.  We recently received this email from Michael d’Addio.

cotacachi restaurant

Michael d’Addio (Proprietor) and Nicholas “Nick” Rossicci (Chef) have opened a Italian buffet restaurant called La Fontana, in Cotacachi Ecuador.  La Fontana’s decor and gastronomy give new meaning to the term “comfort food”.

Learn more from Michael D’Addio daddiomichael@gmail.com

I imagine that Michael has been working really hard to put this together, but expect he is having a very satisfying time… creating a special place for visitors and residents in Cotacachi to enjoy.

Opening a new business is not easy.  Especially restaurant businesses can be stressful.   However your own business can be extremely gratifying when you are doing what you love.  This is why Merri and I  love self publishing.  To be really financially successful, publishing will probably require you to work hard… especially to begin. However self publishing is generally a low stress business.

What is wonderful about most businesses is that you can choose the amount and type of work you want to do.  Since the work can be of your choosing, it can also be fun. With fun, work doesn’t seem like an effort.

I start my work early because I love doing so. I feel cozy sitting quietly in the sunrise creating thoughts and ideas to share with my readers. The work is not just for the money either. I write about what interests me. The task of writing is a pleasure. I look forward to this time shared with the keyboard and my thoughts.

My daily work goals are to enjoy every day, provide services to the universe, earn enough for a wonderful life and to pay for my existence.

It is easy to reach such goals through publishing.

You Choose Your Level of Work

Long ago one of my first jobs was as a bus boy at a steak house in Portland, Oregon (Old Country Kitchen – Home of the 72 Ounce Steak).  This was owned and run by two hard working brothers.  They had a huge success (the place is still in business over 50 years later though I doubt that their 72 ounce steak is still $11.95!).   On weekend nights diners would wait in the lounge for hours to get a table.

One particularly busy night one customer was too long in the lounge… too hungry… too inebriated.  He came out to complain… loudly…. to the owner, Richard, who was on duty.

Richard was a feisty guy about 5 foot  3 inches but with a sharp wit and bustling energy.   He looked the drunk in the eye and said… “I am really sorry.  Sometimes I run this business.  Most of the time… like right now, the business runs me.

How novel… the truth.  I cannot recall the diner’s reaction but that little piece of advice has remained and stayed with me all these years… “Your business will often run you rather than the other way round.”  So if you are going to create a master that sometimes directs you… it makes sense to create one you love.

This is one great feature to having a business in self publishing.

Hugh Howey author of the Wool series shares here how he  schedules his writing.

Hugh Howey and Gary Scott on Spending Time Writing

Hugh Howey

To see this 3 minute video click here

All successful business are a blend… the server… the served… the serving and the profit.  When all of these foundations are in balance there is nothing like it… a lifestyle that creates positive energy and brings everlasting wealth.


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