Hugh Howey Interveiw – Spending Time Writing

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Hugh Howey and Gary Scott on Spending Time Writing

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In 2011 while working at a book store, Hugh Howey typed out a short story “Wool”, during his lunch breaks.  Soon this publication was earning him over $100,000 a month on Amazon.

Hugh is a writer that every self publisher should meet and hear because his educational background has little to do with his writing and he only recently began selling his books.  His self publishing company is already exceeding a million sales.  Yet selling has not been his main goal.

Hugh’s story teaches us many lessons.   First he shows that you do not have to have a degree in literature to succeed in writing.   He dropped out of college and moved from job to job, being a Caribbean yacht captain, doing computer repair, roofing, and finally working in a small Appalachian town as a bookstore clerk.

This is inspiration… these earnings, but his love for writing and lifestyle tell an even more important tale.

Learn more about Hugh Howey and his books here.




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