Spanish Medical Forms for Ecuador

by | Sep 15, 2013 | Archives

Access to a Medical Spanish form could save your life when traveling in a Spanish speaking country.

There are many benefits in the health care system of Panama and Ecuador.   Anyone thinking about moving to either country should know them.

But there’s another health concern that anyone traveling to any Spanish speaking country should take care of.  It could be a lifesaver.

If you have a medical condition that might need urgent care… you need to find out where that care will be available and figure out how to get there in advance.  Have those instructions in writing prepared in Spanish in advance as well.

A Spanish medical emergency kit is a good idea for travelers in  any Spanish speaking country and we have put together a small  Medical Spanish PDF file so you can  print and carry when you travel.

We are even suggesting that travelers highlight points in their medical history before they travel so if there is ever any emergency that data is available and easy to see.

The goal is to have a few simple words that will quickly direct medical personal to a problem area of the body.

This has been broken into several parts:

The Problem. This has words such as:  Broken:  roto – Accident: accidentado – Hurt:  doler – Feel:  sentir – Numbness: el adormecimiento – Balance: el equilibrio – Bee sting:  la picadura de abeja –  Burn: la quemadura –          Dog bite – la mordedura de perro

Medical History.   This has comments like:

Age;  la edad  – Anemia;   la anemia – Arthritis:  la artritis – Asthma:  el asma – Cardiac: cardíaco – Crohn’s disease: – la enfermedad de Crohn – Diabetes:– la diabetes –  Kidney stones: los cálculos en los riñones

Symptoms.  Some of the words are:  Agitation:  la agitación – Confusion:  la confusión –  Convulsion: la convulsión –Irregular heartbeat: los latidos cardíacos irregulares – Itch:  picar.

Requirements:  Here we have the words:  Ambulance:  la ambulancia –  Antibiotic:  el antibiótico – Doctor: el médico

Body Parts:  These words act as directors to the problem area.   Arm: el brazo  – Back:  la espalda – Bladder: la vejiga – Ear:  la oreja

Foot: el pie  Hand: la mano  – Head: – la cabeza – Knee: – la rodilla

We have consulted with a US board certified MD to include the most common questions an emergency doctor would ask.  When a medical emergency creates a time sensitive life or death situation access to such a Medical Spanish form may be a lifesaver.

You can create your own 173 word Spanish medical form from the Medical Spanish dictionary or get the kit we have prepared in easy to print format.

To get this the Spanish Medical Form, just take a look at our “Learn to Speak Spanish” web page and give us your email address.  We’ll  send you the 173 word Spanish medical form to that address.  Just click here.