Secrets of Endurance & Success

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A secret of success is endurance. 

Endurance brings success.  But how do we get this magical quality of tenacity?


Our son, Jake, captured this shot of me as we drifted down the Oklawaha River, which is just a few miles from our Florida home.

Kayaking on pristine rivers is thought provocative and I was thinking of a wonderful old Chinese saying, “If one waits on the river long enough, he’ll see the bodies of all his enemies float by”... aka “Be patient and endure”.

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First may I share more on the importance of how to persevere?   Many readers have shared how they are discouraged… with changes in the economy… politics… employment… education… medicine… national ethics… peace and security… even religion.

Sometimes overcoming obstacles requires patience and perseverance.  An excellent book to study about perseverance is “Peterman Rides Again”, by John Peterman published by Prentice Hall. You can order it from

You may know of Peterman from the Jerry Seinfeld show or you may have been one of the 18 million people who received his mail order catalog each year. As a marketing oriented person, Peterman has long been one of my heroes. However as good as he was at marketing, as well known as he was from the publicity he received on Seinfeld and despite the fact that he sold hundreds of millions worth of goods, the J. Peterman Company went broke! His book goes a long way to revealing why he had success and why he ran into trouble.

He lost everything and his company was auctioned but the last chapter of his book entitled “Getting Back on the Horse” ends with the phrase…. “Never Give Up”.

His advice must have worked because not long after, he once again was running J. Peterman and today he remains in business.

J. Peterman’s business is a perfect one when it comes to writing.   There are two reasons to wrote… when you have something to say or when you have something to sell.    In Peterman’s case, he had something to say to sell and built a huge success by writing sales copy for clothing. His business is  one of the case studies we use in our International Business seminar.

How to Persevere

The first step in developing endurance is to have a purpose… a meaningful personal reason to live and keep growing and evolving.

The next step is breaking that purpose into achievable goals.

Let’s look at this great article about Diana Nyad’s swim entitled “Cuba-to-Florida swimmer: ‘You’re never too old”.

Nyad says her strategy for enduring the roughly 60 hours it should take her to swim from Cuba to Florida, testing the limits of human exhaustion at the age of 62, is to focus on one partial goal after another.

She is quoted a saying:  “The mental approach has to be to parcel it out. No one could swim the whole thing while thinking about the whole thing,” she said on her website. “Till I get a glimpse of the final shore I can’t start obsessing on it — it’s too far away, too nebulous — I don’t know where it is. So I’m going to take it night by day: first get through the nighttime and then get through the daytime, and then the nighttime again, and so on.”

Life is a series of expectations and realizations… problems and solutions… obstacles, challenges and achievements…  needs, desires and fulfillment.  The enlightened man desires exactly what he has… and is… this is always in perfect harmony with reality.

Until we reach this state of perfection…  two quotes I have framed in my office… “Practice Makes Perfect” and “Action is Thy Duty… Reward Not Thy Concern” remind me that wherever we are…whatever we are doing… “Never give up”.


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