Billions to Trillions

by | Sep 12, 2013 | Archives

This is a great time to save as you learn how to diversify globally and create alternate sources of income. Learning these benefits is really important now because of the US debt.

Monday’s message Forget Gold answered the question of whether there was gold in Fort Knox by saying: “It does not matter.   “At $1,400 an ounce if Fort Knox has gold stated the value is 205 billion 800 million dollars.

That looks like this $205,800,000,000.

According to the US National Debt Clock the the US national debt is over 16.7 Trillion dollars.

That looks like $16,700,000,000,000

A reader sent this note which gives s a better understanding of the US debt compared to the US gold reserves.

She wrote:  In order to conceive of the difference between 1 billion and 1 trillion, consider this:

1 billion seconds = 31 years
1 trillion seconds = 31,688 years


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