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We can have a better lifestyle anytime.

This series has been looking at rewriting the social dialogue and creating a new word that describes the fact that technology means that we gain more from experience than we lose from age.

The socio-economic mindset is behind the times working in an educate… procreate… sedate mode.   The production model is based around learning… working… retiring.  This progression is outdated… unnecessary and also happens to be pushing the global financial system into bankruptcy and ruin.   High costs of pensions and social security do not work in an the global economies aging demographic model.   Nor are these costs required.

A huge portion of today’s population is more capable of producing as much or more at 65 and beyond than they were at 35.

This is a time when the huge demographic wave of boomers can make a major contribution to society or suck it dry.

This is a time when boomers can also really do what they love and turn their passions into profit.

Imagine reaching 65 and expecting to have 30 or 40 years more to be affluent, productive and fulfilled.

30 or 40 years?  What can we do when we are 95?

How about teach yoga?

95 year old yoga teacher

These photos are from an article about this yoga teacher who turned 95 years old. See the article at

95 year old yoga teacher

This is an inspiration for anyone who is wondering.. “What’s next” and “What can I do?”

Do what you love. Turn your passion into profit.  There is nothing that can really stop you… past background…money…or  age.

If anyone doubts you or tries to engage you in old limiting, social dialogue remind yourself of the great Rumi Poem:

“Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you”.

Your assistance please.  The world needs a new word to describe the fact that technology means we gain more from experience  than lose from age.  The learn/earn/retire society is dead.  Long live active full lives!

There is no reason for most people to be stuck in a drab lifestyle or to retire. There are a multitude of reasons why we can have excitement, fulfillment and profit in pinnacle careers at any age.

But we do not have a word that describes this population which are now in a superior position to serve.

We need a neologism to enhance the social dialogue.  Please see Neologism to vote


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