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Here are two  longevity plots.


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Plot.  What an amazing word.  Plot has so many different meanings… a plot of land… the plot of a story and to plot a plan.

Here is my plot to use a plot for longevity.

Not long ago this site shared an idea about investing in ginseng because low cost, north facing, mountain slopes can be ideal for growing ginseng. Combine this fact with a fast growing Chinese economy and you have the basics for good value.

goldenseal ginseng

Our starter Ginseng plot.

I have another plot for growing ginseng in this backyard plot… a plot for longevity.

I believe what appears to be useless land can be used to grow ginseng with a small investment.

Based on this, I purchased a large 12 year old ginseng plant that had a nice batch of ripe berries.


Ginseng berries ready to harvest.  Each berry has two seeds and I harvested them recently.


Ginseng berries.


Then I cleaned the seeds.  There were 55 of them in all and now they are…


planted… one stick marking each seed.

My ginseng mentor made one more suggestion:  Gary I would put rocks/weights to hold the wire down. Those little rodent @#$%^&]’s will push up the wire to crawl in.


I covered the seeds with wire.

This may be a good investment, but is not a get rich quick scheme.  The seedling plants won’t appear until April… 2015.  Then after two years they’ll have berries.  We expect seven or eight years before we see any return.

China is the main buyer of ginseng.   The growth of the Chinese economy adds to ginseng’s potential.  The cost to get started is low…  inexpensive land… plenty of  enjoyable self labor in the plot and some seed is all that is required… plus time.

Ginseng farming is long term business.  The time involved is the main reason I started farming ginseng because I am plotting to fool decades of social dialogue that could otherwise have an impact on my longevity.

I have been playing with the ginseng idea for years when I realized I had been putting action off because of my age.  I kept thinking what I had been taught, “Gosh I am nearly 70.  I shouldn’t start something that will take decades to develop.”

The reality is that my age is exactly why I should start farming Ginseng.   As we gain years of experience we learn patience and how to plan ahead.  We are better at doing long term things… less pressured… less impatient.

Not only are we better at long term, but it is better for us.  Looking forward to work and long term positive anticipation can enhance longevity.

Excerpts from an article at http://phys.org on work and longevity entitled  Keys to long life: Longevity study unearths surprising answers says:  Cheer up. Stop worrying. Don’t work so hard. Good advice for a long life? As it turns out, no. In a groundbreaking study of personality as a predictor of longevity, University of California, Riverside researchers found just the opposite.

The Longevity Project, as the study became known, followed the children through their lives, collecting information that included family histories and relationships, teacher and parent ratings of personality, hobbies, pet ownership, job success, education levels, military service and numerous other details.

“Don’t work too hard, don’t stress,” doesn’t work as advice for good health and long life. Terman subjects who were the most involved and committed to their jobs did the best. Continually productive men and women lived much longer than their more laid-back comrades.

People who feel loved and cared for report a better sense of well-being, but it doesn’t help them live longer. The clearest health benefit of social relationships comes from being involved with and helping others. The groups you associate with often determine the type of person you become – healthy or unhealthy.

It’s never too late to choose a healthier path, Friedman and Martin said. The first step is to throw away the lists and stop worrying about worrying.

“Thinking of making changes as taking ‘steps’ is a great strategy,” Martin advised. “You can’t change major things about yourself overnight. But making small changes, and repeating those steps, can eventually create that path to longer life.”

Another study shows that one’s perceptions to aging impact longevity.   If we start to think we are old,  if we start to listen to social dialogue or listen to our own internal thoughts that say we cannot do certain things as we age… we age faster.

I have an investment in ginseng.  I am a Scot.  My inner dialogue is… If I invest… I  must see a return.

Having this to look forward to…  a huge crop of highly valuable ginseng and enjoying bending, digging, planting, an raking all in natural shade and fresh mountain air… also can enhance my longevity.

That’s why I am calling this land and this investment in our ginseng farm… my Longevity Plot.

Let’s plot for your success and longevity too.


Join our International Club as we plot for health wealth and longevity.

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