Tax Free Ecuador Roses

by | Jul 24, 2013 | Content Updates

Roberto Ribadeniera just sent this note about the last opportunity to have Tax Free Ecuador Roses.

The no-tax ATPDEA unilateral agreement from the USA to Ecuador will expire by the end of this month. Which means that starting on August 01, 2013 Ecuador will be paying taxes on flowers that enter the USA.

Regardless of how we feel about this policy, we decided to use the last days of the no-tax policy to do something positive.


Ecuador roses at Gary’s home.

Here are the good points about buying Ecuador roses today.

First; part of the sales will go to help the students in Cotacachi with their scholarships.   Second; we will also give you a discount equivalent of what the tax will be.  You will help the students and will also get our roses at a really low price.

We will like to make sure that we ship lots of flowers before we start paying taxes.

The delivery for the roses will be Tuesday July 30.

We will keep it simple, we will be sending 25 or 50 roses that are farm choice. All the profit will either go to the students or as savings to you.


Let’s be positive and make the most of this month of July.

On August we will deal with the tax issue, but for now let’s have our customers enjoy our Beautiful Ecuadorian Roses.

Flowers will be delivered to the address of your choice by UPS, we serve to any zip code in the USA. This is a one-time promotion with an amazing low price:


Order here 25 Premium Farm Choice Roses for only $61.00


Order here 50 Premium Farm Choice Roses for only $75.00


You can receive these roses at any address or you can send these roses to someone else.

We usually send Farm choice colors; which means the best roses available at the farm, but if you like a specific color please request that on the comment section on the checkout page.

We will send a tracking number for each box of roses that we ship.

Cutoff time to order is Friday July 26, 2013 at 11 am Eastern Daylight Time.






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