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There are numerous ways to gain Ecuador savings.

Here is a great way to safely and efficiently start or end your trip to Ecuador and save on Ecuador shopping.

A recent article at this site “Better Retirement in Ecuador’s Paradise” shared how Ecuador offers great value in low medical costs …  inexpensive pharmaceuticals   …   dermatologists … and great value dentists.

There is another way to gain incredible and unique value… shopping.


Delegate on shopping tour.

The key to getting the greatest savings is to know where to look and who to deal with.  For example that “Better Retirement in Ecuador’s Paradise” was provided by a reader who spent nearly a month in Ecuador. The focus of the article was about what was NOT available in Ecuador.

otaval market

Otavalo shopper buying a Panama hat.  (Panama hats are original to Ecuador.)

The day after that article appeared many readers living in Ecuador sent notes saying:

Don’t know exactly where she was traveling here, but most of this stuff is readily available in Cuenca – baking soda (bicarbonato), bathroom scales (check Kywi for a huge selection), good cookware (Corral or Super Stock), even the electric hotplate shown in the photo (Kywi). By the time you add extra weight and baggage costs (and in some cases duty), it is simply not worth bringing all this stuff down here. And Hydrogen peroxide is available too – but it is called agua hydrogenada (at least in Cuenca at Botica Olmedo), and it can be purchased in a variety of strengths (as opposed to the 3% generally found in the US). Almond milk (Olmedo) and soy milk (Supermaxi) are here too, as is arroz intergral (brown rice – Supermaxi). Just letting you know. So many people schlep all this stuff down here and then kick themselves as it is here.

Another wrote:  Most of these items are available here in Ecuador and right here in our little Cotacachi as well as Otavolo and Ibarra. I have purchased all these items  and continue to see them here and use them. I think the lady just didn’t look very hard to find them.

Over the day I discovered that all the items mentioned in the article were available in Ecuador.  The author of that article simply had trouble finding the items!

ecuador exports

Otavalo Market.

Shopping in Ecuador is great but the quantity, quality and price improve greatly when you are in the know.   To overcome this Ecuador shopping problems, Roberto Ribadeniera, head of Ateam Ecuador in Quito has set up his shopping service so readers can get the best prices in travel as well as with their Ecuador  shopping.

This is a great way to begin your Ecuador journey. You are met at the airport by someone in the know, who for the first day or two can answer questions,  help you save on your shopping and make sure you head for your next destination in the most efficient and safe way.  They will even store your goods and deliver them to you before your departure so you do not have to carry them all over Ecuador.

Or you can finish your journey with Ecuador shopping.  You’ll still save and they will make sure you get to the airport for your departure on time.

Roberto sent this note about how you can enjoy the best shopping and save when you visit Ecuador.



Old Vendor at Otavalo Market.

Shoppers Adventure and Savings Tour

Roberto Ribadeneira

When traveling it’s always very useful to know certain things: like how to save money on hotels, car rentals and of course, where to buy the best products at a great price.

Many people are writing to us asking how they get a taxi from the airport to Cotacachi, how much it will cost, if they go to Otavalo then how they take their products, which hotel they can stay in. And those questions don’t even cover which products they can buy and how they can save big money.

We have done a 1 day and 2 day shopping tour before – for large groups. We have taken people from Quito to Otavalo and Cotacachi and showed them where to shop, which products are great and since we know the producers, we get them BIG discounts.


Young Vendors at Otavalo Market

That is why we like to offer the same “express”  tour to anyone that is coming to Ecuador or is in Ecuador and wants to do some shopping. We can either go for 1 day or 2 days and we will help you buying all those things that you want.

Now is the perfect time to do that. If you are traveling for vacation, you are looking for properties or just visiting, we can help you out for a day or two.

Have fun with us and also do some Christmas shopping, you can get some amazing products for your family and friends that will be the perfect gift for Christmas.

Ecuador Exports Opportunity

Happy Vendor at Otavalo Market.

What we offer:

–    Pick up at the airport or at Quito.

–    Drive with you to Otavalo and Cotacachi.

–    Introduce you to the best places to get those products that you want and shop with you translating and guiding you on what prices should be.

–    All meals are included in the price.

–    We have an excellent discount at Inn Land of the Sun and have included your staying at the hotel in the price (for the two day tour).

–    If you are traveling to other places, we will hold the products that you bought for you, so you don’t have to worry about carrying lots of bags.

–    We will drive you back to the airport as well or help you arrange your onward travel.


Sister Vendors at Otavalo.

You save lots of money. Imagine this, you don’t pay for a taxi to pick you up at the airport, you don’t pay for a taxi to take you back. You don’t pay for a taxi from Otavalo to Cotacachi and back. If you are staying for two days the hotel is far cheaper with our discount. If you are traveling somewhere else, we will hold on to your products for you. Plus, because we know the suppliers they will give you discounts when you go with us to do your shopping.

Some of you are already planning on going, some of you thought it was too much trouble to do it, either way let’s make that trip very special. We can make it to be an extraordinary experience and at the same time save you a lot of money.


Exhibition at Otavalo and…


Peguche, the Village of the Weavers


Leather in Cotacachi.

Ecuador Exports Opportunity

Wood carving in San Antonio de Ibarra.

All of these markets are within 20 minutes of Inn Land of the Sun in Cotacachi.


Wood Carving in


San Antonio de Ibarra.


Art Otavalo


Enjoy great savings on an Ecuador adventure shopping tour.

List of tours and prices are as follows:  If you need a different quote for more days or more people please email me at  Roberto;

Tour for a single person for 1 day: includes (transportation from Quito airport to Otavalo, 1 snack, 1 meal, shopping tour, shopping guide and translator) for $159.    Enroll here.

Tour for a single person for 2 days: includes (transportation, 2 snacks, 2 meals, 1 breakfast, shopping tour and 1 night at Land of the Sun, shopping guide and translator) for ONLY $269.  Enroll here $269

Tour for a couple for 1 day: includes for two people (transportation, 1 snack, 1 meal, shopping tour, shopping guide and translator) for ONLY $209.  Enroll here $209.

Tour for a couple for 2 days: includes for two people (transportation, 2 snacks, 2 meals, 1 breakfast, shopping tour and 1 night at Land of the Sun, shopping guide and translator) for ONLY $299.  Enroll here $359.


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