Ecuador Prescriptions for a Better retirement

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Ecuador Prescriptions can provide a better retirement.

One concern many people have when they come to Ecuador for a better retirement is availability and cost of medication. Ecuador Living researches the cost of prescriptions for retirees and our Ecuador Living subscribers.  If you are a retiree this can create great savings.  To earn more and become an Ecuador Living club member, See how to enroll here.

We get many reports from club member that the savings especially in retirement are huge.

Ecuador prescriptions savings can be high enough to pay for your entire trip to Ecuador and more. They can help you have a better, healthier retirement.

One delegate who was looking for a way to live a better retirement reported bringing her entire families prescriptions and paying for her entire trip… plus making a profit on just the savings

Plus there are other retirement, health benefits to getting away from the USA.  Living in Ecuador can be a prescription for better health and a happier retirement.

There was a big fuss when research showed that the British are much healthier than Americans. Now the Canadians are at it.  A USA Today featured an article showing that Canadians are in much better physical shape than people in the USA.

It is hard to live in the US and have a healthy retirement. There is an entire system of businesses ranging from fast food to insurance to pharmaceuticals to health systems that make huge profits by keeping Americans sick!

This is one reason why Merri and I love the freedom of being able to live and retire anywhere. We gain health options. Ecuador for example offers many health benefits.

First, costs of medical prescriptions are really low

My 85 year old mom, who has been retired for decades, visited Ecuador and lost her blood pressure medicine.  The cost to replace it was about 20% of what she pays in the US.

One delegate forgot an inhaler for asthma and said the exact same inhaler that was $75 in the USA was $17 in Ecuador.

If you choose to use pharmaceuticals, they cost much less. One reader on his last trip to Ecuador bought three months of the prescriptions he needed. The prescriptions would have cost him over $3,000 in the U.S. They cost under $500 in Ecuador.

Second, there are many scientific health alternatives not available in the US. Ecuadorian hospitals specialize in stem cells transplants. They are the first in the world to do it in the heart and have been very successful.

Third it is easy to get a natural approach to health.  Ecuador excels in this! The nutritional habits here in Ecuador are wonderful.

You can enjoy excellent wholesome food at really low prices.

Finally the old knowledge is still here.   There are shamans and healers throughout Ecuador.

Ecuador Life 6

Ecuador Meds service.

If you are an Ecuador Living subscriber send us your meds and we’ll add it to the list we have started here.

Here s why a better retirement can cost less in Ecuador.

#1: Armour Thyroid 90mg  We have not been able to find. (Merri and I obtain ours from Canada)

#2: LAMICTAL 100 tablets MG 30 $30.

#3: Wellbutrin XL 150mg (the generic name is Bupropion HCL)  is $33.60

#4: Wellbutrin XL 300mg is $40.40

Learn how to have a better retirement in Ecuador.

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