Living A Better Retirement With Branding Part I

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We can be living a better retirement at any age by having a pinnacle career that takes advantage of branding.

Encore careers that become the main act are pinnacle careers that follow one’s destiny.  Every person’s career should follow a purpose that feels important.   Retire from the rat race and choose an earning activity that is fun and fulfilling!

Take protecting the environment as an example.   Is this part of your destiny?  If so where to start?

One place to begin is with a well known brand like the Amazon. This is one of the greatest eco brands of all.

Here are three Eco Amazon ideas.  These are the types of leads that may help you plot how to live a better, more meaningful retirement.

The first idea is an Ecuador Amazon lodge that offers a unique profit and environmental opportunity.  This lodge is for sale.


Reserve and Eco-Lodge for sale in the Central Rainforest of Ecuador-South America.

This is a nice opportunity to buy and own a nice eco-lodge situated on an upper Amazon basin (950 meters over the sea), and scattered in its reserve (sanctuary of birds and butterflies), with an unbeatable view over the “Sangay” National Park, Sangay, Altares, Chimborazo Tungurahua Volcanoes, and “Pastaza and Puyo” Rivers.

The eco-lodge has 25 rooms for simple, double and triples occupancy plus 64.75 hectares (160 acres) of virgin rainforest in the central part of the Amazon region of Ecuador, South America.  Location: just 5 1/2 hours and half from Quito, 1 hour 30 minutes from Baños town, 8 hours from Cuenca city, 9 hours from Guayaquil.

It has been built with construction materials that respect the eco-system of the rainforest to give our guests comfortable accommodation. Many events has been held on our eco-lodge and reserve due its exotic location, just to name a few: the visit of Candidates to Miss Ecuador to beauty pageant that selects Ecuador’s  representatives to Miss Universe, RAW television from UK a multi award winning production company specializing in great stories filmed a movie Locked Up Abroad” in our reserve, and some other Ecuadorian TV programs, the wife of our President visited twice our eco-lodge, see link for full information and our web page:

Those with a genuine interest in this Ecuador Amazon lodge and unique profit and environmental opportunity should contact the owner Fabian Bonilla for terms and price at

Altos and Pastaza Eco-Lodge and Reserve entrance.


General View of Altos del Pastaza Eco-Lodge and Reserve entrance with “Sangay” Volcano and National Park in the background.


“Buo” House.


“Chinicuro” Cabins with view to the Rainforest.


Card room and small library.


Double accommodation at the lodge.


Room with views to the rainforest and Pastaza River.


Volcano view from lodge.




“Sunset” bar Altos and Pastaza Eco-Lodge and Reserve


Refreshing pool with bar at the edge of earth.


Refreshing pool-at night


Natural pool at Altos el Pastaza Reserve


Refreshing bath at Natural Pool- Altos Pastaza Reserve


Altos and Pastaza Eco-Lodge balcony (main point view-Mirador) with “Sangay “ Volcano and National Park at the background.


View to Pastaza River from Terrace Bar- Altos and Pastaza Eco-Lodge and Reserve

This Ecuador Amazon lodge for sale offers a unique profit and environmental opportunity.

Reserve and Lodge on sale in Central Rainforest of Ecuador-South America.

“Próxima Parada” a TV travel program which shows the most important tourist attractions- destinations in Ecuador, announced that the lodge and reserve is one of the 10 most beautiful places to visit in Ecuador. The land is unique due its location on an upper Amazon basin overlooking the majestic “Pastaza and Puyo” Rivers.


At 950 meters (3,000 feet) above sea level with temperatures between 18 and 35 degrees celsius (65 & 95 F). This area is away from oil exploitation and other destructive practices, where guests can appreciate the “Sangay” National Park, Sangay, Altar, and much more.

The reserve is a sanctuary for a lot of species of birds and butterflies. The lodge is located in the central rainforest of Ecuador, Pastaza province, South America; it is dedicated to show the world this fascinating eco system and the beauty, magic and diversity of the tropical rainforest, with visits to Quichua communities, rainforest-canoes river rides, rafting, hiking to the primary and secondary rainforest in our reserve and as well to “Hola Vida” reserve and its waterfall.

The owners of the lodge believe the future of the rainforest is inextricably linked to the well being of its inhabitants, Their philosophy of providing quality and conservation, while preserving nature and offering guests a safe and unforgettable experience and they are looking for new owners to continue this eco venture.

Those  with a genuine interested in this Ecuador Amazon lodge and unique profit and environmental opportunity should contact Fabian Bonilla for terms and price at

For many this may be too big a jump to start.  If so here is a more modest idea.

Second idea, an Amazon B&B.  We are seeing a rising interest in multi dimensional property everywhere…  so I was interested when a reader sent this Amazon property for sale.

Here is another paid advertisement for an Ecuador Amazon home with Bed & Breakfast or small farm potential for sale that could help in living a better retirement with purpose.

amazon home & farm

Main entrance to the home with exposed brick and stone walls.

(click on photos to enlarge)

The Amazon Region of Ecuador is one large and rich adventure. The Amazon contains the world’s largest tropical rainforest, the world’s largest river, and perhaps the greatest diversity of wildlife to be found anywhere.  It is home to more than 4000 species of birds, 2000 species of fish, 60 species of reptiles, including the Caiman and the Anaconda, and a great variety of mammals.

Ecuador Amazon Home With B&B or Small Farm Potential for Sale

amazon home & farm

Open style living and dining area with 14 ft ceilings.

American built and owned rustic contemporary 2500 sq ft new construction (2011) 3 bedroom / 3 ½ bath exposed brick home sits on 2.5 acres of jungle habitat complete with cacao, coffee, lemon and banana trees, and the occasional monkey.  The living space consists of a large American style kitchen with a center island and granite countertops, an airy dining & living room with 14 ft ceilings that open to a large covered porch in the midst of tropical vegetation, a study/media room, laundry room, and pantry.

This furnished home is complete with full amenities including outdoor barbeque, washer / dryer, centralized gas, monitored alarm system, internet and Direct TV, and is located 6 miles from the city of  Tena, and a short walk to the scenic Napo River.

Tena, the kayak and white water rafting capital of Ecuador, is also the springboard to the Amazon.  Visitors enjoy jungle tours, or visit nearby waterfalls and Indigenous communities to learn about Quechan traditions and typical foods like guayusa tea, chicha drink and mitos (fish or other meal cooked in large leaves over a fire).

An excellent investment opportunity for a family home or start-up bed and breakfast.  Owners possess legal property deed.  Opportunity to purchase additional land.

amazon home & farm

Large covered porch with sliding door access from the living area and studio.

amazon home & farm

Master bath with tub set in river stone.

amazon home & farm

2nd floor bedrooms with ceiling fans

This wonderful home sits on 2.5 acres.

See full details at Amazon B&B

Is this still too big an idea to start?  How about an Amazon eco tour business?

The third idea… create Amazon tours.  Our courses on how to live a better retirement with a micro business are focused on starting small.  When Merri and I began our purpose driven retirement… the Amazon was one area of focus and we started by taking groups to stay in a remote village of Amazon natives.  See more on the Amazon tours we conducted here.

This was a fun and fulfilling way to get started and eventually we were able to help create an Amazon camp for the village.

There are numerous great eco lodges and tours willing to pay commissions or you can combine some other educational program with the Amazon. For example one of our Spanish teachers created an Amazon learn Spanish tour.

See how this Super Spanish teacher combined a Spanish course with an Amazon eco tour.

We can begin living a better retirement the minute we acknowledge that we have a destiny.   The realization of purpose focuses our goals so we can begin step by step… starting small to develop our important pinnacle career.

Building a career for a better retirement around an existing brand like the Amazon is a good place to begin.


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We DO NOT investigate properties when they are advertised so be sure to complete your due diligence and always use an independent Ecuador attorney who represents you (not the seller) when you buy real estate in Ecuador. We also recommend that you rent before you buy and become familiar with Ecuador.


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