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Many want a better retirement.   Some want to retire early.  Others are at retirement age… but need more income.  Others want to feel better and many ask, “What can I do that is important?”

I urge you to consider a better retirement with a purpose.  Make this your pinnacle career.  Every person is born with a destiny.  Technology, modern medicine and broadband communication make it possible to fulfill your purpose better, for longer and in the process also earn more.

Here in this message is a reminder about the four reports that I am offering you free.  Please help yourself to any or all of these.

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A better retirement with purpose can be a long, beautiful road.

This is why, for one more week, we are offering the following better retirement reports on affordable natural health, bank safety, retirement tax and better retirement thinking, FREE.

Better Retirement Report #1: How to Gain Everlasting Health & Wealth

Merri and I want to help you have a better retirement, with natural health, an everlasting income and extraordinary lifestyle at any age.  To do this the first FREE report is entitled “How to Gain Everlasting Health & Wealth”.

One of the things that this report explains is why after listening to specific types of music from Baroque composers,  you can unlock untapped intelligence that perhaps you have been missing.

You can hear some of this music also.

This report is about how to absorb, recall and retain information and can help you in learning and business, but can also be important if you have any health concerns.  The report tells how music has helped with memory problems and tells of a medical miracle when one article says:

The man had not spoken in three or four years. An older man in the late stages of Alzheimer’s, he could no longer care for himself and required a high level of assistance in his daily activities of living.

But on one particular day, Concetta Tomaino, DA, a certified music therapist, offered a different kind of dementia therapy-she sang an old Yiddish song to him and some of her other patients. “You could tell by his face that he was watching,” recalls Tomaino. From a man in his condition, attention was a lot to ask for.

“Whenever I got a chance I played this song to him and sang to him. Within a month of doing this, he was making an attempt to speak, and he eventually started singing the song himself. He also started talking again. He continued talking and lived for many years after that.”

 “How to Use Super Thinking to Gain Everlasting Health & Wealth” free in this very limited time offer.

You can have “How to Use Super Thinking to Gain Everlasting Health & Wealth” FREE by clicking here.

Better Retirement Report #2: Andean Longevity Purification Health Secrets.

We are exposed to many uncommon toxicities in the most common ways.  Numerous poisons are hidden in plain sight and are really hard to avoid.

Fortunately there are simple steps we can help us regain our health and rid ourselves of toxins in our system.

This is why I hope that you will enjoy the free report, “Andean Longevity Purification Health Secrets”.

There are two even more insidious ways that you are polluted with BPA, often daily.  Get the free report “Andean Longevity Purification Secrets”.   See where you routinely are exposed to BPA every day.  Then see simple ways to eliminate these toxins that surround us.

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For example one shamanic purification solution uses cinnamon as a regular, inexpensive, enjoyable and tasty cleanser.  Photo from “Andean Longevity Purification Secrets” report.

Learn these simple but effective shamanic secrets.   Get this free report now.  Click here.

Better Retirement Report #3:  Reduce Bank Risk.

Many 0verseas banks are in a position of conflict.  The local banking and investing laws sometimes conflict with those in the US.

The first hint of this came in the late 70s. I banked with Credit Suisse in Zurich. They simply sold (without asking) all the mutual funds I had there. New SEC regulations prohibited non SEC registered banks from selling many types of mutual funds to Americans. The Credit Suisse response was to simply sell all mutual funds held by their US clients and not let them buy any more.

Then, in the early 80s, though I lived in London for years, it became harder for me to even bank there!

Later the Austrian bank I used stopped accepting American clients. Many other overseas banks raised minimum accounts to a million or more.

Complying with US regulations just was not worth it for the banks and as mentioned at times created conflicts. To follow US law, they broke laws in the country of the bank.

Deterioration of banking services for Americans abroad followed…slowly but regularly there were fewer services and fewer banks for Americans.

This report entitled “Retirement Economic Bank Risk” looks at bank risks created by aging demographics, modern bank management and the nature of democracy.

* See a demographic problem that is now affecting the safety of banking… everywhere.

* Learn why modern bank management systems at America’s largest banks threaten bank stability.

* Review how a truth in one of Aesop’s fables complicates any easy resolution to global bank risk.

* See how pinnacle wealth systems that reduces bank risk.

Order the FREE Retirement Economics Bank Risk report by clicking here

Better Retirement Report #4: Filling the Void – Retirement Businesses that Reduces Tax.

“Filling the Tax Void” starts with this thought:  “The tax pinnacle we can all reach is when everything we want to do is tax deductible.”

This report includes details on:

* Why Pinnacle Careers are more fun and create more spending power.

*  How Pinnacle Careers reduce tax.

* Two ways to legally organize Pinnacle Careers.

* How an LLC used in a Pinnacle Career Can Cut Tax Audits in Half.

* 10 Most Expensive Tax Mistakes That Cost Business Owners Thousands.

* Contacts on Attorneys who specialize in setting up your business.

* Contacts on Tax Preparers who specialize in overseas reporting and pinnacle careers.

We are working with both Ecuadorian and US attorneys and tax preparers to help our readers who live or plan to live abroad.

This report is entitled “Filling the Tax Void” and explains how positive lifestyle shifts not only create greater worth and value in your life, but also reduce tax as your business efforts become more meaningful to the world.In the meantime, I have written a report on the importance of bank safety when considering the retirement economics.

To access this report “Fulfilling Careers that fill the Tax Void” FREE , click here

Better Retirement Report #5:  The Power in the Key Muscles

Smooth or Ring muscles include the muscles around the eyes, the nostrils, anus, urethra, genitals and the mouth. In a healthy body, all sphincters work together, contracting and relaxing simultaneously. They also activate the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal system, the circulatory system, the lymphatic system, the musculoskeletal system and the urogenital system. Ring muscles are ultimately responsible for putting all the other muscles and all the organs of the body to work.

Chewing correctly stimulates the ring muscles and consequently helps exercise all our muscles.

Learn how to easily exercise the smooth muscles in our FREE report “The Power in the Key Muscles” 

This reports are available free through this Sunday May  26, 2013

There has never been an era when so many of us have an opportunity to make a real difference in the world.   Accepting this responsibility can create a better more fulfilling retirement.  Merri and I hope they help bring purpose and clarify your destiny to you.


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