Retirement Economics III – Why Write to Sell?

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Why Write to Sell?

Writing to sell unlocks the dreams of destiny held in your heart.  Writing to sell can improve your lifestyle in unbounded, exciting ways… and writing can open your heart so it leads to your destiny… and it also satisfies the financial necessities we all require.

You unlock amazing benefits: joy, service and money available when you write to sell. You gain these benefits because writing unlocks creativity.

But how do we turn on Creativity through Writing?


Julia B. Cameron, an American teacher, award winning author, artist, poet, playwright, novelist, filmmaker, composer, and journalist.

Over the past 30 years Julia Cameron has written fifteen books and countless TV, film, and theater scripts, including an episode of Miami Vice, movies including Taxi Driver, New York, New York, and The Last Waltz.  She is an award-winning playwright and has had films premier at the Chicago International Film Festival, and selected by the London Film Festival, the Munich International Film Festival, and Women in Film Festival.

The title of her book “The Right to Write” hits an important chord that can help us understand how writing to sell enhances our lives and those around us.

Cameron is quoted with two important statements.

The first is  “Each of us has an inner dream that we can unfold if we will just have the courage to admit what it is. And the faith to trust our own admission. The admitting is often very difficult.

This quote reveals a pain, so many suffer, from the pressure of burying the fact that they have a dream.

Her second quote shares a way to sum up courage that releases that suffering so we can admit our dreams. She wrote: “Creativity – like human life itself – begins in darkness.”

Once we realize that not knowing and not seeing are natural… we are released from the tyranny of reason!

Cameron’s writing certainly led her to fulfill great dreams.

She started her journalism career at the Washington Post, then moved to Rolling Stone.  She met Martin Scorsese when interviewing him for Rolling Stone.  They wed.

This is a clue… ordinary people can do extraordinary things… go to extraordinary places… meeting extraordinary people when they write.  There is more on this prestige you gain when writing later.

Yet Cameron’s charmed life shows even more about the power of writing.   Success led her into alcoholism and drug abuse and psychotic episodes.

Writing saved her.

She quit drugs and booze and began using writing to unblock her destiny. She used creativity as the spiritual path to lead her back to happiness and success.

Writing can lead us to and through our destiny and when we follow a destiny, creativity just follows.

Are you developing your creativity to prepare for the modern world of work?

Most destinies lead to a material lifestyle and no destiny leaves our material needs unfilled.   We write to sell because we live in a material world that is rapidly changing.  Every aspect of life is being changed by technology… the very root of our thought process is becoming more virtual, but of all the changes… the one that has the biggest impact on a daily basis is how change affects our finances.  This is why the selling part of writing is important.

Being childlike starts creativity because our childish dreams are mirrors reflecting our destiny and they look forward not back.

One way to keep up with change is to be childlike in our thinking.

Jean Piaget

Photo of Jean Piaget from the “Great Decide Decision making in a complex world” (See link below).

Jean Piaget, a Swiss Psychologist, pioneered studies on child intelligence, was captivated by the reasons children gave for wrong answers to logical questions.  He believed they revealed important differences between the thinking of adults and children.

He is quoted as saying:   “The principle goal of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done – men who are creative, inventive and discoverers.”

Piaget developed a theory about cognition in children based on the belief that they are born with a genetically inherited mental structure that is the basis for creativity.

Writing Enhances Creativity

Writing can bring your new life into existence when you’re feeling stuck, blocked, or just tired of your existing lifestyle.

We all go through lulls in our lives. The problem is that many people come out of childhood and get stuck in natural and minor dips of adult responsibility.  The pressures of daily life can suck the light out of our dreams, creativity and lifestyle.

A major reason for getting stuck is the fear of change.

Rather than relying on creativity and looking forward we cling to the past.

Creativity Helps Us Live Beyond the Fence

Imagine living in a wonderful city or countryside but surrounded by a high fence.

You hear rumbles that provide suggestions of a soothing, better and exciting life beyond the fence but you are afraid to open the gate because what’s in your yard might escape.

This wonderful city or countryside outside the fence is your creative talent and bright, new future.

This new lifestyle is there waiting to be lived and enjoyed, but there is a fear of venturing out because no exact, specific pathway is illuminated.

Creativity is the light that reveals the path one step at a time.

Creativity is also a Key to Business Success

An article at entitled “Working Creativity – Tapping into your Everyday Genius”  by Mark Batey, a Ph.D. in Working Creativity starts by asking:

Is Creativity the Number 1 Skill for the 21st Century?

Here are excerpts from this article: Creativity is the essential skillset for the future

Against a backdrop of uncertainty, economic turmoil and unprecedented change a new picture is emerging of the skills and traits for success (and perhaps even simply survival) in the modern era.  At the heart of this essential skillset for the future lies… creativity.

A raft of recent research studies demonstrates that creativity is vital from the shopfloor to the boardroom and at the level of the individual to the organization as a whole.  What is more… our economic fortunes at a societal level probably rest on creativity too.

Below are 7 (magnificent!) themes and some research studies that convinced me.  I wonder if they will convince you of the cruciality of creativity too.

1 – Creativity and innovation are the number 1 strategic priorities for organizations the world over

2 – Creativity is part of all our day jobs

3 – Organizational profitability rests on individual creativity

4 – Creative teams perform better and are more efficient

5 – Creative organisations are more profitable

6.  Creative Leadership is fundamental

7.  Successful economies and societies will need to be creative

“Creativity may be the most powerful of all the resources to be rich in. With vast numbers of people entering the workforce, huge improvements in productivity, and continued globalisation, the rewards for innovation and creativity will become even greater.”

Given that for much of the western world we have exhausted our supplies of cash and commodities, creativity may be all we have left.

So there we have it.  7 themes that demonstrate that creativity is the number 1 skill for the 21st Century.

The question is…

Are you developing your creativity to prepare for the modern world of work?

Writing unlocks your creativity. Your creativity creates TRUST and FAITH in yourself and your destiny.

Creativity, trust and faith are perfectly linked.

Merri and I learned this truth in the Ecuadorian shamanic method that led us in directions and ways we did not expect.

Many years ago, Merri and I had created enough wealth to make a major change in life without thinking about the cost.  We bought a farm in North Carolina and a 950+ acre hacienda, Rosapamba, deep in the Andes. We moved to the hacienda and studied with Ecuador shamans.

Here is the start of the road to Rosaspamba, Ecuador where the shamans lived.


That’s the good part of the road that ends in a grassy trail.


Our home is even more remote…down that trail to this point.


We had moved from a million dollar + house in Naples, Florida to this shack.  We still had the millions but chose to live this new, humble lifestyle.  This did not seem logical in business terms.  Did it make us…


happy?  Giddy is a better word perhaps.   As you’ll see it also led us to a fortune… a most logical investing and business decision that came… in a most illogical way.

This land is smoky with clouds… a primary forest shrouded in mystery… energy… life and nature’s beautiful way.


The Ecuadorian shaman would take us for walks on these paths.  As the trails narrowed… the cliffs became steep.  Then he would say…


“Look ahead… close your eyes and walk. Trust the path. You know where to go. Your eyes blind your vision.

So we would wind our way…


along the cliffs… not seeing… but feeling where we were headed instead and knowing that the path was correct.

Let me see if I can express in words this process that cannot really be expressed… because without want or need… following paths we could not see but knew were there, and this led us to happiness, fulfillment but also incredible  financial success.

In a year when businesses have been dying like flies our business rose 52%. During this downturn when many investors lost half their savings or more… our wealth was up… without any special attempt to make this so.

Luck?  Perhaps… except this is not the first time… by closing our eyes and following how we felt… rather than what we saw, we have stumbled upon pots of gold while trying to do something else.

Merri and I urge you to unlock your creativity so that it can lead you towards your destiny that is fulfilled in your pinnacle career.

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