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Here is an idea that can help your retirement economics.  This shows a way to earn extra if you are retired or a way to develop an enjoyable income that allows you to retire early and easier.

Some of the great advancements of mankind have come from exporters.  Exporting can create income… but does ever so much more…. bringing adventure and sometimes weaving an entirely new fabric in society.

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Marco Polo for example was a Venetian merchant and adventurer and traveled from Europe to Asia from 1271 to 1295.

His quest to find new goods for Europe certainly led him on some adventures and the goods, products and his books changed the world.

His exports were so influential that two centuries after Marco’s passing, another traveler looking for ways to create import export potential, Christopher Columbus, set off across the Atlantic in hopes of finding a new route to the Orient. With him was a copy of Marco Polo’s book!

Below is a note about retirement economics and exports sent by Roberto Ribadeniera head of the Ateam Ecuador in Quito.

Extra Income From Ecuador

Now that you are retired or are planning on doing so, it would be great to have extra income, right?

That is exactly the point. Once you have some steady income in a less expensive place like Ecuador, you can afford to take a little risk to bring in some extra income.

Ecuador offers that advantage since you can live with less money than in the USA and it also has some other benefits to improve your health, lowering the need for medical treatments.

That brings us to the topic on getting extra income.

The thing is that you don’t have to worry that the money that you are receiving each month won’t last. With a little over $1000 a month in rural areas you can manage a nice living, eating well, renting a nice place, having internet, cellphone, clothing, etc.

But you probably want some extra money to do other things. And that is where investing needs more analysis.

There are a number of ways to have extra income. Teaching English to Ecuadorians is one way. There is a need for locals to learn English and expand their horizons. We are putting a program just like the Spanish courses, but for an English course.

You can also apply what you did in your previous job to the Ecuadorian reality. There are a lot of companies that will pay for consultant services.

There must be a lot of things that you miss from the USA and if you do, so will many others. So there is the chance that you can offer food, clothes, appliances, etc… to your friends.


Selling Ecuadorian products from Ecuador is another good way of getting some extra cash. We have been pretty successful at helping people export various items from Ecuador. Like ponchos, sweaters, leather bags, tagua, honey, etc. The rose business has also been good. You may have lots of contacts back home that will be happy to distribute your products, all you have to do is sell since we can ship them for you.


There are many other ideas: a friend of mine from Ohio opened a bike shop in Quito, he built choppers in the USA and when he came to Ecuador he thought that was one thing missing here. So he decided to go for custom made choppers, made for Americans mostly.

There are restaurants and cafes which focus on Americans, with what you want and there could be many more businesses that could work for you also.

Agricultural is also big, mainly with so many products that you can produce and export. Ecuador is known for growing lots of products with extraordinary quality. Our local market is also growing more conscious when it comes to organic food, which is another way where you can expand. There is an agricultural tour where you can learn more about this.

What is more important is that many ideas that I am not mentioning right now are coming to your head as you are reading this. That is the most important thing, ideas that other people are not doing!

Having extra income is always good, not only do you get some extra money for a rainy day, but you also get to do something that you like and you also get to meet new people. Retiring these days is a challenge, not only from a financial issue, but because you will have lots of extra time, that if put to good use will bring lots of really interesting things to your life.

No better place than Ecuador to try new things, since lots of those things were probably already tried in your own country, but not yet here! Roberto

Export businesses have been one of the great evolutionary businesses since man began crossing borders.


Importing and exporting can create adventure… a mobile lifestyle and an income for retirement… plus they can do a lot of good by bringing producers and consumers together from around the world.

Learn how Roberto can help you create an Ecuador export business.


Learn to sell exports by writing to sell.

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