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Merri and I love roses and use roses for health in many ways.  Now there is a new Ecuador rose product.

First, Ecuador roses raise our spirits whenever we walk into our rooms.


Ecuador Roses in our kitchen.

We also use rose essential oil as a deodorant and for healthy skin.  More about that later.

Also, let’s look at the benefits of eating roses for their delicious flavor and for better health!

Our friends at Nevado Ecuador have been offering edible roses for the past year.

Ecuador is one of the best places on earth to grow roses and Ecuador’s shamans use rose in their aqua flora and various healing compounds.

This site has shared ways to get edible Ecuador organic rose petals.

Eat me.  From an Ecuador rose? Here is a funky business idea.


Crystalized  roses. delicious.

A Reuter’s article about Roberto Nevado entitled “Ecuador wants you to smell the roses, and eat them” by Hugh Bronstein shows how out of the box micro business ideas can be.

Here is an excerpt:  Ecuador has long been a major exporter of big bulbed, colorful flowers that please the eye and the nose. Now its farmers are exploring a new idea — roses that you can eat.

Restaurants from New York to Barcelona, looking to attract customers with novelty dishes, have started to serve food containing organic rose petals grown on farms like Roberto Nevado’s in Ecuador’s central highlands.

Nevado is a spritely septuagenarian who moved here from his native Spain to start a plantation in the perfect rose-growing conditions offered by this part of the country, and his Nevado Ecuador farm now has three million bushes under cultivation.

Only 100,000 of them are grown without pesticides and meant for eating.

“But we believe the market will grow,” he said over lunch at his plantation featuring starters, main dishes and desserts containing red, pink and white rose petals that left a bitter-sweet sensation on the palate

“It’s new, it’s interesting, and that’s what everyone wants,” Nevado said, his green eyes flashing as he rolled a dollop of passion fruit mousse over his tongue, crushed rose petals adding a tangy juxtaposition to the sweetness.

“They are the same species as non-edible roses, but the fertilizers have to be organic and  no chemicals can be sprayed on them, which means they need more human care,” Nevado said.

Many bugs that can damage roses do not like garlic, he explained, so workers spray garlic solution onto the organic bushes and plant garlic around his edible rose greenhouses.

Restaurants such as Per Se in New York, Zazu in Quito and El Bulli near Barcelona have started experimenting with rose petal dishes and desserts such as “Rose Souffle”.

The restaurant’s rose martini, made with petals soaked for a week in vodka, is becoming a favorite at Zazu’s bar.

Now Nevado roses are also offering rose petal jam and rose vinegar.

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 10.06.26 AM

Rose Petal Jams

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Rose Vinegar

This is the type of  combination one should look for in a micro business.  Look for a product that is rare… has high margins and contains a problem… like convincing consumers of its safety or using hand labor creatively.

Eating roses is not new. Rose petal jam is one of my favorites.


Photo from my fridge.

I keep trying new brands and have three in the fridge right now.  One is French, one Armenian and my favorite choice… Maharishi Ayurveda Rose petal preserve.  This is a little pricy at $11.95 for a ten ounce jar but I like the more delicate taste it seems to have and the way the petals make my teeth squeak.

rose petal jam

Rose petal jam is delicious!  To make matters better, rose petals jam is really good for you also (like everything sweet in moderation). Merri and I incorporate this into our super thinking nutritional program… especially in the summer.  We drink it with milk, hot or cold,  on toast and and in a rose lassi… (yoghurt, rose petal jam and boiling water all mixed together).

A form of rose petal jam called Gulkand is an ancient Ayurvedic herbal preparation.

Rose petal jam is a cooling food especially idea for summer meals. It is a natural digestive, blood purifier and helps balance acidity, a world wide health problem created by refined food, preservatives, spicy food, junk food, over eating, eating too much fat and eating in a hurry, skipping breakfast and stress.

It helps reduce constipation, water retention, improves the memory, eyesight and reduces anger, as well as skin blemishes. itching and pimples.

Rose petals are rich in calcium and antioxidants.

They can sweeten body odor and heal mouth ulcers if dissolved in water and gargled as it strengthens teeth and gums.

There are numerous other benefits even various cardiac problems as it acts as a catalyst and facilitates uptake of various heart medication.

Ayurveda, rose is called “taruni,” which means “ever young.” Its name stands for the youth-promoting benefits and properties it carries: it is good for the emotional heart; pacifying the mind; nurturing the skin; balancing the digestive system; rejuvenating the colon; enhancing metabolism; and it can even be used to promote physical and emotional love.

In ayurveda rose is considered to have three tastes and effects: bitter, astringent, and sweet. Tastes are important in how they pacify or inflame the fire water air balance in the system.

Rose is light but lubricates and is cooling.

Rose cools the body from the inside out so it is soothing, cooling and balancing.

Eating rose directs energy to the heart area, balancing and rejuvenating it.

In this way, rose pacifies and balances both the fire and air elements within the system.

Here is how to make Rose Petal Jam.

Wild roses are best as they have more essential oils and richer flavor. Use either dark red or small pink roses. Use only organic roses and make sure no insecticides have been used.

Add equal amounts  by weight of panela (dehydrated sugar cane juice… look in the Latino section at the store for brown blocks of it) and fresh rose petals.

Separate rose petals and wash with bio wash.  Let dry overnight. No water should remain.

Make alternating layers of rose petals and panela in the jars, about 1/2 an inch thick per layer.

Close lid and allow to stand in full sun for a few weeks, with lid closed. This converts the sugar into thick syrup. Shake every few days.

The sugar will melt and the mass will begin to look like a jam in a few weeks depending on amount of sun and temperature.

When you have a micro business idea, it can take many forms… and they can be pretty far out like chocolate covered roses to rose petal jam. And how about Rose Petal Ice Cream?

Those could create sweet micro business inflation beating opportunities!

Learn how to get Edible organic rose petals from Ecuador.

In Ayurved, the Indian science of healing, the word for rose means “ever young” because of  the youth-promoting benefits of rose for the emotional heart, the mind, balancing the digestive system; rejuvenating the colon; enhancing metabolism and especially rejuvenating the skin.

Rose water mists help restore balance for many imbalances. Everyday misting has helped many suffering from nervous disorders.  Misting  is good for healthy people as well to strengthen the nervous system and enhance the immune system.   A warm rose water bath for feet has been know to ease rheumatism.  Tea made of rose petals (a tea-spoon of dried rose petals per a glass of boiling water) is good against cold, pharyngitis, bronchitis and various neuroses; it is a vitaminous drink as well. Rose petal jam is a wonderful natural medicine especially in cold weather.

We all know that a rose by any other name is as sweet and has as much beauty.  The rose by any name not only soothes the eye, but is a balm for the body as well.

This is why Merri and I regularly use Candace Newman’s Rose Rejuvenation Face Oil on our faces… hands and as a deodorant.  Everyone comments on the aroma and it makes my clothes smell great!  Plus this oil promotes good health.

You can throw away expensive colognes, perfumes and face cremes as well as deodorants.  Save money as you gain a chance for better health.

Only one or two drops are required so a bottle of Candace Newman’s Rejuvenation Face Oil  goes a long ways. One bottle lasts for a couple of months for me.


Learn more about Rejuvenation Face Oil from Candace here.

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