Earning by the Power of Google

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Earning by the power is better than earning by the hour… hence we use Google because Google has a lot of earning power.

Our recent message “Earning by the Hour”  looked at the importance of starting small.

It’s always a good idea to “start smart” with a business plan that blends good marketing mixed with technology.

This is what Merri and I do.   See how and what I mean by “marketing mixed with technology”.

Communications in the modern world has moved from broadcast to broadband and now a new communications form is evolving.

Merri, our webmaster, David Cross, and I have been frontiering  this form in a new business concept that is the step beyond broadband.  We call it “Narrowband.”

Narrowband is about starting small and then staying focused and remaining small (but more and more profitable).   A Narrowband business uses the internet to create and unite a small band of readers with common ideals, needs and interests.

Our goal is to unite our customers with cohesion and authenticity.

Building a small Narrowband business requires three steps:

#1: Attract a steady flow of interested readers.

#2: Use a set pattern of information to weed out readers who really do not have a common need, ideal or interest.

#3: Develop an intimate relationship with the readers that are not weeded out and who do have a common need, ideal or interest.

This is reflected in several ways the first being quality of communication.
Here are some reports from our emailing system in 2012.  We have two main lists…. www.garyascott.com and www.Ecuadorliving.com that are sent each day to over 31,000 readers.

Our system aims to assure that we send our daily message only to the readers most likely to benefit from what we share.

This high rating is attained by continually weeding out readers.

Sending away customers? Am I kidding?

I am not.  Bigger is not better and this is no joke.  We are selective about who our readers are and have a number of check points they have to pass through to remain readers. New readers who sign on especially have to pass certain litmus tests to remain on our list.

Now let’s look at the steady growth.  Here is our list growth record for the last year.  Each month the list grows steadily as it has for years.  If growth is too fast in a small business the consequences can spell disaster.
The next important point… is how we make these lists grow on a profitable basis.
First, because we do not push and because we are not trying to be huge, we do not have to compete in expensive ways.  We use referrals…. Google rankings and low cost Pay Per Click.
I’ll explain the Google ranking here.
Google Rankings

Here is a list from our home page of the titles of the last ten messages we emailed our readers in late February.
Let’s see how they ranked at Google and what this might mean.
* Phrase for a Google Search:  “Young Trend Power”
Google ranking #2.
* Phrase for a Google Search:  “Federal Brain Mapping”.
Google ranking #7.
* Phrase for a Google Search:  “Positive Longevity”.
Google ranking #2.
* Phrase for a Google Search:  “Writing to Sell”.
I did not make the first page but if we add the word Ecuador “writing to sell Ecuador” we are #1-#2-#3-#4.

Seven of the ten titles of those ten messages ranked in the top 12 at Google.

In other words, we know how to make the search engines work on a micro business’s behalf… right now.

We would love to help you get started in your own micro business with the help of the internet in one (or all) of three ways.


First… we offer an emailed course The Tangled Web – How to Have Your Own Internet Business.
See details of this online course here.

Second…  we offer writer’s camps… described below.
Third…  We offer our International Club  so you can attend all our seminars for a year FREE to learn how to use super thinking and invest and use super thinking to set up your own business.
Start the online course now FREE when you enroll in our Writer’s Camp.

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