Caring for Cut Roses

by | Feb 13, 2013 | Content Updates

How to care for fresh Ecuador roses to make them amazingly long lasting.

See the steps that keep some of these roses looking good for 18 days.


After 18 days some still looked like this.


Let me add here that not all, in fact not most, fresh Ecuador flowers will last 18 days. Nine days is more the norm.

Many factors matter when it comes to longevity.  Weather conditions that affect the temperature in the Fedex delivery van will have an impact.   How long the flowers are in the van matters. How quickly you get the roses out of the box and into water affects longevity.

The types of roses delivered also relate to longevity.  Thick stemmed roses with smaller heads generally last longer than thin stemmed roses with large heads.  This however is not always true.


Some of these white fresh Ecuador roses we had at Christmas (after being severely pruned and placed three to a vase) lasted three weeks.

I have learned a few tips beyond those shown in the flower care instruction. They are:

#1: Do not crowd the flowers.  Arrange them so the heads do not touch.

#2: Recut the tips just a bit every other day when you refresh the water and plant food.

#3: When the heads start to droop cut the stem severely. The shorter stem seems to bring the flower back… perhaps water has to travel less distance.

Use these three tips and those shown in the Care of Flowers report here and be ready to be amazed at how long your fresh Ecuador flowers last.

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