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There is a great Ted video “The Transformative Power of Classical Music” by Benjamin Zander that can help us learn how to use heart to hearts for better health and greater wealth.

I have linked that video below because we use specific forms of classical music to help unlock the greater intellect within each of us by integrating the mind and heart.. the logic and the intuition.  Zander’s video explains how this works this clearly and with incredible enthusiasm.

Before you watch, please let me share several thoughts about this video and the power of the heart.

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Benjamin Zander at Ted.com

All of our seminars use a quantum learning technique we call “Super Thinking”.  Super thinking is really integrating the mind with the heart.  When we do this… we become smarter as we tap into a deeper field of intelligence that we are… but one that cannot be tapped by logic.

Super Thinking uses classical music to create this mind/heart relationship and this Ted video is about classical music and how it unlocks the power of the heart.

There is more we can learn from the video.

First, be warned that when you watch it, you’ll be warmed but may also and end up having shiny eyes. Tears created by the power of the heart.

Be aware that there are lessons that can also help you in business and in all of life.

Not that the speaker is not particularly handsome. However by the end of the video you’ll find him lovely.

He is not formally, fashionably or attractively dressed.  Yet wow, you’ll be impressed!

These are lessons of the importance of form over function.  Our logic mistakenly works off form with thoughts like… “That designer suit must have cost a bundle. That person must be rich so he must be smart.”  The heart ignores this shamble of pretty useless data and goes direct to what is important… the feelings… the usefulness and the good that sails beyond the boundaries of social fashion and illusion.

Note how this speaker resonates such great enthusiasm.  See how he establishes himself quickly as an authority.

Benjamin zander images

See how Zander uses his skills at the piano to inspire and convince!

Watch how he opens the audience (and your) heart first with laughter…  second, with enthusiasm and then third, with the locked up memories of your own heart.

The bottom line is that we as human beings do not trust messages direct from the mind.  When a speaker… a teacher… a business gives us a logical idea… we are not moved.  When they move us with emotion we’ll catch it… after we have used our logic to approve our heart’s desire.

This video has had 3,333,671 well deserved views. I hope you make it the 3,333,672nd.

The Ted.com site says:  Benjamin Zander has two infectious passions: classical music, and helping us all realize our untapped love for it — and by extension, our untapped love for all new possibilities, new experiences, new connections.

A few of the raves at this video are:  I really like the idea of thinking about the long term, having a vision, as opposed to thinking about “lunch” (the Mandela reference). I am intrigued by the notion of “deceptive chords” and this leads me to think about forms of governance, the logic that informs governing and the similarities/differences with extended works in jazz.
Bravo – people often forget that music is critical to our cognitive growth in life (excluding TEDsters, of course). In the TEDxHouston conference, Dr. Anthony Brandt of Rice University talked about the science behind the “breaking, bending, and blending” process that creativity curates in us. He explained to us that music and creativity is not just a luxury for the entitled, but that it is a neccessity for all humans to bridge the “automated behavior (subconscious) to the “mediated behavior(neurological basis of creativity)” of the brain.

I love that it is not only about classical music but about passion for what one does as well. The experiment worked! eyes were both shining and tearing. What an important role your are taking upon yourself Mr. Zander.

Music, mathematics and art has no boundaries. 

WOW! That classical music and the words of Benjamin came to my ears, they stopped in the brain and descended 30 cm, straight to the heart.Getting deeply inspired. 

When I heard Benjamin play the chopin prelude, I felt like that I was on a train to a place where I haven’t been to for a long time.

This is why we use classical music to create Super Thinking in all our courses and seminars and we hope to join you with Super Thinking that takes us “on a train to places where we have mot been before”.

See how to learn Super Thinking at our Mt. Dora, March 15-16-17 Writers Camp.

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See how to learn all this in a seven day Super Series in Mt. Dora March 15 through 21, 2013.

I hope to share Super Thinking with you through classical music and urge you to enjoy the Ted Video linked below.

Benjamin zander images

See the Ted video of Benjamin Zander here.


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