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Our messages here are about being positive because positive is really the only way to go.

Learn why to be mindful from a mindful, juggling monk.


Juggling monk at Ted.com. See a link below.

Life will happen. There will be change. Some changes we’ll like and some changes will hurt… unless we learn to see problems as opportunity and adapt in positive ways.

No negative approach to any problem or situation works… for long.  So positive really is the only logical way.

So how do we get there… to positive?   Being naturally positive is the most logical way to live… yet it is hard to be positive through logic.  We need more. We need to  be mindful.

This is the correct word by the way… mindful… to have a full mind filled with intelligence beyond logic. 

See the benefits below of mindful from Harvard Medical school.

harvard site

Harvard Medical Site.  See a link below.

Mindfulness: The Key to Better Mental & Physical Health?

Learn how to use mindfulness meditation to fight stress, anxiety, and depression and improve your emotional well-being and physical health.

Key Points
•    Practicing mindfulness improves both mental and physical health.

•    Mindfulness involves both concentration (a form of meditation) and acceptance.  Deliberately pay attention to thoughts and sensations without judgment.

•    It takes practice to become comfortable with mindfulness techniques. If one method doesn’t work for you, try another.

It’s a busy world. You fold the laundry while keeping one eye on the kids and another on the television. You plan your day while listening to the radio and commuting to work, and then plan your weekend. But in the rush to accomplish necessary tasks, you may find yourself losing your connection with the present moment — missing out on what you’re doing and how you’re feeling. Did you notice whether you felt well-rested this morning or that forsythia is in bloom along your route to work?

Mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment — and accepting it without judgment. Mindfulness is now being examined scientifically and has been found to be a key element in happiness.

Ancient roots, modern applications

The cultivation of mindfulness has roots in Buddhism, but most religions include some type of prayer or meditation technique that helps shift your thoughts away from your usual preoccupations toward an appreciation of the moment and a larger perspective on life.

Professor emeritus Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder and former director of the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, helped to bring the practice of mindfulness meditation into mainstream medicine and demonstrated that practicing mindfulness can bring improvements in both physical and psychological symptoms as well as positive changes in health attitudes and behaviors.

Mindfulness improves well being

•    Increasing your capacity for mindfulness supports many attitudes that contribute to a satisfied life.

•    Being mindful makes it easier to savor the pleasures in life as they occur, helps you become fully engaged in activities, and creates a greater capacity to deal with adverse events.

•    By focusing on the here and now, many people who practice mindfulness find that they are less likely to get caught up in worries about the future or regrets over the past, are less preoccupied with concerns about success and self-esteem, and are better able to form deep connections with others.

Mindfulness improves physical health

If greater well-being isn’t enough of an incentive, scientists have discovered the benefits of mindfulness techniques help improve physical health in a number of ways. Mindfulness can:

•    help relieve stress

•    treat heart disease

•    lower blood pressure

•    reduce chronic pain

•    improve sleep

•    alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties.

The power of mindfulness is why all of our courses and workshops and camps include sessions on Super Thinking.  Super thinking creates a state of relaxed concentration.


Delegates being mindful in a Super Thinking session at our Investing and Business Course.

Here is a relaxation program we have created for writers in our Self Fulfilled program.

Writing Relaxation 1

If you want to write to sell, we recommend that you listen to this and write at least a little every single day.

To help you in this process we have created this relaxation program specifically for writers.

Here are the A B Cs of writing and how they can help improve your efforts.

A: Read something you enjoy.  Good writers are usually voracious readers and a good read is like a good conversation… stimulating.

B: Use the three step system below.  This helps you unlock your higher forms of intelligence that cannot be accessed in lingual form.

Step #1: Write by hand for five or ten minutes everything you can about a business idea.  This connects the the mind/body functions.

Step #2: Listen to the Writer”s Relaxation or sit quietly for 10 minutes listening to Baroque largo music.  Relax and let your mind wander… use innocence… no expectation.

Step #3: At the end of ten minutes write down whatever is on your mind at that time. Write as much about it as you can…just let it flow.

In the thoughts…in the visions that you have at the end of the ten minute meditation or in the quiet listening, there will be an out of the box idea to dwell on… often in graphic form…a picture rather than words.  Dwell easily on this in context of your business.

We are all connected… each a part of an infinite intelligence… that is overwhelming in relation to our ability to think… especially in terms as restrictive as language.  The universe is terra, terra infinite, bytes of data.  Our logic in comparison as a processor… not even 64K.  So at the least we cannot expect to tap into the universe in English.

We can gain interface by dwelling on symbols we gain through these steps.

Our universe is positive and negative… yin and yang… masculine – feminine, plus – minus… give and take.  So every problem creates and opportunity. When our minds are full of nature’s intelligence we naturally see the silver lining… even when the clouds seem grey.


Join Merri and me at the International Club and be mindful all year long.

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See the mindful juggling monk at Ted.com

Read at the Harvard Medical site  Mindfulness: The Key to Better Mental & Physical Health?