Buena Vista Ecuador Discovery Weekend

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Enjoy a Buena Vista Ecuador discovery weekend.

See this paid advertisement below.  Then see below a reader’s Ecuador driving experience.

Buena Vista Ecuador advertisement.

Come explore Ecuador’s coast and the Buena Vista project!  The long weekend’s on us.

You’ve read about it.  Now you can see it for yourself.

If you’ve considered exploring all the opportunities Ecuador has to offer, you won’t get a better offer than this.

Optional guided tours, both on and off site.

Ecuador beach real estate

Views from the Buena Vista Site

The Buena Vista property and home development site near Aympe, Ecuador, invites you to be the first to experience coastal living as you’ve never seen.

Join us for Discovery Weekend March 15, 16 and 17, and be one of 12 couples who will enjoy a complimentary long weekend filled with fun and VIP treatment as we release these home properties with discounted pre-sale pricing.

Ecuador beach real estate

Conceptual home illustration.

Schedule your arrival at Guayaquil International Airport for arrival on March 14, and let us do the rest. Discovery Weekend includes:

Transportation to and from the Guayaquil Airport

Complimentary lodging and meals on site.

Two informational sessions about the release of these exclusive properties, and life in Ecuador.

Excursions to Ayampe beach and the tourist town of Montanita.

Ecuador beach real estate

Conceptual home plans.

Maybe you’ve read the recent mainstream media articles (from International Living, the Huffington Post and many others) that explain why Ecuador is the world’s #1 expat destination for six years running. Have you checked out the property prices in places like Costa Rica, Belize or Panama? They’ve skyrocketed. While property prices in Ecuador are still very attractive, it won’t be that way forever. Today, the world is discovering Ecuador. People are taking advantage of the deals, and prices will be on the rise before you know it. Buena Vista is beautiful, and being offered at a great value. The timing’s perfect.

Buena Vista is a one-mile peninsula that stretches beyond Ecuador’s central coast with panoramic ocean views you must see to believe.

Ecuador beach real estate

Views from the Buena Vista Site.

This development located between Ayampe and Montanita, Ecuador, is just over a two-hour drive from the Guayaquil Airport.

Ecuador beach real estate

And yes, the weekend is free.

Ecuador beach real estate

Conceptual home illustration.

We can extend this offer only to 12 couples, and we expect a rapid response.

Your expense is a plane ticket to Guayaquil. The rest is on us. If you can find a better offer take it, but you won’t find one better than this.

Can’t make Discovery Weekend? No problem. Use the contact information below to schedule a private tour when you’re in Ecuador. We’ll show you everything there is to see.



We DO NOT investigate properties when they are advertised so be sure to complete your due diligence and always use an independent Ecuador attorney who represents you (not the seller) when you buy real estate in Ecuador. Also we want to be sure that you check the claims of the developer/seller and make sure that you are satisfied. We also recommend that you rent before you buy and become familiar with Ecuador.


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If you take the Buena Vista tour,  why not see more of Ecuador after this.

We do not recommend driving in Ecuador.   Let Ecuador’s excellent low cost guides drive you so you can enjoy the trip and see more.  However we know that some intrepid souls are going to drive and here is a report from a reader who did and enjoyed the process. Reader Tim Statler wrote:

Dear Gary,

I was traveling in Ecuador in November by car and having so much fun that I wanted to pass along some of my observations. I know that you have cautioned people against driving in Ecuador in the past.  I agree that traveling by car might not be for everyone but with all of the new roads and the incredible scenery I am sure that many people will find Ecuador a wonderful place for a road trip. In order to help people navigate the country I offer the following observations.

This trip, in November of 2012, I traveled the route from Manta to Bahia and Canoa and back to the Manta airport on the first leg. Avis has an office at the Manta airport and, even while the Manta airport is undergoing renovations, it is an easy pick up and drop off. Avis has two levels of insurance. 15.00 USD per day will get you coverage with an approximately 1200 USD deductible. They block your cc for that amount. For 33.00 USD per day you get total coverage. I suggest the full coverage for peace of mind. A personal anecdote will follow later in my comments.

A word about maps and GPS. I am a pilot and a big fan of GPS technology. I own many GPS units, carry an iPad with Google Maps and international data as well as a Blackberry with Google Maps and a small battery powered Garmin GPS as well. I purchased the small Garmin unit and a chip of Ecuador maps from GPS Travel Maps, www.gpstravelmaps.com. They sell maps to many places that standard map packages do not cover. In order of effectiveness I would rate my Blackberry with Google Maps as the most reliable, next the Garmin and then the iPad. The iPad with the Google Maps web based app, which is the only option for iPads with iOs 6, was a disappointment. Hopefully the Google Maps for iPad will be available again shortly.

Traveling north out of Manta towards Bahia was easy until we missed the left turn to Bahia just north of Manta. The intersection is not marked from either direction. That section of road is still under construction so hopefully this will be corrected soon. This intersection highlights the continuing problem in Ecuador with signage. Once you are out off the cities and on new highways I found the signage to be excellent and very complete. Getting out of Quito or into the Guayaquil airport however is another story. You need all your technology and maps to find the exit and entrance doors! I am a big fan of paper maps and charts however I have yet to buy big city maps. I will correct that problem when I return to Ecuador in a couple of weeks. The remainder of our trip through Bahia and Canoa and the return to Manta was very easy. The new road north of Bahia is almost complete now with curbs and a bike path. Renovations to the roads through San Vicente on the north side of the Chone River are underway and, once complete, will be lovely with paving bricks and a beautiful malecon. The new bridge over the river just south of Canoa is almost complete as well, although the Canoa bypass is still under construction and, until this is finished, the access to Canoa from the south is a dirt road and a little hard to find. This area is poised for great growth I would suggest.

Returning to Quito by air we rented again from Avis and traveled south. We stopped in Ambato for a sales call and lunch, continuing on to Cuenca over the mountains, in the fog and clouds and at night. I would not recommend this type of trip unless necessary. I suggest planning your itinerary so as to be checked in to your hotel, or at least in your destination city by dark whenever possible, for safety, referring to driving not security, and to be sure not to miss any incredible scenery. Cuenca was relatively easy to negotiate but again Google Maps made it possible to find our hotel, Los Balcones, on a one way street in the center. We continued on to Loja and Vilcabamba the next day. Spectacular scenery and easy driving. After the weekend in Vilcabamba I left my girlfriend and returned to Cuenca for a meeting and then over the mountains to Guayaquil. My drive over the mountains through the Cajas National Park ranks as one of the best road trips ever, certainly in the top 5. Wild lamas along the road, sheer cliffs dropping thousands of feet into the valley and a spectacular new road reaching an altitude of more than 13,667 feet.

Once down on the coast it was a more typical drive up to Guayaquil but I was impressed to see passing lanes of several kilometers which enabled me to pass the trucks and busses and keep up a comfortable pace. The new entrance to Guayaquil from the east is beautiful. Four or more lanes, newly paved straight into town, first class all the way. I had not programmed the airport into a GPS as I figured it would be easy to find the airport. Wrong on all counts. There was not even a little airplane symbol to be found. When I saw the runway on my right I figured that there must be an exit ahead. As I moved towards the right lane I hit an unmarked concrete curb that serves as a divider for the bus stop. I had no chance to avoid it and my tire exploded. The rim was totaled and it was dark and traffic was heavy. I managed to get off the road and put the spare quickly but finding the airport cost me another hour, even though the runway was on the other side of the fence. Simply programming one of the GPS’s would have saved me all the trouble. Once I delivered the car I was concerned about the cost as I had only taken the 15.00 a day insurance. Fortunately Ecuador delivered again and, with the day early return, the cost of the repair was only 48.00 USD. I now know how to get into the Guayaquil airport so the adventure was worth it but I could have done a better job preparing.

All in all I had a fantastic trip driving. I was stopped several times by road blocks. I was either waved on without stopping or sent on my way pleasantly after a brief inspection of the car papers and my driver’s license. Only one policeman mentioned that I could only drive thirty days on my Michigan license. There is a new speeding campaign in Ecuador and penalties are severe so you must observe the speed limits. There were radar speed traps on downhill sections of the road so you need to be careful on those sections.

Source: http://www.gringosabroad.com/driving-improves-in-ecuador-new-driving-laws-change/

Gas is 1.48 per gallon so I could not get 10.00 USD in the tank of my Aveo. People everywhere are Ecuador friendly and helpful. I speak fluent Spanish so everything is easy when it comes to communication. I would suggest that you should be a reasonably decent navigator and speak some Spanish to go driving around the country but with a positive attitude and a GPS you could probably do just fine with English. I recommend taxis in the cities and renting the car for travel between. I turned in my car in Guayaquil and took taxis to my appointments, it is far easier. Traffic in Quito and Guayaquil can be very heavy so it is much more stress free to let someone else do the driving, especially when it costs so little. The freedom and flexibility of having your own car can’t be beat though, the roads throughout the country and brand new and beautifully done and the scenery is incomparable.

Tim Statler

See why we recommend using a driver instead of renting a car.

Learn about Ecuador in Florida.

Day two of our International Investing and Business Seminar next week in Eustis, Florida is about Ecuador Living.  Talk about catching an early wave… Merri and I caught the Ecuador expat trend right at its beginning 17 years ago.   We brought readers who joined us in Ecuador then… some amazing opportunities.  This cycle has matured but there are still great bargains if you know what to do.  No one has as much experience and as many contacts in this field. This experience is also dependable.  We do not sell Ecuador real estate so you won’t be hearing any hidden agendas.

For example after more than a dozen years of traveling… working… buying and selling real estate and running businesses in Ecuador… we led Jean Marie Butterlin to the coast and he began scouring the beaches from Manta, north to Pedernales… finding the bargains…. meeting the landowners…  understanding the rules, regulations and customs.

That experience made him the expert of Ecuador beach real estate so that bargains could be found and so his clients could overcome the biggest problems and intelligently buy real estate on the coast.

We’ll share how to  buy beach property intelligently.

You’ll learn how to overcome one of the biggest mistakes most real estate buyers make on the beach.

Dr. Andres Cordova will speak and join me in updating Ecuador real estate and residency rules.

Dr. Andres Cordova speaking at our seminars.

Andres is our friend and Ecuador attorney. He is the grandson of one of Ecuador’s more famous presidents and was a senior partner in a law firm that represents Ecuador’s treasury.

We’ll also review how to create an Ecuador export business as Merri and I have for many years.

We’ll review The Ecuadorshop Logistics service that provides all these services for exporters in importers into the USA.

We’ll share how Roberto provides an exclusive service that help.

Join Merri and me at this seminar – February 1-2-3 , 2013, Eustis, Florida.

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Learn to speak Spanish before going to Ecuador.   We have added a Super Spanish course for Mt. Dora for March 18-19-20.

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