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There are huge rewards for health and wealth to working longer.

I have put a link below to a great article and video at Morningstar entitled “How Working Longer Pays Off for Retirees”.

This video is an interview with retirement author Mark Miller.

The article says: Extending your working life even a handful of years and delaying Social Security can be really beneficial financially, says retirement author Mark Miller.

Q: Christine Benz: Hi, I’m Christine Benz for Morningstar.com. Can retirees improve their standard of living by working longer or working part time? Here to explore that question with me is Mark Miller. Mark is a retirement specialist and also the author of “The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security.” Mark, congratulations on the book, and thanks so much for being here.   Now, Mark, your book is very holistic, and that’s one reason I really like it. You talk about all aspects of retirement planning, including the fact that for a lot of today’s retirees, working longer or continuing to work in some capacity is going to be part of the formula that they use. Talk about the benefits of retirees working longer and how that can help improve their standard of living.

Miller: Christine, it sounds like a contradiction terms, right? Retirement and keep working. I hear a lot from readers who say, “Oh, with this recession I’ll never be able to retire. I’ll have to work until the end.” The perspective I have in the book is that’s not the case. When we talk about working longer, we’re not talking about working forever for most people. There’s a lot of evidence suggesting that extending your working life, even a handful of years, can be really, really beneficial financially.

Then it also has some great benefits in terms of health, and state of mind, and all kinds of emotional well being.

This is a great video for everyone retirement age or not to watch as it reflects a change in the PROFIT demographic pattern.

To work longer means we need to protect our health so here is a energy and longevity secret

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Morning start video “How Working Longer Pays Off for Retirees