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There is a Coco Beach water front lot for sale. Details are shown below.


Houses at Coco Village. (Click on photo to enlarge).

When Merri and I arrived in Ecuador there were not many gringos around.  One who arrived shortly after we did was Gary Swenson and then his brother Larry.

They are from the Pacific Northwest as I am and all of us enjoyed being away from the rain and gray!


Another house at Coco village… a huge change from the gray of the Pacific Northwest!

A couple of years ago, I wrote: The bridge over the Chone Estuary is now complete and open.


This changes coastal property values north of Bahia.

Jean-marie-butterlin-chone photo

Crossing the Chone.

15 years ago Merri and I with a driver who was the National Guide of Ecuador…and started riding all over Ecuador. This is the only way to really know this great country and to compare Ecuador real estate values across the Andes into the Amazon and to the sea.  It became obvious to me on our coastal trips that the greatest values were north of the Chone.  The lack of a bridge had kept prices low.

Now the bridge exits plus new roads from Manta, and Quito are complete and open this northern coast of Manabi.

Gary and his brother Larry were some of the very first developers on the coast.


House under construction at Coco Village

Their project Coco Beach Village is located in the small fishing village of El Matal, just outside of Jama on Ecuador’s North Central coast.  Coco Beach Village has been developed over the last 6 plus years and this gorgeous area was chosen by Gary because of its location well away from the coastal route, the long beautiful sandy beach and warm ocean water.


Another completed house at Coco village.

I continually urge the old timers in Ecuador to place advertising because I feel more confidence in those who have proven a commitment to Ecuador so here is a paid advertisement from Larry Swenson for a Coco Beach water front lot for sale.

Larry writes:  80% of Coco Beach Village’s residential lots are sold with just a few remaining available.  Half of the 66 lots are directly at the beachfront and half are just one lot away, but provide elevated building platforms for ocean views.

Coco Beach Village amenities are all nearly completed and include gated entry, underground power and water, clubhouse, pool and courts.  Currently, 10 homes are completed and  another 6 are under construction at Coco Beach.

Featured beachfront double lot:

Aerial view of Coco Village.

Here is the paid advertisement for a double lot in Coco Beach Village:

Inside Coco Beach Village, we have a rare and beautiful combined pair of beachfront lots. Not only is this combination the largest beachfront parcel, but it is the last of the adjoining lots available.

coco-village ecuador

This lot measures +/-.4882 acre or +/-1,950 square meters or +/-20,990 sq. ft.

Have your 1 or 2 story dream beach home built here for $60 – $85 per sq. foot, depending on design. Minimum house size is 1300 square feet but the lot can accommodate a very large home, guest house, maid’s quarters, shop, pool, gardens……

This combined two lots is listed for an unbelievable $150,000. This is offered as a cash purchase only. Ask how you can reserve this double lot to allow for travel and viewing.

Underground water and electric are available and the coconut palms are producing fruit!

Don’t pass this chance to get this last available double beachfront lot in this development that includes gated entry, swimming pool, clubhouse, sports courts, gentle, warm ocean and one of the best beaches on the coast of Ecuador.

For more information, contact: Larry Swenson at USA phone: 541.419.6962 (Pacific Time) Skype ID: lswenson

Coco Beach Village, Jama, Ecuador

Here are…






on the beach…




Coco Village.


We DO NOT investigate properties when they are advertised so be sure to complete your due diligence and always use an independent Ecuador attorney who represents you (not the seller) when you buy real estate in Ecuador. Also we want to be sure that you check the claims of the developer/seller and make sure that you are satisfied. We also recommend that you rent before you buy and become familiar with Ecuador.

Ecuador Agricultural Real Estate Tour

For current Ecuador Agricultural Real Estate information send me a note at

Screen shot 2012-07-25 at 12.29.30 PM

Ecuador coffee farm entrance.

The original owner spent two years searching for the perfect location to duplicate the exact terrain, altitude and growing conditions of the most successful coffee farms of Boquete, Panama and Columbia.

Screen shot 2012-07-25 at 12.28.53 PM

Terrain and coffee plants.

After walking with an altimeter in hand and talking to reclusive indigenous farmers, this region was discovered with all the perfect conditions to cultivate exceptional Arabica coffee trees.

Screen shot 2012-07-25 at 12.30.49 PM

Owners house with roof terrace.

This is a micro climate, blessed with abundant rainfall, in clean mountain air, bounded by a clear trout filled year around rushing river, protected from extremes of wind and large temperature fluctuations,  perfect for growing coffee.

Screen shot 2012-07-25 at 12.30.35 PM

Open drying patio.

It has 11 hectares planted (manageable for a single owner), with approximately 50,000 Arabica, varietal Caturra (self pollinating) coffee trees which  are perfectly distributed over a hillside interspersed with a variety of fruit trees for shade.

Screen shot 2012-07-25 at 12.30.24 PM

Oranges grown to protect coffee trees.

No problem selling this crop for top dollar due to its proven high quality.  The coffee sales last year grossed $70,000 so after $25,000 expenses, $45,000 was the net income.

Screen shot 2012-07-25 at 12.29.47 PM

Coffee beans.

As well, an experimental 1 hectare of Geisha varietal.  Geisha is considered to be one of the finest coffees in the world and garnered the highest auction record in coffee history, fetching $170 per pound in 2010.  The first harvest of this varietal is expected in about 2 years.

Screen shot 2012-07-25 at 12.30.11 PM

Coffee plants grown in greenhouse on farm.

This Andean  location provides an ideal environment for coffee growing without damaging the unique habitat of many species of birds.   Arabica coffee trees are a major source of oxygen production.  Each hectare produces 86 pounds of oxygen per day which is 50% of rain forest habitat.  Ecuador is a biologically diverse country with an abundance of birds, amphibians, reptiles and butterflies.  Inca Mountain Coffee Farm is ecologically in harmony with its environment.

The Arabica coffee trees are 6 years old, providing remarkable yields, allowing for continuous flowering and two annual harvests (major harvest Feb-Jun and minor harvest Oct-Nov).

Screen shot 2012-07-25 at 12.30.00 PM

Covered drying patio.

In the yearly Golden Cup competition, coffee from this farm was a finalist in 2011.

Screen shot 2012-07-25 at 12.31.12 PM

Seasonal worker harvesting coffee.

Owner’s house – 900 sq/ft, 2 bed, 1 bath, with lots of marble, built in cabinets in both bedrooms and upper roof porch

Caretaker’s house – divided into multiple rooms with bathroom

Land line phone installed and operational

110 and 220 volt electric lines

Equipment:  2 coffee bean pulpers with 2 water tanks, 2 weed whackers, misc. tools, scale for weighing coffee bags

1 large uncovered drying patio and 1 covered drying patio

2 full time highly experienced workers – monthly payroll is $650 (plus more during harvest for seasonal workers)

Average yearly expenses:  $25,000 (all payroll, fertilizer, harvesting expenses, utilities, taxes)

Screen shot 2012-07-25 at 12.31.01 PM

This clean mountain river that runs year around with trout.  Also, access to mountain water for farm irrigation, though it is rarely needed.

Farm is fenced along road.

You can set the date for your own tour.

The Ecuador farm tour fee is $799 for single or  $999 couple.

Case Study #3:   This third case study shows an American who has created a   large Ecuador agri operation. This is the farming operation set up by Young Living Essential oils.


After creating a marketing system for the oils and farming in the USA, Gary and his wife…


moved to Ecuador… began a large farming operation as well as…


there own processing and a health spa.

Ecuador is a perfect place for many types of agriculture… large and small.  Find your farm in the safe and efficient way on an Ecuador Agricultural Tour.

For efficiency and logistics this tour is strictly limited to 15 people… 4 persons per four wheel drive vehicle.

You can set the date for your own tour.

The Ecuador farm tour fee is $799 for single or  $999 couple.