Multi Dimensional Opportunity

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Multi dimensional opportunity earns in numerous ways.

There are many multi dimensional real estate opportunities…. land that offers a low stress, healthy home…  farm income and other profit potential all at the same time.


Multi dimensional Ecuador coastal farmland for sale. (Click on photo to enlarge). See more below.

Merri and I aim to create multi dimensional opportunity wherever we live.

In Florida we bought a house and an orange grove next door.  Then we added a rental unit.


Our Florida home and grove, plus…


rental unit.


In North Carolina we bought a house… then added a seminar center and rental units.


Our mountain creek seminar center in North Carolina.

We make each of our houses multi dimensional…a home AND a source of income because governments are going further into debt globally.  This creates serious debt and economic problems everywhere.  Theese burdens means that governments and societies lose their ability to keep their promises.  Multi dimensional earnings can help overcome the risks these conditions create.

A look at government, social and currency breakdown at its worst can help us see ways to invest and do business in such turbulent times.

Germany  is an example when it borrowed heavily to pay WWI costs.  Such borrowing almost always leads to currency and social erosion and this did then.   In the USA and UK too.  Right after the war there was some stability, before government spending began to run wild.  By 1923, it reached the worst  in history. This caused prices to sometimes double in hours.  In Germany by late 1923 it took 200 billion marks to buy a loaf of bread.

Hard-working people with modest spending habits could not even buy a postage stamp with their life savings.   All debt was wiped out but so too were all savings.

Businessmen quit and speculated in stocks and goods instead. Small businesses survived by holding material things such as : clothing, food, anything people could consume.  Salaries were paid three times a day yet shops were empty. Food riots raged. Businesses closed down, unemployment soared. The economy collapsed.

Anyone on a fixed income was destitute. They sold everything just to buy food.

This is why now multi dimensional opportunity makes sense.   You profit from altering utility. You profit tax wise from adding income production.  You gain from having a source of income in a place that you have the best chances of control.  This is why for centuries… small business have had a home upstairs and business below.

Jean Marie Butterlin has created a new Ecuador farm tour for those who have $50,000 or more to invest in a home and small farm.  These tours help find multi dimensional opportunity.
Here is a special multi dimensional coastal farm opportunity he has just shared.

Jean Marie writes: This is very close to latitude zero and also the seashore.

This farmland property had multi dimensional potential and can be developed into an agriculture business but also has subdivision resale potential to people looking for smaller farms and who want to have a seashore view real estate development.

The views are gorgeous. There is plenty of water available and very good soil that is good to grow anything.


Jewels like these are hard to find especially at such a low price.  This farm has  50 hectares (appx. 120 acres) and the asking price is only $3,200 per hectare (appx. $1,300 per acre).

To see this property and more join Jean Marie on a Ecuador farm and real estate tour.  See details and more multi dimensional Ecuador farm properties here.

Those who profit most in changing times are those who add new dimensions to old time proven ways.  Modern technology offers many exciting ways to create multi dimensional profit…. and can earn income at home.


Learn ways to create multi dimensional micro businesses at our February 1-2-3, 2013 Super Thinking + Investing and Business course.




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