Ecuador Thanksgiving

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Bring Ecuador into your home this Thanksgiving with fresh Ecuador roses delivered by Fedex.

Order this week for Thanksgiving.

Merri and I will have fresh Ecuador roses as our Thanksgiving decoration.




Fedex delivers them in the afternoon and we immediately put them in fresh water. By the morning they are fully opened and incredible!  This is only a third of one order.

You can now have fresh Ecuador roses on your Thanksgiving table or send them as gifts as well.

Our rose supplier just sent this note:  Gary, Thanksgiving is on Thursday November  22nd so we will deliver roses on Tuesday, November 20th. Only if we get too many orders or the farms are sold out, we will deliver the remainder on Wednesday the 21st.   As always we can provide the best flowers if assorted colors are ordered.  Unless someone sends a specific request in the comments section, it is easier for the farm to pick the flowers that are most ready and look the  best.

We will close sales at November 15th midnight EST.

Ecuador roses have extra large heads that open fully.

christmas roses

The colors are more intense.

christmas roses

You can have 50 fresh cut (four days) roses from Ecuador delivered to any zip code in the USA…including Hawaii or Alaska but must order for Thanksgiving roses before midnight EST November 15.

Merri and I love Ecuador for the warmth and friendliness in the hearts of its people. We also love Ecuador’s beauty.  When an opportunity to send Ecuador roses and raise money for the poor occurred, we grabbed the chance.

I wrote about the roses, made a special offer and sold over 15,000 roses that raised $6,000 to help Ecuador’s poor. The money was used to provide schooling for gifted indigenous children and to buy a  InFocus projector used in our free English classes for Ecuadorian children that the foundation provides.

So when a chance to offer Ecuador roses regularly, I thought, “Why not?”

There and then I decided to make a special offer. Here it is.

The cost of roses, and especially delivery, has been rising, but we still offer three ways to get 50 or 100 fresh cut roses to your home at really low rates and help create employment in Ecuador  in the process.

I regret that Fedex cannot deliver the roses in Canada or elsewhere outside the USA.

Fedex will deliver them to you within four days of being cut in Ecuador. Open them. If you are not satisfied that these are truly remarkable roses, give them back to the Fedex driver and let me know. I’ll give you a full refund.

To assure the refund you must inspect the flowers with Fedex when they are delivered. If you are not satisfied, they must be returned at the time of delivery. 

There are three ways to obtain 50 or 100 fresh cut roses and save.

#1: We provide a service called Ecuador Living to assist those with a genuine and immediate interest in Ecuador. This service shares our continual research and experiences in global business, living and investing in Ecuador plus our contacts. We feel the service is a bargain at $119 a year.

#2: Order 100 roses instead. This reduces shipping and the price is only $129 for 100 roses. You save $53.

#3: Join  the Ecuador Living Club  with your first rose order, I’ll reduce the 50 rose price from $91 to $50. You get your fresh cut, premium roses at less than half price. You save $41.

This is a batch of 100 fresh Ecuador roses that Merri and I enjoyed.


To order, click on your choice below. I will forward your order to our flower supplier who will follow your order from the farm to your home.  He will first email you a Fedex tracking number to coordinate your delivery time.

If you do not respond to the plantation to indicate a color choice and time, the flower growers will send the best available color combination for the first possible delivery.

Unless otherwise arranged, and subject to weather permitting, Fedex will deliver your roses to you or your recipient on Tuesday, November 20th.

Order the 50 fresh cut roses for $91 here.

Save $53.  Order 100 fresh cut roses for $129 here.

Save $41. Subscribe Ecuador Living Premium Service (normally $119).   Get your subscription and first rose order at half price. $169 total.

Premium Quality Roses

I inspected all the major websites offering roses and found when shipping was calculated, prices ranged from $259 (36 Martha Stewart roses) to $135 and $91.94 for 50 roses from the best ranked websites.  These prices are far above ours even before we add on our special savings.

Fresher Quality Roses

You do not give up quality for the lower price.  In fact the quality of your roses rises.

Most roses go from Ecuador to Miami by air are stored in Miami then shipped by truck until they sit in a store. They can be a week or more old when you see them. The roses you receive from this offer are cut and stored overnight, driven by refrigerated truck to Quito Airport and flown to Miami to a special refrigerated Fedex facility then flown to your Fedex destination for immediate delivery to your home or office. This means they last longer.

The longevity of the roses depends on the conditions they are kept and their care so a special instruction is included with your roses on how to make them last.


Here are some of my previous Thanksgiving roses.  The head size is much larger than anything you see in a store and Fresh Ecuador roses last much longer.

Environmentally Clean Roses

The roses your receive are certified by Veriflora. The VERIFLORA seal is a real,
green program that regularly spot check farms for ecologically sound systems that include:

1- Water and ecological conservation: implementing water management systems to prevent depletion of fresh water supplies.

2- Product quality: implementing practices to ensure the quality of the product through the whole chain of delivery to the final consumer.

3- Advanced agricultural practices: integrating organic practices wherever possible. To only use approved green label certified pesticides. To allow no discharge of pesticides run off into the environment.

4- Waste management: recycling and composting as well as the proper disposal of agricultural chemicals.

Certification means the growers have met or exceeded the requirements. There is no middle ground with Veriflora, no differing levels of certification. You either are ecologically sound and certified, or you aren’t.

That means you receive environmentally friendly roses.

We use fresh Ecuador roses at home and in business.


Roses at our October Mount Dora seminar.


We received three varieties and put micro bouquets on each table.


Fair Trade Roses

In addition the Verflora seal requires the rose grower to be socially responsible adhering to recognized labor and community standards, specially pertaining to health and safety, work conditions, hiring practices, discrimination, harassment and fair pay.

The growers offer every single one of their workers:

-free doctor and medical treatment at the farm for workers
-day care facilities for infants
-free breakfast and lunch (and dinner when they work late)
-free sports and recreation facilities
-small business loans -when workers want to leave to set up their own small holding farm
-workers fund -for financial help with school fees to buy a car, etc
-complete health and safety equipment provided free -helmets , gloves, masks, etc
-paid maternity leave with a guarantee of work when they want to return
-overtime paid over and above the legal requirements
-Christmas parties, summer holiday excursions, sports tournaments
-a safe and secure work environment with job satisfaction and potential for personal development

There you have it…three great reasons to experience the warmth of the people and beauty of Ecuador…The freshest…best roses…and you help the environment and the poor by having them delivered into your home.

Your 50 roses will come packed in a special box with two colors of 25 each.

Order the 50 fresh cut roses for $91 here.

Save $53.  Order 100 fresh cut roses for $129 here.

Save $41. Subscribe Ecuador Living Premium Service (normally $119).   Get your subscription and first rose order at half price. $169 total.


These are fresh Ecuador roses delivered to our North Carolina office.


Fwd: ecuador-easter-roses

Ecuador roses keep on giving.  After they fade, I put them in a bowl like this and for many more days of enjoy their beauty.


Then I hang them in the kitchen to dry.


We make our roses last a very long time because after they begin to wilt, we dry our fresh Ecuador roses as they age and continue to use them. Here are 100 dried Ecuador roses on our stair case in North Carolina


Here are photos from our home of  different Ecuador roses that give a comparison of the colors you can receive.

Other roses in farm choice include these wonderful…bicolors…


in red and orange.  They are spectacular. Here is…


a dozen of the red/orange bi color roses.


25 red roses.


Red roses.


White roses in our dining room.


Order the 50 fresh cut roses for $91 here.

Save $53.  Order 100 fresh cut roses for $129 here.

Save $41. Subscribe Ecuador Living Premium Service (normally $119).   Get your subscription and first rose order at half price. $169 total.