The Relentless Pursuit of Imperfection

by | Nov 5, 2012 | Archives

We finished a Super Thinking + Spanish course last night in the Mt. Dora, Florida


Here is Merri and pronunciation coach Don Childs.


We conducted the course at the Mt. Dora Chamber of Commerce where they have converted the baggage room of an old train station into a charming meeting place.


We had a great group… aged…


ten years and up.   Delegate Roxy Bondhus and her son Saul at the course.

A key themes in this course is the importance of “thriving on imperfection”.

This may seem unusual but the reason we focus on ignoring the minutiae is that the system works.  The course teaches communication… not grammar!

A key phrase we repeat dozens of times in the course is:  “When the mind is involved in perfection/thinking/fear, the ability to communicate becomes lessened. Stress is heightened.”

No one learns to ride a bike perfectly before getting on.  No one learns to speak a language perfectly before speaking it.

Yet most educational systems try to teach all the grammar before they focus on how to communicate!

A article “CIA Seeks Anyone, Anyone Who Can Speak 2 Languages” shows why imperfection in learning a language is perfect.

The article begins: WASHINGTON, D.C. — Many Americans don’t learn a second or a third language from birth, let alone a language that the CIA or U.S. Foreign Service might want. The situation has forced U.S. government agencies to learn how to cultivate the most talented second-language speakers from among college students with little to no other-language expertise.

Then the article sums up when it says:  Another surprise came from studies of Spanish-speaking immigrants, because neither age nor language proficiency seemed to predict how quickly the immigrants picked up English. Instead, the fastest learners showed both the greatest motivation to learn and a willingness to use English at every opportunity despite being bad at it (at first).

This is why Super Thinking plus Spanish works. This three day course gets the delegates speaking and thinking Spanish in a way that allows them to use and/or think Spanish every day… and not badly at all even from the beginning.   In this way the education grows even when Spanish is not being spoken.

The Super Thinking course first integrates the brain.  Students learn better with relaxed concentration. Then the course teaches them 17 simple lessons so they know 4005 words in Spanish and can use them to create sentences. In this way, when you seek to communicate and ignore conjugation and grammatical perfection you can learn Spanish in just three days.


One delegate at the course wrote:  Thank you so much for the incredible Super Thinking and Spanish course.

Learning Spanish was not on my radar until a friend told me this particular program and the special way it is taught. As a life long learner, of particular interest to me were the methods that you employed with specific music, meditation etc.

The combination of your subject matter expertise, your commitment to an optimal learning experience for the class, and your genuine and delightful way of being was nurturing and inspiring.

Your gift as a talented teacher clearly shone through over the three days and kept thinking to myself, where were you when I was going to school as I couldn’t recall learning being so much fun.  Please keep me posted of when you will be teaching this course again.  Most Sincerely,

Join us or a Super Spanish teacher at a winter Super Thinking + Spanish course.  January 11, 12, 13 in historic Mount Dora, Florida.

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