Seven Ps

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In complex times we need simple paths that lead us to simply spot value such as the seven Ps.

At our Super Thinking + Investing and Business seminars we examine ways to find good investments and…


how to market through the 7Ps.


Super Thinking + Investing and Business Seminar

During these seminars we are asked questions similar to this one a reader recently sent.

Gary, You have used this same paragraph several times before in marketing your teachings and the following particular paragraph always stumps me:

“The seminar shares how we use the first four of “Seven Ps”  (Person, Problem and Promise, Product) to zero in on key word phrases.  Then you learn how to use the Fifth P Promise to develop new customers. The Sixth P is the Prospecting Path and Seventh P is the Presentation to create income.”

My question:  What is the 6th P?

You show: #1) Passion #2) Person,  # 3) Problem,  #4) Profitably Priced Product,
#5)  Prospecting Path  # 6) Promise #7) Presentation.

Here is my reply: The Promise is the headline that captures your prospects’ attention and hints of your “unique beneficial proposition”.

Take our Ecuador Living Pay Per Click campaign as an example.

If you Google many phrases such as “Ecuador Living”,  you can see our paid ad with the headline “Retire Cheaply in Ecuador”  That is our Promise. If one clicks on that ad he will link to our landing page which gives our presentation.

PPC ad

The seven Ps in this business path are:

Passion – Ecuador
Problem – Expensive cost of living in Canada and USA
Person – Those who want to be comfortable in retirement
Prospecting Path – Search Engines
Profitably Price Product – Our Ecuador Living Club
Promise – Retire Cheaply
Presentation – Landing page that offers free handbook.

Whether you are an investor or looking to create your own micro business… looking at the 7Ps shows the core of a business… how it serves… who it serves and how it creates profit for all.    This is a simple way to look for value in business and investing.


Learn more about how to use the 7Ps at our February, 1-2-3, 2013 Super Thinking + Investing & Business Seminar.