Investing in Water Report

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Investing in Water Introduction

This seven part Water Investing Report was written October 2012.  We’ll send a notice when the 2014 update is ready.

We work and investing with water in three ways.


One of the many spring fed waterfalls on our North Carolina farm.  This waterfall is just below our spring fed deep woods hot tub.

We only buy property where we plan to live that has a lot of water.


Spring fed waterfall at our Hacienda Rosaspamba in Ecuador.


Spring fed lake at our Florida home.

First, we invest in and write often about investing in water.   Second, we often review and share ideas about the energy that water carries.   Third, we look at ways that water can contribute to natural health.

Here is a natural health tip that uses water.

Our recent message “Of Profits & Purpose” looked at how we hiked with an Andean yatchak into this sacred Llanganatis valley.

Screen shot 2012-10-04 at 9.09.17 AM

While there we swam in this exquisite mountain lake.  You can see it as a tiny spot in the photo above.

Screen shot 2012-10-04 at 9.49.41 AM

Llanganatis lake closeup.

While swimming, the yatchak shared two lessons about natural health.

Lesson #1: Men dress from the bottom up. Women dress from the top down.  This has something to do with the way men and women process frequency and energy, but honestly I still do not really feel like I have figured this one out.  I just do it. If you have learned something relating to this discipline… please share!

Lesson #2: Immerse in cold water each morning and let the water evaporate on the skin.    The evaporation process helps remove negative ions (free radicals) from the body via the skin.  This is a great daily purification.

When back in the US at our farm I started getting in the creek each morning.  It was kinda spooky in the winter when it was dark…  plus cold!


My son Jake and I immersing in the creek.

The yatchak visited and was horrified. “Medicine is dose!  That water is too cold” he told us.

I have to say honestly…


that I was happy to exit quickly and now am happier leaving this discipline to a cold shower or jumping into our pool, creek or lake when there is no ice.

This works best after exercise.  The body is oxygenated and the cold water causes the blood to rush to the organs giving them a daily oxygen bath.

Water is life and grows in importance to mankind and all living things in numerous ways.  Good water can help us have natural good health as well as investing opportunity and a way to share good frequencies as well.


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Join us over the next year for our Super Thinking courses and the sessions on how to invest in water… how to use frequency in water and how to use water for better health.

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Go to Part One of the “Investing in Water Report – Click here.