Adding ActION to Your Life’s MissION

by | Oct 8, 2012 | Archives

Teaching the ION words helps Merri and me fulfill our mission of showing readers how smart they really are.

This three lesson series proves that you know a lot more than you realized.   Lesson #1 in quickly shared 58 Spanish words that you already knew.  That lesson gave you a way to instantly know hundreds of Spanish words.  In fact with the 17 lessons in our Super Thinking + Spanish course you know 4005 Spanish words.

If you missed lesson #1 return to it here.

Now let’s double your awareness of the Spanish you already know.  This lesson shows you how to express action by teaching you hundreds of verbs.


Gary & Merri Scott working with Super Spanish teachers Mark Frakes and Shawn and Suzanne Bandick

Lesson #2: To have the infinitive verb of most ion words simply change ion to ar.    “Action is actar”  Actar mean “to act”.

Education is educar.  “To educate”.

Manipulation is  manipular.  “To manipulate”.

Simply think of words that end with “ION”… change the ending to “AR” and you have the infinitive verb.

Now you have 58 Spanish words that you already knew but perhaps did not know you knew.  Now you know hundreds more.  In fact with the 17 lessons you’ll have 4005 Spanish words in your Spanish vocabulary.

The amazing thing is that Spanish is the least important part of our Super Thinking + Spanish courses.

What good is Spanish if you are sick, unhappy, thinking unclearly or worse dead from stress.  Misery and failure may be different words in English.

A good example of how powerful Super Spanish can be, after a Vancouver course taught by Ernest Neumann we received an amazing email.  One of the registrants had a medical matter that posed difficulty with concentration, attention and focus.  He had a doctor’s prescription (legal in Canada) for medicinal marijuana.  Following the course he emailed us and said that upon taking the first joint of the medicinal marijuana he realized it was no longer necessary and made the decision that he no longer needed this and due to the complete life changing alteration he had experienced from the Super Thinking class!

Merri’s and my mission, along with our Super Spanish teachers is to help readers achieve more of this unlocked potential through Super Thinking.

Super Thinking + Spanish teaches Super Thinking.   You learn to speak Spanish as well but the language is just the by-product that proves how smart and effective you really are.

We hope you’ll join us at a Super Thinking course and hope you’ll join us for our message tomorrow… lesson three of this series tomorrow which will double & allow you to construct effective Spanish sentences.