Mystery Ridge

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There is a mystery at our farm.   I just discovered it…Mystery Ridge.

The leaf change has begun in the North Carolina woods… first a few frosts and and walks on crispy roads of crimson and gold.  There is no mystery in that but not far from our house there is…


a darker woods with a cabana that contains a hot tub.


This redwood Japanese soaking tub has spring water filled for each use.   The water is heated by an immersed wood stove that sits in the tub.


When you sit in the warm water… surrounded by floating autumnal leaves you look…


down into a small creek and then straight up a hill that rises a hundred feet or so and ends on a ridge.

As Merri and I recently sat there… in cool autumnal air but warmed by the heated water I looked up and asked… “What’s up there?”

Ignore the fact that we have sat in this tub for over a decade and never wondered.  The question just popped up!

Where is that ridge?

Merri thought it was just off the upper farm road.   I thought not.  A mystery!    Next day I hiked up to be sure.   I had missed this piece of land…. despite my scouring and hiking our farm from top to bottom for going on two decades… this was a spot where I had not tread!

This ridge is protected by a cove of forest and I started to hike in… saw that it is a long flat ridge filled with animal trails and mysterious wonder.   I stopped dead.


The entrance to Mystery Ridge.

I turned around and left.  My plan is not to hike the mystery ridge. Maybe I will later… or better ask Merri and the kids to spread my ashes there when that day comes because this mystery is a gift.

We all need a sense of mystery at the center of our being.  What could be better… a secret copse… a hidden glen… some wild potential for adventure… just sitting… quite unknown… exactly in the middle of our farm.

Most readers at this site seek the next great adventure in their lives and here I have one hidden just footsteps from my doorstep.   What a gift!

Looking ahead… for the rest of this year there are many opportunities for adventure.  Merri and I are conducting Spanish courses and writing camps in Florida and Super Spanish teachers are conducting Super Thinking + Spanish courses north and south.

You can see the entire schedule below but I have asked our Super Spanish teachers to each share a bit about why there may be adventure at their next course.

Suzanne Bandick explains why Puerta Adventuras Mexico might be a great place to learn Super Thinking and Spanish.

The top 10 reasons to visit Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

By: Suzanne Bandick

Shawn and I live in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico and are conducting a Super Thinking + Spanish course there November 26, 27 and 28th, 2012.

Not that anyone really needs more reasons to visit a tropical paradise like Puerto Aventuras or the Mayan Riviera but here are a few reasons that maybe you have not even thought of…

1.    Better mental health – Everyone needs a holiday! When you combine sunshine, relaxation, yoga on the beach, watching the boats go by and taking the time to read a good book under a palm tree with your feet in the sand your mental health becomes stronger by the second.


Dolphin in lagoon at Puerto Adventuras, Mexico

2.    Better physical health – any of the following is quite good exercise: walking a few uneven sidewalks, dodging bicycles on the pedestrian path, dodging pedestrians on the bicycle path, swimming in really cold fresh water swimming holes in caves called cenotes (needing to raise your body temperature burns calories), body surfing the waves in that gorgeous ocean and don’t forget swimming with the dolphins or diving with the fishes.

3.    The wonder of what if ”… what if you hadn’t visited here and you missed out on something? You would miss drinking your fruit punch out of a coconut or pineapple for one thing. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to die wondering what that was like.


Puerto Aventuras Beach

4.    Satisfaction to yourself – you can check it off as something you wanted to do in your lifetime. Checking things off a list is hugely satisfying. Out of curiosity, what’s next? Wrestling crocks in the Amazon?

5.    A gift of energy – visiting Puerto Aventuras and the Mayan Riviera can give you more energy than you have ever known. In fact it gives you so much energy that you must take frequent hammock breaks to decide what to do with all this new found energy.

6.    Discovery for any reason! The fact that today is Thursday works… or that you saw a butterfly, a parrot fly by, an iguana, a dolphin, or a sea turtle.


Shops at Puerto Adventuras

7.    A gift of youthful skin– the slight humidity is to thank for that. The cosmetics companies are still trying to find a way to bottle it. We get it for free.

8.    Precious, delicious seafood – mouth watering shrimp tacos, shrimp burritos, shrimp sautéed in garlic butter, shrimp ceviche, and shrimp with avocado. I don’t know why but I am suddenly dying to eat some shrimp. It is a good thing I live here. By the way, you can substitute mouth watering pork, beef, chicken, fish or beans in any of those dishes.


Puerto Aventuras Restaurant

9.    Having fun – you can’t doubt that after reading numbers one to eight. Plus you have many famous ruins to visit nearby like Tulum, Coba and one of the new 7 Wonders of the World – Chitzen Itza. You can swim, snorkel, dive and frolic in cenotes (fresh water caves). Play in Xcaret, Xelha or Xplore adventure parks, swim with the dolphins and zipline through the jungle!


Puerto Aventuras Lagoon waterfall

10.    A great bonus …you can have fun learning Spanish in 3 days! Then you can practice during your vacation. The locals will love it and you. You’ll go home with a tan and be smarter! Now that’s win/win.

Puerto Aventuras is on the Caribbean coast of Mexico and is a one hour drive south from the Cancun airport.  Hasta Pronto (Spanish for ‘see you soon!’ But you are going to know that and lots more in Spanish soon!)  Suzanne.

How appropriate Puerto Aventuras… the Port of Adventure!

Mystery is the heart of adventure.  We offer to you in  the months ahead a way to “Embarcarse en una aventura”… Set off on an adventure.  Hope to see you down there… Suzanne Bandick

I really like these qualities from Suzanne and suggest that you combine your next adventure with learning… and growth at any Super Thinking seminars and courses in Ecuador, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay or Smalltown USA this winter and fall.




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