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The ability to earn extra income may be one of the most important assets you can have when living in Ecuador.  Having an Ecuador export business is one good way to earn.


Roberto Ribadeneira will speak at our seminar about how he can shop, ship and charge for Ecuador export businesses.

This is why we have the Ecuador export expert from our Ateam Ecuador, Roberto Ribadeneira join Merri, me, Thomas Fischer of JGAM, two overseas tax experts during our October 5-6-7, 2012 seminar.

The seminar is divided into three sessions.   One session is “How to Have an International Micro Business.”  Learn how to use modern technology to start global micro businesses with minimal investments of time and capital.

By starting small and building with stepping stones and a harmonious focus, Merri and I have learned how to almost own several profit generating phrases at Google.  We, along with our webmaster David Cross share the secrets of how you can use words to create your own global income as well.

The seminar shares how we use the first four of “Seven Ps”  (Person, Problem and Promise, Product) to zero in on key word phrases.  Then you learn how to use the Fifth P Promise to develop new customers. The Sixth P is the Prospecting Path and Seventh P is the Presentation to create income.

We use this system successfully on the internet and share what we do with you as we look at ways you too can have a high income generating business… even if you never leave your home.   We are very thankful to be one of the most read sites in Ecuador and do very well in the US and Canada too.

Our seminar helps you learn how to use the same tactics we use… in your micro business.

Our sales doubled during the recession.  Our list of readers increased over 100%.  Since the economy picked up our business growth has slowed but business is still growing. This is how good, value oriented business grow by the way.

Value oriented micro businesses should increase steadily in good times.  They do not get caught overextending in euphoria. Then during bad times they are in a position to do really well! 

Knowing the micro business philosophies we follow can help you use the internet in business if you desire.

The Western economy has changed… probably forever.  The old ways are gone and those who held jobs… or still have work in the private sector have lost the most.

The economy will recover… but the way people earn and work… and how the money is distributed and to whom especially… has been profoundly altered.  This is especially true in value added countries like Canada… the USA and most of Europe.

We are in an era of global structural change… in economics… in society and in the way we work because technology brings us low cost administration, low cost access to data, low cost communication, and low cost travel, plus the opening of markets beyond logic that rely more on passion and experience than on efficiency and cost.

We look at these economic and structural changes, and what to do about them in the business portion of our seminar.

We’ll see how markets are shifting from materialistic needs to emotional needs.

We’ll see great opportunity for writers in the following markets:

Love-friendship-control-freedom-tradition-change-big answers-recognition and care. These are emotional needs that create expanding demand and business opportunity. The next generation is having more involvement in every step of the buying process.  Uniting the body and mind is an emerging market.  Natural physical health, fitness will expand but botox and insulin sales will also grow.

Mental health, retreats and spas prosper.  The health of the planet is becoming a more important business.There is a shift of emphasis from GDP to GWB  (General Wellness Barometer Happiness Factor).  Business will operate with more passion.

Learn about other business possibilities…

In the global micro business sessions we’ll see ideas on how to:

* Create Export Businesses

Roberto will look at honey as one business opportunity for someone who wants to earn abroad.

We are always watching for special dots that no one else might see but we can connect and share an opportunity with our readers.

Screen shot 2012-09-13 at 11.59.29 AM

In this case the opportunity is Ecuador honey.

The opportunity comes because there is nothing like this Ecuador honey in the world.

Screen shot 2012-09-13 at 11.59.48 AM

Roberto sent me a note with these honey photos.

Gary, These are varietal honeys. Exclusive unique. I’ll bring this to the October conference.  No one in the world has this.  100% organic… really authentic.

It is little known that the indigenous community is a quiet nation of bee keepers.   They are really good bee keepers… unbelievable ones… offering special aged honey… royal jelly… and more.  The shamans use honey and bees in their healing ceremonies.

Roberto also wrote:   Yes, this is an exclusive organic product. I just met with the owner and the potential is huge. I am working with the logistics right now to see how we get to the USA. But this is a premium unique product. They know so much about this is crazy. I’ll send you the details, how it works, etc. I’d love to discuss it with everyone at the October seminar. No one else has anything like this.  The producers are a small and elite company.

What does it take to export from Ecuador? Here is a business lesson from the Texas Rangers.

texas rangers badge

Texas Ranger badge.

Almost everyone has heard of the Texas Rangers.  They are the oldest law enforcement body on the North American Continent and have helped bring in many famous criminals like John Wesley Hardin and Bonnie and Clyde.

We were really tickled to hear from a delegate of the Ecuador Export tours that he had sold hundreds of embossed Ecuador leather backpacks to the Texas Rangers and that was just the first order.  However it turned out that there was one thing that even these famous lawmen could not overcome…. red tape.

Almost no one has heard of the 106 rules the current administration has passed in the last three years that collectively will cost taxpayers more than $46 billion annually in compliance and lost productivity. 

Roberto Ribadeneira  resolved this dilemma for our Ecuador Living Club members by creating a export logistic service that takes care of all the red tape and provides all the services that are needed to export!  This is another reason that I am so excited about the honey!

Roberto now is offering this service to Ecuador Living Club members for a set fee so exporters can price their products accordingly.

This is a great service that is being used by numerous large farms in Ecuador now.   Roberto provides every detail for importing products into the USA and this can be used for honey as well as roses.   Merri and I have used Roberto’s logistics service for almost half a decade.

One big benefit is that the service can send each product direct to the buyer in the USA.

You can sell your import direct to the customer.  Roberto charges the customer and delivers the order.   Everything is handled by the service.   The  tracking notice and product are delivered direct to the buyer.  The logistics service then charges our credit card and pays the supplier… so no money has to be wired to Ecuador.

 The Ecuadorshop Logistics service makes large and medium scale Ecuador exporting possible.   Our Ecuador Living Club and the Ecuador export tours make this service possible from smaller businesses.   As you can imagine a service of this nature requires substantial set up and personal attention. Normally this would be available only to larger businesses such as rose plantations.   Due to the size of our readership… the size limitation for acceptance has been removed.  This is an exclusive service available to our Ecuador Living Club members and to the delegates who attend Ecuador tours conducted by Jean Marie Butterlin.

Turning your passion into profit with your own business makes sense in these technological times… if you can outrun growth in red tape.  The Ecuadorshop logistic service can help stop red tape from putting your business in the red.

* Earn from Self Publishing and Writing

The key to success in an international micro business is focus… in reach, engagement and monetization.


Delegates at Writer’s Camp discussing how to build a list.

The key to a successful global business is a good list.

Whether you use and Kindle… Google or other search engines… print advertising… word of mouth or direct sales, the ultimate goal is to have a list of like minded souls ho like your products whether they be products or services… tangible or electronic.

This is why we we quite giddy to read that one of our Writer’s Camp delegates connected very well at with her first ebook Cook Book for Kindle.

Nickki Goff wrote how she used the tactics from our course and one other self publishing system to create over 10,000 downloads of her ebook in 5 days. This brought her 20 great reviews!

Now her eCookbook, “Easy Quinoa Recipes” is consistently making 10+ sales per day!  See how to get this book free here.

This has given Nicki a change to use’s  algorithms to build a list that launches her into a successful micro business with global earnings on ebook sales.

We have written a report plus a recorded interview about how Nickki did manged to get 10,000 downloads in less than a week… our competitor and three other valuable sources of self publishing help and  details on the next step she can take.

We will review this report and look at how to use ebooks to gain extra income.

* Develop Internet Sales

Our webmaster David Cross provides details on how he has helped build our internet business over the past 15 years.

* Cash in on Ecuador Organic Agricultural Business Ideas

* Profit With Health Business Ideas

* Turn Ideas for Tours and Seminar Businesses into Profitable Lifestyles

Super Thinking looks far beyond investing and business in Ecuador.   They begin with a global economic update that helps integrate thinking of the past with the here and now of global economics.

Each session builds on the next to help you learn how to gain freedom, remove stress and earn more by combining powerful tools of thoughts and business action.

Session One:  Our global World present past and future… seen from outside the box.

Session Two: How to use Super thinking to have more intelligence with whole brain thinking.

Session Three:  International Micro Business – “How to Have a Global Income “.

This seminar provides a learning funnel that integrates your personal desires, skills and circumstances to current and historical global economic realities.

Here is what you learn:

* Global economic history  – how this combines with each business’s past… future… interest, skills and knowledge. 

The historical review sees  current markets for writers based around economic cycles as outlined first by Russian economist, Nikolai Kondratiev, who proposed a theory that Western capitalist economies have long term (50 to 60 years) cycles of boom followed by depression. These business cycles are to this day called “Kondratiev Waves”.

Kondratiev’s thoughts were refined  by Austrian economist, Joseph Shumpeter, which we have extensively researched and follow the global economy (and US stock market) and how it has moved through a series of bull…. and then a bear (a period of no growth) cycles that each run around 15 year bull as shown in this graph below.

Dow Charts

These stock market bull and bear cycles are based on cycles of human interaction, war, technology and productivity.

These cycles are a driving force in the creation of  opportunity.

These cycles are intricately connected with the new waves of productivity that grow from the great human platform of combat. The cycle goes like this.

An economic downturn enhances a war or threat of war. Struggles for survival in the war (like the Civil War, WWI, WWII and the Cold War (WWIII), super charge inventiveness that creates new forms of productivity…the steam engine, the internal combustion engine,  production line processes, jet engines, TV, farming techniques, plastics, telephone, computer and lastly during the Cold War, the internet.

Each new invention helped win a war.  Shifting the technology to domestic use… after the war… created a boom.

Each boom leads to excess.

Each excess led to a correction.  The correction creates an economic downturn.

The economic downturn enhances a war or threat of war.

The global economy is currently in a major correction cycle… at the correct time and we should expect that a war (or some major struggle of the epoch or threat of war such as the Cold War) should begin to build!   This latest downturn started almost exactly (1998), 16 years after the last boom began (1982)…which began after the last great human struggle called the Cold War that lasted about a decade when the Soviet Union collapsed.

If the cycle repeats, the struggle should build now due to the poor economy.  If the cycles repeat then the bottom is around 2012-2013.  Everything will seem bleakest… darkest… blackest.

This will be the best time of all in decades to invest!

The epoch of the Cold War fought Maggie Thatcher and Ronnie Reagan fought the evil empire (1981 to 1989).  The war was won when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 and the Soviet Empire dissolved in 1991. That war created an arms race that created new technology including internet.

The economic war that follows the boom comes from the domestication of technology developed during the struggle.

The technological burst off WWIII accelerated when access to the ARPANET was expanded in 1981 by the National Science Foundation (NSF) which developed the Computer Science Network (CSNET) providing access to supercomputer sites in the United States from research and education organizations.

In 1982 the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) was standardized and the concept of a world-wide network of fully interconnected TCP/IP networks called the Internet was introduced. Commercial internet service providers (ISPs) began to emerge in the late 1980s and 1990s.

The dot-com bubble (also referred to as the Internet bubble and the Information Technology Bubble) was the post war boom, a speculative bubble covering roughly 1995–2000.

The next step is to decide where this cycle is and how this creates business opportunity through distortions, contrasts and trends.

Contrasts and distortions in currencies, markets and social and demographic shifts to spots trends.

For example we look at how each new wave of technology creates new problems.  Shifts from WWII included increased fertilization in farming and more women at work.  This caused dietary differences in the American family that led to an explosion of health food stores.

* Problems & Trends Create Income Possibilities

Surprisingly the inventors of Graham Crackers and Kellogg Corn Flakes were among some of the first to spur an interest in health food so in the 1920s and 1930s health food stores did start to open in the USA selling products such as blackstrap molasses and brewer’s yeast.  However health food stores as we know them did not start to boom until the 1960s in connection to the newly emerging ecology movement and counterculture to modern living, intense fertilization, pesticides, women at work, etc.

Image the wealth you would have gained  writing about that trend coming!

We  explore potential counter cultures created by the internet… a WWIII technology… that could erupt and ways to write and do business based on this.

We pay special attention to economic distortions.  Distortions create writing opportunities because your micro business is the best investment you can make backed by your own time, effort and energy.

Part Three of the Camp: Frequency Modulation – Tapping our inner resources for outer expansion. As change comes faster we must become smarter… more flexible and enhance our ability to embrace and profits from the never ending shifts we face.

The educational program Merri and I have developed uses a different form of frequency modulation that opens enormous opportunity for expansion, understanding, peacefulness as well as greater wealth.

FM teaching uses frequency (in music and with each sense… sight…. smell, tactile and even smell) to integrate brain waves so the process of absorbing, processing and recalling information is vastly accelerated.  This brings forth the three C’s:  Calm, Clarity and Coherence.

FM creates relaxed concentration… a key to happiness, health and success.

You learn whole brain thinking that can help improve your freedom, satisfaction and income through business.

This part of the seminar helps us integrate their brain waves so they are more intelligent, intuitive and relaxed.

This workshop shows how to get into and stay in a state of relaxed concentration… a mental state shown to enhance almost every human capability… especially writing.

Merri and I are explorers so we have used this techniques for decades. We  are always looking for what’s next… trying to stay on or ahead of the leading edge and need ways to think outside he box.

The Super Thinking Workshop shares how to live better…. using frequency modulation to be smarter… stronger…. more energetic… and healthier.

Most of us have never so many problems that create opportunity as those that face us now.  A growing global population… depletion of natural resources and technology are bring social and financial shifts at a pace never seen before.

These shifts will rob many of their financial well being, but fortunately the same technology that is creating the change can also help you gain prosperity like you have never imagined.  We look forward to sharing these riches with you.

We are in our 44th year of business and we share what we have learned and where this is leading our activities in our upcoming seminar. Join us.

Each seminar updates how we doing business globally, and even how we are investing… and why… right now. Join Merri, me

Spotting new trends and applying them to our micro business has brought us a strong and continual flow of income. More importantly the process has been fulfilling…. beneficial to society and healthy.    Now you can benefit from the latest… and perhaps strongest… of all the trends we have stumbled upon.

Applying the concepts of super thinking to spotting trends over the past 44 years has helped thousands of our readers make and save millions.   The success of our readers has been a driving force in our lives yet we have always wanted to do more so continued looking deeper at ways we can share how to have income, stability, good health and contentment.

Join us to learn our most recent experiences and most advanced concepts and ideas.

Quantum Thinking For Everlasting Wealth Seminar – October 5-6-7, 2012 West Jefferson, North Carolina.

Join Merri and me. Enroll here $799.   Couple $999

New River State Park Facility

Our Super Thinking courses each have a focus… in this upcoming course we feature Super Thinking + International Investing and Business.

The key that makes these courses unique… like nothing else available are the Super Thinking sessions that have been created from Merri’s and my experience with ancient wisdom from Europe, Asia and the Andes.  Part of this wisdom is aimed at getting our minds into a state of relaxed concentration so we can think clearly despite the bombarding of noise in the news, over the net and on TV.

Super Thinking returns us to our natural though patterns and there is no better place to do this like in nature… in deep woods surrounded by forests… away from the maddening crowds.

The park is only seven miles from West Jefferson. The drive is sublime especially in October during the leaf change when the forest looks like this.


The park’s website describes the park:  Rugged hillsides, pastoral meadows and farmlands surround what is believed to be one of the oldest rivers in North America the New River. Its waters are slow and placid. Its banks are fertile and covered with wildflowers. Dedicated as a National Scenic River in 1976, this gentle river is the centerpiece of New River State Park.


The New River area still maintains an old-fashioned charm. Mountain roads are narrow and winding, dotted with small farms, churches and country stores. The river itself is tranquil, offering good bass fishing, trout streams, excellent birding and inspiring mountain scenery. But perhaps the best way to absorb and appreciate the river’s peacefulness is from the seat of a canoe as it glides across the slow-moving waters. Four areas with access to this waterway make up more than 2,200 acres of New River State Park and provide spots for camping, canoeing, picnicking and fishing.


You’ll enjoy a nice seven mile drive through glorious autumn woods to the park entrance.


The park has a wonderful meeting facility… a community room… huge fireplace… large windows in nature surrounded by peace and tranquility of the woods… a great place to learn!


Aerial view of facilities at New River State Park.

Quantum Thinking For Everlasting Wealth Seminar – October 5-6-7, 2012 West Jefferson, North Carolina.

Join Merri and me. Enroll here $799.   Couple $999