International Micro Business Success

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The key to success in an international micro business is focus… in reach, engagement and monetization.


Delegates at Writer’s Camp discussing how to build a list.

The key to a successful global business is a good list.

Whether you use and Kindle… Google or other search engines… print advertising… word of mouth or direct sales, the ultimate goal is to have a list of like minded souls who like what you have whether they be products or services… tangible or electronic.

This is why we are quite giddy to read that one of our Writer’s Camp delegates connected very well at with her first ebook Cook Book for Kindle.

Nicki Goff wrote how she used the tactics from our course and one other self publishing system to create over 10,000 downloads of her ebook in 5 days. This brought her 20 great reviews!

Now her eCookbook, “Easy Quinoa Recipes” is consistently making 10+ sales per day! 

This has given Nicki a chance to use’s algorithms to build a list that launched her into a successful micro business with global earnings on ebook sales.

We have written a report plus a recorded interview about how Nicki did manage to get 10,000 downloads in less than a week… another group and three other valuable sources of self publishing help and  details on the next step she can take.

Here is an excerpt from this report.

There are three driving forces in our marketing strategy which is based around building, maintaining and refining our list around a tight focus.

#1: We begin by “Reaching” looking to attract like mined souls who have a common interest is “Ideas Beyond the Establishment”.  

#2: Weeding out those not interested and maintaining a list of those who are interested in what we have to say.

#3: We engage this list (daily in our case)by sharing thoughts and experiences on non traditional, holistic ways to live, invest, do business and take care of our health.  This is our “focus”.

We find the like minded souls in four main ways.

#1: Build the list with “Niche Pay Per Click”.
#2: SEO Optimization.
#3: Referrals
#4: Strategic Partnerships.

The goal in all four of these reach steps is to have a prospect read our Landing Page.

We focus the landing with “Authenticity” an authentic story and invite the reader to read more free.

We engage those who accept our invitation daily with some form of message based on the focus.

We invite them to enjoy more information in our premium products. This is called monetization.

Using Pay Per Click and SEO successfully requires three steps.

The entire report includes a recorded interview made yesterday Thursday, September 20.  Our webmaster, David Cross, interviews Nicki about her creation and success.

You can have this report FREE immediately when you enroll in a Writer’s Camp or order our Self Fulfilled – How to Write to Sell on-line course.  See online course details here.