Longevity Adventure in a Global Lifestyle

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Longevity is an important reason for having a global lifestyle.

We review longevity ideas in all our Super Thinking courses and there are fundamental sectors to longevity… consciousness… nutrition and exercise.

The catalyst for good consciousness is “happiness”.


I grew up in the Cascade Mountains. From the minute I had a car… weekends were spent camping and hiking on mountain trails like this.

I couldn’t stop.   There was such a lure… this great temptation to see what was just around the next bend.

Isn’t this how life should be? Adventure, curiosity and mystery create such great energy… enthusiasm and excitement in a global lifestyle… all these bends in the roads ahead!

Life is an adventure and we are happiest when we are learning and growing.  This is one reason we loved Ecuador.

A reader sent me this note and photo a couple days ago.


Mt. Chimborazo, Ecuador: Farthest Point from Earth’s Center

Because of the Earth’s equatorial bulge, the farthest point from the center of the planet is not Mount Everest, but the Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador. It is 3,967 miles from the Earth’s center. Everest is 3,966 miles.

Being mountainous… on the sea… in the Amazon and on the Equator makes Ecuador unique. There is almost no other country that has this entire combination.  This means that Ecuador really does have it all… the same bio diversity as going from the Equator to the Arctic Circle.

This is one of the features that attracted Merri and me to Ecuador.  We loved mountains and all the bends in the roads.  We loved the completely different mind set of the Ecuadorians.

We loved the fact that one can escape the tyranny of Western reason and live in new exciting ways.

There are so many different new adventures you can have in Ecuador.

You’ll Live Longer

A great article on longevity “The Longevity Expedition – Dan Buettner’s search for the fountain of youth” by Josh Dean and photographs by David Bowman is at National Geographic’s adventure website (linked below.)

The article says:  Here’s one thing I can tell you for sure—we know this from a big, global values survey: Taking the time to know what your values are and acting out those values are important ingredients in the formula for happiness. And we know that happier people live longer than unhappy people. That’s measurable. If your values include travel and a certain testing of your abilities and limits, you should invest time and money to do that. If that means climbing mountains or biking across continents or kayaking down rivers, by all means, do it. It’s probably worth the wear and tear on your body. But it’s not a universal to tell people that adventure is the key to happiness. Because other people find happiness curling up by a fire and reading a novel.


Photo from the National Geographic Adventure website.

However, you do not have to go to Ecuador to find adventure. Adventure comes in so many ways.

Some of our readers and friends take amazing trips.  Ann Gallagher rode a bike 4,000 miles across Africa to promote tourism in Africa to help the poor there.  Here she is crossing the Nubian Desert!


Way to go, Ann!

Ken and Audrey Wallace who attended our Super Spanish course last winter just wrote: Audrey and I were able to complete our cross Canada charity bicycle ride this summer. We rode 6300 km raising $100,000 to build a school in Ethiopia which will open this September.

Author Bob Gandt sent this note last week:  G & M,  Triathlon Glory! First (and probably last) triathlon: Clermont, FL 08/23/12. Results: Finish middle of pack (including kids and less superbly conditioned adults); First in over-70 group (mainly due to being the only one in the group). Best event: Bike; Worst event: Swim (water sucks).

Lesson:  Old guys rule.

Looking forward to joining you for the seminar in Oct.  Our plan:  flying Delta to Tri-Cities, arr: 10:46 4 Oct, will rent a vehicle and reach Finca Scott in the afternoon.  Leaving Mon. A.M.  Hope that fits.  Best, Bob and Anne

Bon and Anne Gandt

Bob and Anne Gandt after triathlon.

Be sure to visit Bob Gandt’s website here.

Yet one does not have to run or bike or swim to have adventure either.

This is what we love about our North Carolina Mountain farm.

The Appalachians are as old as the Andes are new. They began about 480 million years ago when several mountain building plate collisions culminated in the construction of the supercontinent Pangea with the Appalachians near the center.

Blue Ridge sun-rise

The Appalachians.

The Appalachians were the centerpiece of Pangea, and rose to Himalayan heights, nearing at least 30,000 feet. 300 million years of erosion knocked about 4 miles of bulk off the top. It is extremely difficult to estimate exact height, but it is entirely possible that Mt. Mitchell, about 90 miles from our North Carolina farm has been the tallest mountain in the history of the earth.

For the last 100 million years, erosion has carved away the mountains, leaving only their cores standing. Erosion continues today and is constantly altering the landscape of the Southern Appalachians.

We love our gardening at our farm and this can enhance longevity as well.


My sunflower garden.

The National Geographic Longevity Expedition article also shows how adventures in low impact exercise tacks on years. 

It says:  One of the greatest activities is growing a garden. You can say “That’s boring!” but you put it in your yard, and it requires physical activity to till the land, weed, water, harvest, fertilize. It’s there as a constant reminder to do a little bit of regular activity. It’s a range-of-motion activity, and it’s low intensity. And you emerge with organic vegetables. It’s something you have to do throughout the week for the entire growing season, and that’s important: subtle things that play out over time and not just fanatic exercise.

Here is the longevity formula.  Integrating consciousness… nutrition and exercise helps you live longer.   The catalyst is happiness.   Find an adventure that calls you just around the next bend. Follow it!  Go do things that make you happy (while helping others)… wherever  and whatever works for you.  This happiness will lead you to a lifestyle that helps you live longer.


Join us in October and meet interesting like minded souls as you learn longevity secrets from Super Thinking, plus International Investing and Business.

Learning in the mountains and nature is special.  Here is what a delegate at our course here in North Carolina wrote:

Dear Merri,   Once again, thank you, Merri and Gary, very much for a most enriching, informative and enlightening Writer’s Seminar which I was privileged to attend this past weekend at Merrily Farms in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  The peaceful ambiance was certainly conducive to the intellectual, and meaningful processing of the powerful insight, knowledge, and experience, shared.  For me, it reaffirmed the realization of just how utterly unimportant and destructive all the negative forces we allow to influence our inner calm on a daily basis, are.
I, for one, would certainly encourage many more people, Boomers, and especially thirty-something adults to attend a series of your seminars.  I think we all need to be reminded, and the younger generation guided, towards self-actualization in our professional, as well as our personal lives, by steadily pursuing, and focusing on, our own realistic dreams and goals – while deftly circumventing external, competitive and energy depleting forces.   In my personal experience as a parent, it has proved very possible to motivate young children to challenge and exert themselves to reach for “their” stars without proverbially elbowing everyone else out of the way.  By maintaining an uncluttered emotional state, the mind is capable of a much higher level of critical and creative thinking.
Thank you, also, Merri, for sharing your wisdom about issues relating to effective sleep and an overactive mind.  I am eagerly awaiting the products, and have also shared your thoughts with others, who share the problem.
Lastly, the food you provided for the whole group, was exquisite!!  Thank you!  I am now also a Quinoa-convert!!  Also, thanks for the mountain honey – I am savoring every mouthful!  You are both very special human beings!  Until we meet again,  Sincerely,

National Geographic Longevity Experiment


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