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There is a special natural health tip below.

We just completed another Writer’s Camp at Little Horse Creek.


Writer’s Camp delegates in a discussion session.

I am certain that the delegates learn as much from each other as they do from the course… or even more.

There is such an interesting blend of people… Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Chiropractors, Business people, Housewives and Househusbands to name a few.  One thing most have in common beyond their desire to write and to sell their writing is that they seem to be interested in wellness and natural health.

This is not surprising when you consider that so many of the delegates… are like minded souls… and  have become or are becoming writers to prosper in these rapidly changing times. One part of prosperity is not being drained by poor health and/or high medical expenses.

The Western medical model is slipping and hospitals are becoming scary… cost wise and more.

For example an August 16, 2012 USA Today article entitled “Hospital bug twice as deadly as feared” by Peter Eisler says:   Just days after doctors successfully removed a tumor from Bailey Quishenberry’s brain, the 14-year-old was spiraling downhill, delirious and writhing in pain from an entirely new menace.

Her abdomen swollen 10 times its normal size and her fever skyrocketing, Bailey wished she could die just to escape the agony.

Bailey had contracted a potentially fatal infection called Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, that ravages the intestines. The bacterium preys on people in hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities.

A USA Today investigation shows that C. diff is far more prevalent than federal reports suggest. The bacterium is linked in hospital records to 30,000 deaths a year — about twice federal estimates and rivaling the 32,000 killed in traffic accidents. It strikes about a half-million Americans a year.

Yet despite a decade of rising C.diff rates, health-care providers and the government agencies that oversee them have been slow to adopt strategies to reduce the infections, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths and illnesses that could have been prevented, the investigation shows.

“People are dying needlessly,” said Christian John Lillis, a New Yorker who lost his 56-year-old mother, Peggy, to the infection two years ago. “It’s outrageous.”
Indeed, while the medical community has cut rates for virtually all other health-care infections in recent years, C. diff hovers at all-time highs.

Startling numbers

To assess the C. diff epidemic, USA Today conducted dozens of interviews and reviewed an array of state and federal data, government studies and academic papers. The reporting revealed:

Deaths and illnesses are much higher than reports have shown. In March, the CDC said the infection kills 14,000 people a year. But that is based on death certificates, which often don’t list the infection when patients die of complications.

Hospital-billing data collected by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality show that 9 percent of C.diff-related hospitalizations end in death — nearly five times the rate for other hospital stays. That adds up to 30,000 fatalities among the 347,000 C. diff hospitalizations in 2010.

This is quite a thought… that this one bacteria is taking as many lives in the USA each year as car accidents.

Part of prosperity in the era ahead is to be able to earn on your own… such as through writing.  Another part of that prosperity will be to stay out of hospitals!

With this thought in mind, we are increasing our focus on natural heath.  For example last week we introduced why, in the 1960′s, due to strict OSHA regulations, the government curtailed a simple (and incredibly low cost) amino acid that can help improve cardiovascular systems, increase memory, improve vision, enhance vitality, expand energy and extend lifespan.  See why here.

Now one of our delegates from our July Writer’s Camp shares this special natural health tip on ways to reduce the risks of  some autoimmune diseases.

The delegate is Bard Barnes MD and he writes:  I am a practicing Radiologist who has developed an interest in “natural health”.  I have been practicing an anti-aging life style for about 6 years, including diet, exercise and supplements. I have studied and compared many diets and supplements.  My diet is not necessarily to lose weight, but if you are over weight, you just might be surprised when you do lose weight.  Rather, my diet is to prolong life by reducing the chronic inflammation we subject our bodies to every day, which is the route of most all disease, including aging.  You really are what you eat.

In my Radiology practice, I see first hand what a bad life style can do to you, inside and out!   My name is Dr. Bradley Barnes, and I live in Melbourne, Florida.  I am 56 years of age and live with my fit, beautiful wife Lisa.  If you would like any more information on me, please feel free to call or email me.  863-640-0037, bradb1956@gmail.com

There is something New and Simple about Treating Arthritis 

by Brad Barnes

Arthritis is a debilitating disease affecting millions of people and costing us billions of dollars.  Arthritis can be the result of some type
of autoimmune disease such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis and Systemic Lupus Eryethematosis, to name the main ones.  But the most
common type of arthritis, causing crippling pain and disability is largely preventable.  That would be Osteoarthritis (OA), also know as Degenerative

OA is running rampant in our population. 13.9% of adults 25 years and older have some sort of OA.  More than a third of people 65 and older have
it. That is over 12,400,000 people. In 1997 there were 409,000 hospitalizations because of OA and 7.1 million clinic visits. It is the
major cause for hip and knee replacement surgeries.  In fact, in 1997 the cost for hip and knee replacement surgeries from OA was 7.9 billion
dollars. It was estimated that every year, businesses lose between 3.4 and 13.2 billion dollars because of days missed at work due to OA.  This is
just in the USA.

Obviously, obese patients will suffer more than non obese people.  Women on average, suffer from OA more than men.  And as you would expect, the
older you get, the more likely you will develop OA.

The main treatments for arthritis, including anti-inflammatory drugs, heat and cold therapy, joint protection and physiotherapy treatment, do not
work well.  The problem is none of these therapies effectively and safely target the pro-inflammatory  factors behind OA.  Glucosamine and
Chondroitin are in every concoction labeled a miracle arthritis drug.  You see them on info-mercials one right after the other.  They may have
different names, but they all have the same ingredient, Glucosamine and Chondroitin.  These two substances, however, have both shown to be
effective over the long term, in relief of arthritic pain and can help protect the cartilage from further damage.  Some studies have shown some
restoration of cartilage as well, although there have been some conflicting studies about actual cartilage regeneration. But joints need
more than structural repair, they need something that will slow or stop the inflammatory process that is constantly attacking and destroying
cartilage in our joints.

Fish oils with Omega-3’s EPA and DHA offer exceptional anti-inflammatory protection.   It was shown that adding these Omega-3’s with glucosamine
reduced arthritic pain better than glucosamine alone. The fish oil Omega-3’s suppress circulating cytokines that cause cardiovascular disease
and it’s is this affect believed to aid in reducing inflammation in the joint.

Here is the biggy.  Krill, a tiny shrimp like crustacean, also has Omega-3’s, but Krill Omega-3’s work better on the joint than fish oil.  In
an article from Life Extension Magazine, “Krill Oil Optimizes Multi-modality Arthritis Control”, they quoted both animal and human
studies showing the benefit of Krill oil in suppressing the infiltration of inflammatory cells into the joint. In the human study, one group of
people took 300 mg of Krill oil per day while the other group received placebo. They measured C-reactive protein, (a measure of inflammation) and
used WOMAC arthritis scores (WOMAC score accesses the pain and stiffness in arthritis patients).  After 30 days, C-reactive protein dropped 31% in
the group taking Krill while the group taking placebo, the C-reactive protein rose 32%. The WOMAC scores dropped significantly on all three parameters; pain, stiffness and functional impairment, in the Krill group with no significant change in the placebo group.  These improvements in the Krill group were not temporary but sustained with continued relief experienced at each time point in the study.

Conventional medicine has not been very good at relieving arthritis pain, nor slowing the progression.  Possibly by simply adding 300 mg Krill oil
to other supplements commonly taken such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin, we will be able to achieve better arthritic pain relief, and maybe stop
the progression in it’s tracks. These supplements are inexpensive and extremely safe.  They are easily located in many drug stores or health
stores such as GNC and Vitamin Shop. No need for prescriptions or frequent doctor visits.  Remember though, don’t use Krill oil as a supplement to
the fish oils.  They both have Omega-3’s, but they work in different ways. Fish oil suppresses certain types of circulation cytokins; (molecules
that induce inflammation) and therefore help reduce the inflammatory reactions that cause cardiovascular disease.  They also cause platelets to
be less sticky so small clots are less likely to form and block arteries, causing stroke and heart attacks.  They have a calming affect on the brain
as well.   Krill oil also causes suppression of inflammation, but it has a more focal affect in the joints.  Therefore, to help prevent
cardiovascular disease and osteoarthritis, please take supplements of both fish oil and krill oil.

Krill oil will no doubt help people with other forms of arthritis as well, such as Rheumatoid arthritis or Lupus.  But I would suggest those patients
consult with their doctors, as they are likely already on several medications.

Brad Barnes

We thank Brad for this natural health tip and hope it helps you prosper in the change and makes your life better… or at least keeps you further from hospitals!


Longevity Secret

Here is a longevity secret.

This is  a recent comment from a reader in the Pacific Northwest:  Gary, Thank you very much for this product.  I have taken it for 2 months, am down 20 lbs of fat and put on 5 or 6 lbs of muscle.  I currently weigh 194lbs on my way down to 178 where I was 2 ½ years ago. My blood pressure has gone from dangerously high to 133 over 83 and headed further South. I am 70 years old and feel terrific since using this product.  It has done wonders for my energy.

If you see more orders come from my area  I may be the cause of it as I’ve been spreading the word.  I’ve shared it with personal trainers in my gym who train boomers and others and have some credibility as they see it working well for me.  

Ecuador Longevity Secret


Merri and I lived and worked with this Ecuador Yatchak for seven years This photo was taken after a purification ceremony at a sacred spring.

A huge health focus by this yatchak was purification… from the inside and out.  He had us walk in mountain mists. The negative ions in the mists attached to free radicals and purified the skin to cleanse us from the inside out.

Another purification was of our blood. Herbs… minerals and a low calcium diet.  There was almost no dairy served.

Since it is difficult for most of us to eat cleansing food in the West, this message looks at a longevity alternative and begins by showing  how and why, in the 1960’s, due to strict OSHA regulations, the government curtailed a simple (and incredibly low cost) amino acid that can help improve cardiovascular systems, increase memory, improve vision, enhance vitality, expand energy and extend lifespan.

Access to good health care is vital and should be enjoyed by all.  Yet it is not.  It had been a Western birthright… each generation living longer than the last.  New research shows this is no longer true for all.  Government studies show that there are widening gaps in life expectancy based on income, race, sex, education and geography.

There are two Americas measured by wealth and  health, and the distortions are growing.

A government-sponsored study by Harvard researchers found that life expectancy actually declined in a substantial number of counties from 1983 to 1999, particularly for women. Most of the counties with declines are in the Deep South, along the Mississippi River, and in Appalachia, as well as in the southern Plains and Texas.

The article went on to say that the people of Appalachia used to be among the longest lived. I can believe it. There is a family cemetery here on our farm. These five headstones show the occupants lived to be 86, 91, 95, 100 and 115!  The 115 year old lived from 1794 to 1909. I  wonder what type of medical insurance she had back here in these hills?

Here is that cemetery.


This problem of declining service is growing in more sectors than just American health care.

This growing gap is a concern on many fronts…but means, that in many parts of the Western world, good health care is only available to an increasingly smaller portion of top earners.

To overcome this problem Merri and take many steps to improve how we feel each day and hopefully enhance our activity and longevity.  We meditate daily… have a strong sense of purpose in our business and life, keep a regime of regular, mild exercise and yoga and eat our own or locally grown food whenever we can.  We also use numerous nutritional disciplines… including a mix of nutrients recommended some years ago by a reader and seminar delegate.

This delegate was an M.D.  He was in his eighties but had the energy and looks of a much, much younger man.  When asked about his secret of youth he said his vitality was based on several factors. A few of them you would expect, such as good diet, sufficient exercise and plenty of activity in a strong, purposeful life. Then he explained another secret of his youth and energy: chelation.

The youthful doctor told us he had been running the largest I.V. chelation center in the United States from Hawaii. Hardening of the arteries is such a huge problem in our modern world that he was making a fortune.

Then, he said, he had learned about Beyond Chelation (TM) a vitamin-mineral formula created by Dr. Gary Gordon. The doctor said he found this so effective that he shut down his clinics and exclusively used this simple formula which he (after seeing the results of Dr. Gordon’s formula) felt had better results than I.V. chelation therapy.

Over 30 years of Dr. Gordon’s experience as a clinician, researcher and educator in chelation therapy are behind this comprehensive cardiovascular nutritional supplement, designed to maintain and promote vascular health, mental and physical well being.

Our client and doctor friend gave us a month’s supply of this formula. He thought it would be excellent for us and would help us with traveling also. Merri and I tried this product ourselves and felt great, plus we loved the savings we enjoyed. It is so much less expensive than all the numerous other vitamins and minerals that we had been taking. We actually were spending less! In addition this system is so convenient. Everything is in one simple daily packet. Especially when we travel we just bring along a packet for each day we are on the road. No more loading up pill boxes or bringing bottles (or suitcases full of bottles) of vitamins and stuff.

We liked this product so much we began passing the favor on to many delegates at seminar.  As is so often the case when we like something we start talking about it and pretty soon, a batch of friends were taking Beyond Chelation Improved and telling us great things about their experiences.

Here is an example of raves we receive on April 21, 2012 from a delegate who received a month’s supply in early March:

I was introduced to and given 30 days supply of a product (for which I must thank my good friend, Merri Scott, profusely) that is clinically proven to clean out the blood and much much more.

Almost Miraculous results?  Well…you be the judge.

Look at the 2 blood tests (lipids,sugars etc.) I had done recently, just 2 months apart.

My Cholesterol was 330 then, 169 now!
My triglycerides were 1350 then, 199 now!

Both incredibly, dangerously high, if fact doctor said he never saw or even heard of Tri’s so high.   (I checked on the internet, others do have them that high).

My (FBS) Blood sugar was 150,  now 129!

Hemaglobin count up appreciably (red blood cells), which is real good too!

And Blood Pressure at the time was 130/80, a bit high, now 107/70= Perfect said the doc!

Man I feel a whole lot better too.

How did I do it?

1) Exercise greatly intensified & consistent= 3-5 days a week in gym weight-lifting, plus biking-walking-swimming.

2) Diet= a) Dropped fatty meats (ie. Bacon/Pork chops etc).
             b) “NO WHITES ALLOWED” DIET= No white Sugar, Flour or Starch (yes= ouch!).
                 b-1= Cut non-white and white GLUTENS (mostly Gluten-free) too!
                 b-2= Mucho water, and only purely natural fruit juices… fresh squeezed & ground (minimized frequency).
                 b-3= More adamantly continued NO ALCOHOL consumption!
             c) Added more fresh veggies & fruits, as many as can be found in BZ (Not many veggies variety esp).

I had been adjusting diet and starting to exercise (Gym= Weights & Biking) 3 months before the tests so who knows if they were even higher before I tested?

The slight dieting and much more exercising alone, evidently, did not change it much!

I have lost about 33 lbs of fat ,and gained 10 pounds of muscle, so I am down 23 lbs, from 244 to 221!

Lost some love-handle & gut inches ! I am going for under 200, over the next few months,where I haven’t been for about almost 20 years!

I have had high cholesterol and triglycerides, since I was in my mid to late 30’s (now 58),and always did diet and exercise changes to adjust them down a bit, but never were they anywhere near this “before drastic action” high  before, nor have they ever been this low after the 2nd test and resultant phenomenal improvements! I continue to refuse to take the poisonous Pharmaceuticals Doc’s keep trying to stuff down my gut! No PHARMA. PHARMA-KILLS!

“Health is our greatest Wealth”…no assets have real value when we lose it!

Thank God for: good friends, good food, good info, good nutrition, good energy, good exercise, and good health!

May Goodness & Mercy follow & lead us, over the mountains and thru the valleys, revealing light thru the darkness all the days of our lives!

I DO FEEL SO GOOD again!  Via Con Dios !

They reordered so much of it through us that I decided to make it available to all my readers at a really special price… lower than I believe you can get anywhere on the internet to see if readers are interested in obtaining Beyond Chelation Improved through us.

Let me begin by saying that Beyond Chelation Improved has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease and should only be taken as a food supplement. Having said this I share Dr. Gordon’s information below.

Dr. Garry Gordon of Payson, Arizona, is one of the fathers of the Chelation Therapy movement and he developed this cardiovascular nutritional supplement called “Beyond Chelation”.

This supplement combines more than sixty ingredients, known to have beneficial effects, into one total cardiovascular support program. “The name of this new product states exactly what it is,” says Dr. Gordon. “It’s what the public should be taking if they’ve already had chelation or can’t afford it, or simply want to take advantage of new breakthroughs that permit us to safely and effectively reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.” In addition to promoting heart health, Dr. Gordon has found that his supplement has multiple anti-aging effects. Along with Dr. Dean Ornish of Sausalito, California, who demonstrated in a five-year study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that heart disease could be reversed, Dr. Gordon believes that vascular disease can be arrested and cured. However, for those unable to stick to an extremely low-fat diet (below 9% in total fat content) and the meditation and exercise mandated in Dr. Ornish’s program, Beyond Chelation may provide similar effects. In his own practice, Dr. Gordon has been able to document significant improvements of blood flow to the legs, head and heart of patients experiencing problems of clot, spasm and arrhythmia with the use of oral chelation formula so that fewer than 5% have had to have heart surgery.

There are many benefits from chelation:

  1. Helps to prevent Arteriosclerosis (Hardening of the arteries)
  2. Helps to rejuvenate your cardiovascular system
  3. Helps to improve conduction in all degrees of A-V heart block
  4. Helps to abolish extra heart beats, skipped beats and rapid heart beats
  5. Helps to decrease ventricular arrhythmia due to digitalis toxicity
  6. Helps as a pre-operative preparation
  7. Helps remove lead and heavy metals from the system
  8. Helps increase American life expectancy
  9. Reduces toxic lead and metal deposits and abnormal calcium deposits
  10. Reduces blood pressure and blood cholesterol
  11. Improves circulation
  12. Improves vision and hearing
  13. Improves liver function
  14. Improves skin texture and tone
  15. Helps prevent abnormal cross linking of molecules that age tissue
  16. Helps to relieve symptoms of senility by increasing circulation to the brain
  17. Helps to relieve pain, hypoglycemia, phlebitis and scleroderma
  18. Dissolves fats in plaque lined arteries
  19. Helps make blood slippery and prevents abnormal blood clotting
  20. Helps to increase tissue oxygenation

How does Chelation Therapy work?

It is a largely hidden fact that the main blood vessel leaving the heart of a healthy 80 year old man has 140 TIMES more pathologic calcium in it than the main blood vessel of a healthy boy of ten. By means of chelation therapy, this unwanted calcium (causing a build up of vulnerable plaque, hardening of the arteries, and potential heart problems) is removed from blood vessels and put into water-soluble complexes (chelates), which are readily excreted through the kidneys. Clinical observations reveal, however, that the amount of calcium in bones is not affected by the removal of calcium in the arteries nor is it diminished by the use of EDTA chelation therapy.

What is EDTA and is it safe?

Chelation therapy (using the synthetic amino acid known as EDTA) has been a standard treatment for lead and heavy metal poisoning since World War II. In the 1940’s and 1950’s, patients taking EDTA chelation therapy for lead poisoning reported improved memory, vision, hearing and smell, and diminished leg and heart pain. Since then nearly 1,000,000 patients with cardiovascular disease have been treated successfully. Further, EDTA has been used as a food additive for over 30 years, the average American consuming between 15-30 mgs in their diets daily.

Why was EDTA put on the back burners?

In the 1960’s, prior to the current strict OSHA regulations, workers poisoned by high levels of lead at their jobs were given EDTA tablets by their company doctors to excrete the lead. The government, wanting to get to the source of the problem, ordered this remedy to be curtailed and the working environment improved. Because of this situation and with this order, oral EDTA chelation went into seclusion.

Why is Oral Chelation surfacing now?

Through almost 30 years of comparative case studies, researchers have discovered that oral and IV EDTA chelation therapy (especially when augmented by scientifically formulated nutritive support) improved the functioning of most organs of the body. Recently, biological age determination testing has gained widespread scientific acceptance, which allows us to prove that Chelation therapy improves the functioning of most organs, effectively turning back their biological clocks. It also may be a solution to the newly discovered cause of 85% of the major heart attacks now targeting half of the American males in the United States who are over 40 years of age: vulnerable plaque.

Preventive Medicine and Longevity Medicine: the Medicine of the Future!

Anti-Aging, Longevity, and Preventative Medicine are the Future! With our knowledge of alternative medicine doubling every three years and our technology advancing exponentially, we are entering an age where we are able to probably turn our biological clock backwards! Instruments are now in use that can measure the functioning of each of our physical organs and new high potency nutritional supplements, hormonal balancing, and advanced oral chelation products have become available which can enhance the functioning of our organs and help prevent heart attacks and fight many of the auto-immune and degenerative diseases that are plaguing modern society.

What is “Beyond Chelation”? With over 30 years of experience as a clinician, researcher & educator in Chelation Therapy, Dr. Gordon has formulated a comprehensive cardiovascular nutritional support supplement designed to maintain and promote cardiovascular health and combined it with the finest ingredients known for mental and physical well being within a product known as “Beyond Chelation,” the new cardio-support, multi-vitamin-mineral of the future augmented by amino-acids, polysaccharides, herbs and more.

There is one more benefit and that is the savings and convenience. Taking Beyond Chelation Improved provides almost every vitamin and mineral that we were previously taking in separate form. Merri and I have actually reduced our spending on vitamins and minerals. Plus Beyond Chelation Improved comes in a handy nine capsule cellophane packets, that is easy to carry and take each day. One container has thirty packets, a month’s supply, which at $59.998 (49.99 plus $9.99 shipping) makes this a very inexpensive way to get most of the vitamins and minerals you already take as you gain the chelation benefits.

Beyond Chelation Improved (TM) consists of 30 packets with 9 capsules. Each packet contains: three multi-vitamins/minerals, three detoxifiers (which deliver a combined total of 400 mgs of EDTA), one Omega 3 marine lipid concentrate, one evening primrose oil and one Ginkgo Biloba capsule. This formula provides the finest multi-vitamin/mineral available and essential ingredients to feed the heart, chelators to help rid the body of heavy metals and help control chronic inflammation, which now is known to be the MAJOR cause of heart attacks and strokes. It also provides Ginkgo Biloba with phosphatidyl serine and choline for their proven neuroprotective effects, as well as their anti-platelet activity.

Dr. Gordon has purposely left IRON out of this supplement because recent research has linked the availability of iron to infectious organisms in arteries, which are now proven to be directly linked to blood clots that cause 85% of heart attacks and strokes.


Beyond Chelation Improved $49.99 + (9.99 shipping)  Order a month’s supply here.

We are sorry we cannot send to Canadian and overseas buyers.   Please contact Cheri Hall to get manufacturers address.  Please Email cheri@garyascott.com

A reader wrote: This formula helped produce MIRACULOUS results for me in 30 days! No it’s NOT MLM, and NO I do NOT sell it!

Cholesterol from 330 to 169…triglycerides from 1355 to 199…blood sugar from 150 to 120…blood pressure from 130 to 107… plus aided in fat loss, energy gain…overall well-being…along with Exercise and the “NO WHITE” (sugar-flour-starch) diet!

I BLESS Gary & Merri Scott (GaryaScott.com) for introducing and gifting it to me, when I was at their Super-learning Spanish  and Super-thinking course (which I highly recommend too= Mucho Mejor!) . It just may have saved my life…or helped alot!   SALUD! Health is our greatest Wealth!

Longevity comes in many ways… prevention and good medical intervention when prevention did not do the job.  Beyond Chelation and Ecuador health care are answers to both.


Learn more about longevity at our upcoming Super Thinking + International Investing and Business Seminar October 5-6-7 in North Carolina.


USA Today article “Hospital bug twice as deadly as feared”