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Here are three cool health ideas.

cotacachi church

Cotacachi Ecuador’s cathedral pictured in the full moon from an Inn Land of the Sun suite.  See below how the moon can help promote natural health.

Last week’s message on health ideas created the largest response we have seen in a decade.  Frankly we were surprised so if you missed it… read it by clicking here Longevity Secret.

This reaction from so many readers reminded us of the importance of maintaining good health so here are three more natural health tips.

Cool Health Idea #1: Eat watermelon.

See three great ways to reduce excess summer heat from the body and that can also make you look five years younger at the same time.

Eating watermelon is one.  This cools you from the inside out… in a way you would not imagine.

Ayurved, the Indian science of life and the Andean shamanic wisdom look at health as a balance between three physical elements, motion (air), material (water) and digestion (fire).

Reducing fire in a hot summer is beneficial for health because fire rules digestion.  When out of balance, we do not digest any information correctly.

Fire also rules beauty because its imbalances are reduced by the body through the skin. Too much fire creates rashes, acne, blemishes, poor skin luster, dull hair and much more. The three fire reducing tricks below not only enhance health, but also help clear your skin and make it glow.

The first trick is to eat watermelon…lots of it at one time (and with nothing else) and fresh!

Watermelon is a cleanser.

Eat a whole, big one if you can.

This works in the spring and summer when the flushing action removes excessive fire, water and air.

The melon must be fresh, whole and cut within 20 minutes. Watermelon is a sponge that absorbs and flushes free radicals from the system. If you let the melon sit after cutting, it oxidizes and loses its cleansing capacity. Also, it can become a free radical itself.

The rule is “Eat it alone or leave it alone”.

Make the melon your entire meal and eat nothing for three to four hours before and after.  Do not do this before taking a trip as it will result in a flushing action.  Sound crazy? I thought so but tried it after watching a Shaman prescribe it for a woman suffering a severe rash (a summer fire imbalance).  I felt so good that I now make this a regular habit during the summer…and thoroughly enjoy it!

Cool Health Idea #2: A different type of mooning. The second tip can be romantic as well as healthy  – moon bathing and calm conversation.

Last night, as the sun sets in lavender glory, we took a walk in the cool evening air with our son, Jake, and his girlfriend, Miranda.

little horse creek campfire

We let a camp fire warm the cool night air… listened to the katydids and bathed in the moonbeams.

little horse creek moonwalk

This is cool… and cooling.

We soaked in the moon’s creamy reflections filtered through the forest.

little horse creek moonwalk

Then we strolled in the moonlight back to the house glowing its welcome in the night.


This may sound even crazier than eating watermelon for good health, but try it.  I find the moonlight to be not only beautiful but calming.

The foundations of this idea… though less romantic than the pure beauty of moonlight are imbedded in both ancient and modern scientific terms.

Moonlight impacts the area of the body called, in Ayurved, the crown chakra.   The Andean indigenous wisdom acknowledges this area at the top of the head as a key to balancing all the Rios de Luce (Rivers of Light) or main energy processing points in the body

This center is located in the top of the head  and is associated with the brain, and the entire nervous system.

The subtle frequency of moonlight is soothing and calming… which helps mitigate fire imbalances.

The crown chakra is said to affect what one experiences when in the deepest part of their being, as a point of consciousness glowing with intelligence
called White Light.

Metaphysically, this is considered the most subtle element of which the entire physical universe is created.

This fits nicely with a science if we view the endocrine system as a series of frequency receptors.

The crown chakra is believed to regulate the pineal gland which connects the endocrine system with the nervous system and converts nerve signals from the sympathetic system of the peripheral nervous system into hormone signals.

The pineal is involved in several functions of the body including, secretion of melatonin and conversion of nervous system signals into endocrine signals.

The popular science website has an article entitled “Moonlight Magic” by Alan M. Petrillo (linked below) that  tells how a successful businessman spent $2 million to build a 50-foot-tall moonlight collector, a 30-ton array of mirrors called the Interstellar Light Collector and invited scientists nationwide to put his device to the test.

The article says: Biologists at the University of Arizona have expressed interest in using the collector to study moonlight´s effects on plant growth cycles but not yet on people. If nothing else, the collector offers a unique research opportunity.

Although moonlight is reflected sunlight, its frequency and spectrum are unique and, so far, irreplicable, which makes it difficult to examine in a controlled, clinical fashion. “It´s a hot area to understand the spectral effects of light on human health and physiology,”  says Michael Gorman, a University of California at San Diego biopsychologist who has studied how hamsters react to light.

However we choose to view it… romantically as the soft glow that washes a moonlit path… as an ancient wisdom or a scientific reaction in the pineal gland… moonbaths can help cool us and balance our fire, water, air equilibrium.

Cool Health Idea #3:   Cool Through the Skin

Here are two ways… cream and aloe vera.

Whipped Cream Cooling

A great way to get rid of heat quickly is to massage with cream.

An eHow article “Home Remedies for Dry Skin & Itching” by Karen Carter says: This is not where the whipped cream in the spray can gets pulled out of the refrigerator. This is the old fashioned, good-for-the-skin whipping cream. Cream contains proteins and lactic acids. This helps soften and nourish the skin. Beat 1 cup of heavy cream with an electric mixer until soft peeks form. This creates a bowl of soft and fluffy whipped cream that is not full of sugar. Slather the cream onto the skin and massage it in. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing off in a warm bath or shower.

Aloe Cooling

Our friend Candace Newman who is our aromatherapy expert writes:   Summer heat is still amongst us with more extreme temperatures than ever. Cool soothing relief is welcome, and healing aloe vera gel with essential oil can really fit the bill.

In 1989, one of the first base ingredients I used with essential oils was aloe vera gel. It just seemed like a natural mate for essential oils. They create a wonderful synergy. Living in Naples, Florida, it grew in abundant supply and was a staple to have around as a plant or in a jar. We just broke off a leaf from the plant, split it open and rubbed the clear soothing gel right on the hurting skin. Then essential oils came onto the scene.

When I think of the word “aloe”, I think of “healing”. It’s soothing anti-inflammatory properties know how to heal. Aloe goes back to ancient times and is mentioned in the Bible for its healing properties.  It is widely recognized for its healing effects on burns, scrapes, bites and cuts. Aloe blends well with many substances, like other lotions, oils and creams.

Our line of five healing gels have developed over the years with the sacred synergy created by essential oils, aloe vera gel, and Organic Golden Jojoba. Since summer is still here, our special for you this month is our Skin Calm Gel.

Healing Gel Palm Blend: Put a dab of aloe gel in your palm and add 1-2 drops of the appropriate essential oil. Use Lavender for burns and cuts, Tea Tree for bites and scratches, and Peppermint for headaches.

August Special: 10% off our Skin Calm Gel. This 2 oz jar of luscious cooling blue-green gel belongs in your medicine cabinet. Our proprietary essential oil formula includes Lavender, Yarrow, Blue Chamomile and Rose Otto.

oil lady gel

See Skin Calm Gel here.

Life is balance. Medicine is dose.  When we have  just enough air, fire and water… we are happier, more beautiful and more effective.  Late summer is the worst time for fire imbalances… so be cool. Try these three steps to getting rid of the buildup of summer heat.


The popular science website looks at this in an article entitled Moonlight Magic.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin & Itching