Cotacachi Real Estate in Ecuador’s Phase II

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Here is an El  Encanto House for sale in Cotacachi Ecuador.

Ecuador is moving into phase II… more expensive… more government intrusion but better facilities and many more choices of places suitable for western expats.

I have been watching one of the premier developments on the periphery of Cotacachi since before its inception.

The owner originally asked me what I thought about plans he was developing.

I loved it… the land is rich… yet


close to the center of the village.


Here is a shot I took from the project of Cotacachi’s main church.  The position is so close… an easy walk… yet feels like being in the country.

The owner, Milton Proano and his son Angel, began this development several years ago and have built 15 houses so far. 12 have been sold.


Here is Milton and Angel in the first house being developed on this Cotacachi real estate project.

This is Cotacachi’s premier real estate development because Milton and Angel have had it designed by one of Ecuador most famous architects Patrico Falconi.

Here are the beams in the first house that was built to see an example of…


the beam’s trim… a Falconi house signature.

Positioning to gain a great view is one of Falconi’s attributes.   We can see this in the front window view of one of the El Encanto houses.


Water features are in Falconi’s armory and the El Enconto project is…


perfect with this stream… leading to…


this wonderful pond. You cannot see the water here (photographer’s – as in my – error), but it’s perfect and is located near the houses.

These Cotacachi houses also have solid construction features like extra damp course. This is an important addition because many builders skip this protection.  Buyers are sorry when the damp course is missed!

In short these are premium houses with everything… killer views… and the owner, developer who is one of the most respected business people in the village, lives right next door to the development.

El Encanto was the first Patricio Falconi designed top end community in Cotacachi.  Falconi is known as the Best Architect in Ecuador.

El Cantatdo Cotacachi Ecuador

Entrance to El Encanto.

El Cantatdo Cotacachi Ecuador

Attractive houses.

El Cantatdo Cotacachi Ecuador

This community is just five blocks from our hotel Inn Land of the Sun.

El Cantatdo Cotacachi Ecuador

Fireplaces on the front porch.

El Cantatdo Cotacachi Ecuador

Absolute highest quality inside and…

El Cantatdo Cotacachi Ecuador


El Cantatdo Cotacachi Ecuador

All tile kitchens.

El Cantatdo Cotacachi Ecuador

One and two stories available.

The houses are six blocks from the Cotacachi open air market.

There is security 24/7 and the owner association has already been settled.

There are currently two houses available

The first is a 1590 sq ft two bedroom, 2 bathroom single story for $137,000.00.   This is ready to move in on September 15.

The second is a 2,180 sq ft 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom two story home with amazing views. The price is $187,800.00.  This house is ready to move in now.

New houses require 40% to start building.  30% is due in 4 months when the roof is ready.  30% at final signing and move in 4 or 6 months later.

The construction area may vary according to owner’s desires and needs.

Waterproof system to stop humidity in the walls .

Construction with bricks and wooden columns with fine wood (Apple wood, red wood and tangare), the construction base has been build with volcanic stones hand crafted, all homes are beautifully constructed with arches throughout the interior and exterior.

All houses have glass windows with an excellent view to the Mt. Imbabura or Mt. Cotacachi.

All house include utilities as water, electricity, sewer, and internet service.

Each house has a large porch, large social area, living room, dining room, kitchen, cellar, laundry room; two bedrooms, the master room with walk-in closet, large bathroom with shower and a tub; the home has two fireplaces one located in the porch and the other one in the living room.

All houses are designed for people with physical limitations, and all offer mobility to move around the entire house with a walker or wheelchair.

The first phase will have 24 houses, each house with a different design, to avoid that the view of the other houses is not affected.  There will be three more phases.

The project is in a safe place, within 5 minutes from the downtown area.

Blueprints and supervision of the entire project directed by architect Patricio Falconi.

For more details contact:

Angel Proano:
225-803-5671 usa phone


Analinda Palencia