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There are many ways to earn with utility fracturing.


Saturday Market at West Jefferson will soon be loaded with giant pumpkins for sale.

Our courses on writing and doing business include how to earn by finding business niches through utility fracturing.

Selling pumpkins at farmer’s market for example may be one way to earn income.  This however requires a lot of work and profits are not really very good.  There are simpler ways to earn much more (with less work) from pumpkins by fracturing  their utility.

Who wants to grow pumpkins?  This is probably not a good way to get rich.  Pumpkins are commodities and all commodities are always vulnerable to price wars that can ruin profits.

Good micro businesses need a unique selling proposition… something that sets the product or service apart from everything else.

So let’s not discard pumpkins as an example of how to fracture utility to create a unique product.

For example once when our son was ill in Ecuador… the shaman who treated him cut up a squash and had him sleep with the pieces under his arm.  This he felt would draw poisons out of the system… I am not sure about the science of it but it sure worked!  The business idea?  A book of obscure healing ideas from the shamans… or a tour may be a great income generator.

Ever heard of a pumpkin healing tour?  That’s a unique idea… but not a bad one because there is probably a good business opportunity writing about the health aspects of pumpkin.

In another pumpkin earning example the craftsmen of Ecuador (and many other unique countries) make many musical instruments from pumpkins, squash and gourds.  The business idea?  Export them or write about how to use them or make them or put on workshops to learn to play or make them.

Or export these pumpkin gourds with intricate carvings… or create classes or write a book so people can come learn how to carve like this.

ecuador earning
There you have it… a simple… basic product… pumpkin fractured in numerous unique ways that could help you earn… in Ecuador… in Smalltown USA…. or anywhere.
You can fracture the idea (and uses and benefits) with almost anything.

Here are three more tips to having extra income from writing in a micro web site business.

Micro Business Tip #1: Get started!

Micro Business Tip #2: Practice by doing.

Micro Business Tip #3: Use writing on a website to enhance the process.

Here is why it is so important to start even when you are not sure where your business is headed.

Malcolm Gladwell has written three must read books for anyone who has or is considering a business… “The Tipping Point”, “Blink” and “Outliers: The Story of Success”.


Malcom Gladwell speaking on Ted.

In the Outliers, Gladwell presents a strong argument that if you want to really succeed you have to put in 10,000 hours before your best success will come.

Gladwell says that practice makes perfect.

Gladwell acknowledges the importance of ability, work ethic, luck, a strong support base and even being born in the right year as being important parts of success.

Yet he points out that it is “learning through action” that hones one’s abilities and skills… and develops the contacts, insights, etc. needed to be a top performer.

Gladwell uses the Beatles’ rise to fame in the 1960s as one example.  The Beatles performed live in Hamburg, Germany over 1,200 times from 1960 to 1964, amassing more than 10,000 hours of playing time, shaping their talent. They were in the right place at the right time sounding like no one else when the rock boom exploded. These hours were their making.

Bill Gates is another example.  Outliers shows how Gates gained special access to a high school computer in 1968 at the age of 13, and spent 10,000 hours programming on it placing him in a position to take advantage of the programming boom and of course has become one of the world’s richest men.

“No one – not rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires and not even geniuses – ever makes it alone,” writes Gladwell in Outliers: The Story of Success.

That first step… getting started seems to be the hardest part of all so to make it easier… start small!

To begin, start small, with a business plan for a unique product or service blended with good marketing supported by technology.

This is what Merri and I do.   Then we use writing and the internet to refine our product service and customer.

Merri, our webmaster, David Cross, and I have been frontiering a new business concept that is the step beyond broadband.  We call it “Narrowband.”

Narrowband is about starting small and then staying focused and remaining small (but for extra profit).   A Narrowband business uses the internet to create and unite a small band of readers with common ideals, needs and interests.

Our goal is to unite our readers with cohesion and authenticity so we become and remain a group of like minded souls.

Building a small Narrowband business requires three steps:

#1: Attract a steady flow of readers who are interested in the unique ideas that you represent.

#2: Use a pattern of information to weed out readers who really do not have a common need, ideal or interest.

#3: Develop an intimate relationship with the readers who are not weeded out and do have a common need, ideal or interest.

Our system aims to assure that we send our daily message only to the readers most likely to benefit from what we share.

We have a system to create new potential customers but also a system of continually weeding out readers whom we might feel we are wasting their time or they might waste ours.

Sending away customers? Am I kidding?  I am not.  Bigger is not better and this is no joke.  We are selective about who are readers are and have a number of check points they have to pass through to remain readers. New readers who sign on especially have to pass certain litmus tests to remain on our list.

Next we have created a system of steady but not spectacular growth.  We do not want to grow too quickly. Our business is based on good personal service with customers who read our messages day in and day out for many years.
The next important point… is having a way to make and build a reader list on a profitable basis.

First, because we do not push and because we are not trying to be huge, we do not have to compete in expensive ways.  We use referrals…. Google rankings and low cost Pay Per Click.
Google Rankings
Google is good at refining. If what you write is authentic… chances are it will get presented to readers who really have an interest in your unique prodcut or service.

Here is an example of how we refine our reader list with Headline Titles that stimulate Search Engine Refining.   The photo below was on our home page and shows the Headline Titles of the ten messages we had emailed our readers and posted at our site.
Let’s see how they rank at Google:

* Phrase for a Google Search:  “Household Toxin Report”
Google ranking #1.
* Phrase for a Google Search:  “Wisdom of the Masses”.
Google ranking #11.
* Phrase for a Google Search:  “International Investing Update”.
Google ranking #1 and #2.
* Phrase for a Google Search:  “October Investment Risk”.
Google ranking #4.
* Phrase for a Google Search:  “Micro Business Internet Income.
Google ranking #1 and #2.
* Phrase for a Google Search:  “Ecuador First Class Home for Sale”.
Google ranking #1 and #2.  Plus note on the right hand side of the Google page that our Pay Per Click sponsored ad also kicked in here ($39,000 mountain view). This ad was #1 at the phrase Ecuador Home for sale also.

pay per click success

Seven of the ten titles of my last ten messages ranked in the top 12 at Google.

We would love to help you get started in your own micro business that uses writing on the internet and would like to spend the next year doing so with you.

See below details of our December 1,2,3 winter writers camp in Florida.