Family Business Benefits

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There are enormous benefits for families that work together.


Merri and I headed to work.

Merri and I have always had a family business and I cannot help but think it has drawn us all so much closer together.

Yesterday’s message looked at how “families who learn together say together“.

Good family stickiness is made even stronger with shared purpose and goals.   Many years ago when we had a direct mail business… Merri and I used to sit round the dining room table with the children and fold letters and insert them in envelopes and stick on the address labels and… talk as we worked together.  We shared the feeling of accomplishment when the work was done and made the sure the children accompanied us to the Post Office to send off the mail and pick up letters that arrived… with checks… so they participated in the full circle.  We let them have a commission on sales so they connected giving… to receiving.

Our webmaster David has became  our son-in-law.  Our daughter Cheri runs our administration.  Recently I was tickled pink when we found a way for my sister Sandra to help us with social networking.   Work brings us together. We have great things to talk about every day… common challenges, mutual interests and shared satisfactions.   It’s also really great to end a business email or phone call with “I love you”.

This is why I was so absolutely happy to see one of our Super Spanish teachers bring their children into their business with them.

Shawn and Suzanne Bandick wrote about their last Super Spanish Course in Vernon BC.

Suzanne wrote:  Dear Gary, Merri, Cheri, and David. I write to you sitting on Shawn’s mom’s back deck under the cherry trees, tomorrow our Vernon class begins and we have 29 students! I just signed up the last couple a few minutes ago. Very exciting! Shawn and I wanted to thank you all in this success …together we make a great team.

At the beginning of the week we had 22 students but I had in mind we would have 30 so I arranged to have 30 books printed on Monday. That was my saving grace. I bought 30 name tags, and had 30 questionnaires printed. So instead of stress over last minute sign ups I am simply excited because we can easily accommodate all.

The room we will be teaching in is fantastic – it has a surround sound system that makes our recordings sound really good. Best, we got it in exchange for 2 spots in the course. We shopped for binders and got the same type of hard binder you use for only $2 each – a savings of 2.65 each over other stores. We are making money and saving money everywhere.

We bought some hard candy to have in the room and have arranged for fresh baking at coffee breaks (not mine this time) – just because it adds a little something special.

I am enclosing some pics to show the room and our Spanish pronunciation coaches (our kids) who have gotten many great comments on their enunciation and pronounciation. What a joy to share in this experience with our kids.

super spanish canada

The Bandicks… Riley, Shawn, Suzanne and Brianna.

We moved our kids, Brianna and Riley, to Mexico when they were 8 and 11 so there pronunciation is definitely that of a native Spanish speaker. Brianna called for a job in Mexico to teach English and they did not believe from her voice she was from Canada. When we teach in Canada it is likely one of them will be our coach. The students really seemed to enjoy the different styles, personalities and ages of us.

Super Spanish in Canada

Suzanne Bandick with son and daughter teaching Super Spanish.

After Day 1 of their course Suzanne wrote: We are still so excited! People are really getting it and they are thrilled. Had a little trouble with the air conditioning not working properly but the students all rolled with it graciously. We just made jokes about the extent we go to to prepare them for Spanish speaking countries. Air should be fixed by tomorrow. Several students commented on how happy they were to have a course offered so close to home rather than going to Florida. 30 students still manageable and very fun. Awesome, just awesome!

Super Spanish in Canada

Suzanne with daughter.

After Day 1:  Another awesome day. Everyone seems really pleased. 

Back to the pictures…. all I can say is people seem to really relax around us ….. oh I gave you a picture of me with a Canadian cow! At the bottom of this email is another student FB posting to my wall. Also, the owners of the Century 21 office bought a portable room air conditioner yesterday because the air was fixed but it couldn’t cool down the room sufficiently with all of us in there so they left it running all night and we it was perfect temperature for today. We were really impressed and so was the class.

Super Spanish in Canada

Shawn Bandick with son.

After Day 3: Wow Wow Wow! Just a quick note to let you know it was an awesome course. We got great reviews and I will share them with you soon.  So many people we had never met before this course were giving us all hugs at the end! It’s such a brilliant course that you created.  In fact because students were so thrilled we may have another class in late August because they know others who want to attend. I will let you know as soon as we get a set date over the next few days in case you want to advertise it as well. Thanks again. Suzanne

Super Spanish in Canada

Shawn Bandick with daughter

Family businesses have so many benefits that many governments are promoting the the idea to help increase both economic and social stability.

The British government for example has a business link agency that has osted these notes at its website (bolds are mine):  Advantages of family businesses

If you start or join a family business you’re likely to benefit from a range of advantages which you often don’t find in other enterprises. These include:

    •    Common values – you and your family are likely to share the same ethos and beliefs on how things should be done. This will give you an extra sense of purpose and pride – and a competitive edge for your business.

    •    Strong commitment – building a lasting family enterprise means you’re more likely to put in the extra hours and effort needed to make it a success. Your family is more likely to understand that you need to take a more flexible approach to your working hours.

    •    Loyalty – strong personal bonds mean you and family members are likely to stick together in hard times and show the determination needed for business success.

    •    Stability – knowing you’re building for future generations encourages the long-term thinking needed for growth and success – though it can also produce a potentially damaging inability to react to change.

    •    Decreased costs – family members may be more willing to make financial sacrifices for the sake of the business. For example, accepting lower pay than they would get elsewhere to help the business in the longer term, or deferring wages during a cashflow crisis. You may also find you don’t need employers’ liability insurance if you only employ close family members.

Those are values that go beyond business!


Super Spanish in Canada

Shawn and Suzanne Bandick teaching Super Spanish together.

Learn how to teach Super Spanish as a single, couple or as a family business.