Bio Wash Beats Drought

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 Bio Wash Beats Drought

This site has reviewed many benefits of the nano technology that is used in the Purely Green and Bio Wash bio degradable cleaners and fertilizer booster.

We have used this ourselves in so many ways for more than a decade… brushing our teeth, in the bath, cleaning the dishes, all household and farm equipment degreasing and cleaning, cleaning, to kill the Wooly Adelgid blight on our hemlocks in North Carolina and to boost production of our orange grove.

Then last winter we were able to tell how Bio Wash also helps plants absorb moisture.  We wrote:

Now it appears that Bio Wash may help with droughts as well.

Ted sent this note: These photos from a Texas farmer show his granddaughter in…


the oat field that prospered during a serious drought.


During the present drought in Texas, his BioWashed oats survived and prospered in abundance.

The farmer advised that at harvest time, his oats were chest high on his 6’2″ frame.

With the onset of even more serious drought conditions across North America I am posting this advertisement from Ted Tidwell as a community service.

Farmers across America are threatened with disaster unless quick action is taken. Crops are dying. Entire incomes are in jeopardy. Food prices could soar.

Prior experience indicates that BioWash may offer the solution to the crisis.  Read On!

During the worst drought Texas ever experienced …… Cattle Rancher Alton Holt BioWashed his 90 acre oat crop. While all neighboring growers were losing their oats, Alton enjoyed his highest oat yield ever experienced on that acreage AND increased his oat protein content by 8 to 10 percentage points.

What was the difference between Alton’s crop success and his neighbors’ crop failure?  BioWash!!

Alton sprayed his oats with BioWash 100, diluted at the rate of five (5) ounces BioWash per 30 gallons of water, per acre.  After spraying he went traveling for several months. Upon his return, he was amazed.

We cannot guarantee that all drought-stricken crops can be saved by BioWash or that all farmers will enjoy Alton Holt’s phenomenal results.  However, at an investment of less than $6.00 per acre, how can you pass up the opportunity?

Take an opportunity to review Alton Holt’s pictures and the oat protein results after applying BioWash.  Then give us a call to discuss how BioWash may help your crops survive this current, unprecendented drought.


Without BioWash, the oat fields adjacent to Alton Hope’s BioWashed field were completely unproductive. The fields were opened to browsing by cattle because there were insufficient oats to harvest.

After BioWashing, Alton Holt’s 90 acres produced the largest oat crop yield ever. The oats also reflected the highest protein content Holt had ever experienced. All this DESPITE the severe Texas drought conditions in 2011.

Visit for more information.
The average normal crude protein range for oats is between 13.70% and 23.82%.

Alton Holt reported that his oats in the past have contained about 16% protein.  After BioWashing his 90 acres, lab analysis reflected Alton’s oats to contain upwards of 24% protein!

Iowa farmer Bob Treloar concluded that one of the best defenses against drought is the BioWash success in creating larger, stronger root systems.

For increased yields and higher profits, even during drought conditions, try BioWash today!  You can order BioWash from our website at or call us at 239-283-1222 (M-F from 9:00-5:00).


Ted Tidwell
1st Enviro Safety, Inc

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