To Write is Right

by | Jul 12, 2012 | Self Publishing, Writer's Camp

Recently a top selling, award winning author and his wife spent a couple of days with us at our farm.


One morning we were having breakfast… on a balmy summer day… testing our quinoa pancakes and enjoying this view.

The writer has written dozens of successful books as well as the screenplays for a TV show based on one of his books and he was helping me formulate lessons for this course.

We chatting amiably about what it takes to become a great writer.

We agreed, the most important key to being a good writer is to read and write… a lot.  

Your course has a program to help you and other writers who are taking this course course to help each other… to write… write…. write.

Please study the entire Self Fulfilled – How To Be A Self Publisher” course we have sent you.

Especially study and follow the Writers Course Assignment:

Plus to understand this assignment study lessons:

Lesson #18

Lesson #19

Lesson #20

These lessons will get you writing and reviewing.  Start writing. To write is the right thing to do!

We’ll share some of this writer’s other tips in future Self Fulfilled lessons and at our upcoming Writers Camps at the farm. See details here.