Lesson in Capitalism from Russia

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The Russians have come to Ecuador in a most pleasant way.

We learned in the recent message “Pension Demographics” how American cities are trying to renege on their pension liabilities and how those in the Ukraine responded to a similar affair.

Now we can see how Russians are reacting to turning their passion into profit in Ecuador.

There is a new Russian restaurant in Cotacachi named Kalinka and the owner Olga Plavidal sent us the note below.


Olga Plavidal at Kalinka

To begin with, I’d like to tell you that the first days of Inti Raymi worked very well for us!  We didn’t have many Gringos in Kalinka, but our location happened to be in the midst of the Indigenous celebrations, and we weren’t only dancing and having friendly communications with the Indigenous folks, but also catering them with their local foods – lots of Salchipapas and Hot Dogs were served!

Never could I imagine in my life that me, a Russian girl with my Masters in Linguistics, would be serving Salchipapas to Indigenous folks in Ecuador! Well, life is life J Friday-Sunday this week more Salchipapas will be coming, however I sure hope that you, my dear Gringos will stop by to visit us as well for some wonderful dishes ’a la Carte’.

Most of our produce is organic now! We have 3 suppliers of organic produce, including meats and poultry, from the small local farms.

We use the best and healthy ingredients, not looking for shortcuts, like we’d be cooking at home for ourselves.  We add a little extra with a few different sides on each plate and vary them often, so guests never expect the same sides for the main dish.  

Why a Russian restaurant? I had been working in Cotacachi real estate for a year. At some point I realized that there’s quite a few realtors in Cotacachi now, but not a single Russian restaurant!

I Always being an entrepreneur and decided to try this new venture. To my greatest delight this was welcomed very warmly!  I have many repeat customers now, though we have only been opened for a little bit more than a month. Quite a few folks were pretty cautious to begin thinking that Russian food is all ‘beets and cabbage’! We do use those as well, but our guests have been mightly surprised at the variety of the ingredients we use and the taste of the final products.  


Olga beautified the walls with the help of Cindy, a local artist.

We are open every day, 10 am to 8 pm, except Thursday.

Here is a typical example of the favorite and new dishes we offer:

 Borscht – $2.00

– Been Soup – $2.00

– Potato/Mushrooms Schnitzel (Vegetarian) – $3.50

– Cabbage Rolls – $4.00

– Beef/Mushrooms Schnitzel – $4.25

– Zapekanka – an oven baked pie w/Beef/Potatoes – $4.25

– Chicken Legs in Rosemary Claire – $4.50

– Meat OR Potatoes/Mushrooms OR Cheese Ravioli – $4.50 ($6.00 frozen per pound to go, easy to finish at home)

– Herb and cheese filled chicken thighs – $5.50

– Chicken Breast Rolls w/Shrimp/Bacon – $6.00

– Shrimp a La Kamchatka – $6.00

– Chicken Dijon – $6.00

– Chicken a la Romano (w/Tomatoes/Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese) – $6.00

For directions or more information on Cotacachi contact the head of our Ateam Ecuador there, Jeff Neal at jeff@ateamecuador

Having a way to earn income grows in importance as social economic promises become less and less mathematically sound.  Even Social Security is at risk.

Last year when Congress could not agree to increase the debt limit, Social Security payments to millions of retirees and people with disabilities were threatened.

Last August the government would not have been about to meet 44% of its obligations without borrowing.  If Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment benefits, payments to defense contractors and interest payments on Treasury bonds were exempt, that would have been all the government could afford that month. No money for troops or veterans. No tax refunds. No food stamps or welfare. No federal salaries or benefits.

Imagine what the streets of the USA would look like if  Social Security promises were reneged or even the possibility considered!

So choose a passion… like running a restaurant… owning a farm or operating a B&B and begin the process of learning how to profit from it.

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