The Pen is Mightier

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The pen is mightier than the keyboard and can be used as an amazing instrument of power.

(Plus see how to turn pens from dough into dough).


In this day of modern technology pens still have a place… a nice one..or memorable ones especially.  See how to use pens to make your life better and how to become more intelligent in a most unexpected way.

Before the Pen

Before we examine the importance of the pen, let me review a system that unlocks our higher forms of intelligence that we cannot access in lingual form.

We use techniques to create business and investing ideas in the Quantum Thinking Workshop conducted during our International Investing and Business Seminars.

We also teach this tactic to create writing ideas during our Writer’s Camp.

There are the three steps in this technique:

Step #1: Write by hand for five or ten minutes everything you can about a business idea.  This connects the the mind/body functions.

Step #2: Take a ten minute meditation or sit quietly for 10 minutes listening to Baroque largo music.  Relax and let your mind wander… use innocence… no expectation.

Step #3: At the end of ten minutes write down whatever is on your mind at that time. Write as much about it as you can…just let it flow.
In the thoughts…in the visions that you have at the end of the ten minute meditation or in the quiet listening, there will be an out of the box idea to dwell on… often in graphic form…could be a picture rather than words.  Dwell easily on this in context of your business.  You will be very pleased and delighted with the results of your own creative, simple writings.

We integrated a tactic taught to us by a Buddhist Monk with the Super Thinking knowledge to come up with this special way of  tapping into the infinite knowledge to which we are all connected.

We use this system because the intelligence that is in us can in times of stress overwhelm our ability to think logically.   Our universe of information is yoda, terra bytes of data compared to our logic… as a processor… not even 64K.  At the least we cannot expect to use just our logical thinking to tap into the universe.

This process works even better if you make it a ritual with a special pen.

Rituals are special routines that connect us to the moment.   Rituals are actions that can connect us to ourselves, our place, and our greater intellect.

Rituals bring pleasure without the labor of decision making. They allow us to enter a state of relaxed action where we’re actually not thinking, not aware of any single thing other than the act of what we are doing.

Rituals connect us with the moment that makes life better.

Rituals are routines we give importance to. The secret is to choose an important routine and to systematize it so that you do it the same way every single time – so it doesn’t require thought.  Good rituals are enjoyable habits that accomplish something… large or small with easy success.

Rituals work best when the mind and body compose together.  We put on night clothes for the ritual of going to bed.   We may have a special coffee cup that enhances the ritual of enjoying the first cup of morning coffee.

A special pen can enhance the ritual of writing in at least three ways.

The first two enhancements  come when the pen looks and feels good to you.   This activates pleasure responses in your neuromuscular system as the mind takes cues from both its visual and tactile centers.  For example I use a wonderful wooden pen… much like the one above.    A way to describe the process is “This gets the juices flowing!”

The third gain you get in the system takes place if you associate the pen with something positive in your life.  For example my pen was a gift from my one and only high school buddy who has remained a friend for 50 years.   The pen was not for a birthday, a holiday or any special occasion.  My pal simply showed up one day with one for both Merri and me saying… “I was in the market… saw these great hand made pens and thought of you two”.

Every time I pick up the pen I feel a warm flood of gratitude for a lifelong friendship.  Then I enjoy the beauty of the wood and craftsmanship and finally the silky fineness of the polished wood.

I am feeling better before I begin to write.

Next time you have a business problem/situation or are looking for a path to follow… get a piece of fine paper (one that you like) and pick up an enjoyable pen.

Good pens can be expensive.  According to this Aurora Diamante fountain pen is priced at $1,4375,000!


Never mind. The pen you use does not have to cost a lot.   The technique will work if you use a Bic, the stub of a pencil or even a broken crayon…. but it will work in a more positive way when you tap into the infinite intellect we all possess through the expertise of any pen that is special for you.

Use the technique above. This can change your life for the better.

See details of our September 1-2-3 Writers Camp

Turns pens from Dough into Dough.

Using pens as described above is a general way to increase prosperity. Here is a specific way to earn from pens.

Here is how to turn bread into dough…  the cash kind by making pens out of dough.

In the Ecuador export tours, delegates can visit the village of Calderon and look at Ecuador exports called mazapan. Mazapan is made from bread dough that is glazed and baked rock hard. Delegates see all types of goods being made.  Mazapan offers excellent Ecuador exports opportunity because it can be shaped into almost any form ranging from beautiful flowers to toys, nativity sets and much, much more.

Mazapan products are excellent Ecuador exports because they are light and compact for low cost shipping, the product is inexpensive but with a little value added can be marked up enormously.

As Ecuador exports they have be made into pins, refrigerator magnets, necklaces, earrings and ornaments.   Exports delegates get to see how these Ecuador exports can be merchandised in many ways.

One delegate who owned a  number of Hampton Inns in the USA had mazapan flowers and llamas created to use at his hotel as a turn down treat.  So many guests asked for them that he created a small leaflet and began selling them.  Later he began  wholesaling to other hoteliers.

The last time I talked to this exporter he was having pins made in the form of his University Alma Mater  mascot to sell at college ball games and such.











of mazapan.


To date I have not seen mazapan made into pens but there is no reason not to use this idea.  This is a hot Ecuador exports idea!

Now learning about mazapan exports is even easier because a large mazipan factory has started near Cotacachi and near the colonial Inn Land of the Sun, from where the Ecuador Ateam centers the Ecuador export tours they conduct.

Learn about Ecuador export tours. here.


See how we use the Super Thinking system in our Quantum Wealth Workshop to create business and income earning ideas below.

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