The Rose Colored Glass in the UK

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The rose colored glass in the UK can teach us a lot about why we should move towards where we love instead of away from what we fear or hate.

You’ll be amazed (and saddened and frustrated) at what lays ahead in Merry Olde England.

Fact #1: The problem you’ll see comes because of three facts, the first of which is that watching all the time is…


a predatory action.  Watching by a predator is also predatory action.

I grew up as the son of a zookeeper and enjoyed living with many exotic animals.   We raised many lions and tigers at home.  I learned a lot about predators from that.

Here is an old newspaper clipping from the Oregonian. The story was about my sister Sandra and me with the second baby lion, Duchess, we raised. I was only seven or eight then and over the years we raised more than a dozen of them.


We learned several lessons.

#1: Do not place your hand or any body part between the lion and his or her food… even if they are small… even if they are a great, loving pet.

#2: Never forget they are a wild animal just two or three generations removed from the wilderness.  Even though they seem tamed they are still ruled by the law of the jungle.

#3: Never… ever… leave the bigger cats alone with a small child.

If you ever take a child to the zoo, observe the attention the little ones get from the big cats… the absolutely focus on the child.

Predators are hardwired to watch… and wait for an opportunity.  Watching by a predator is a predatory action.  If we are watched all the time… we have to let our guard down once in awhile and then we are vulnerable. Predators know this.

Fact #2: Bad government is increasingly contagious.  We live in a global economy and news travels much faster than in the days of Marco Polo.  When I began our business in the 1970s it was easy to invest in currencies because the US was fiscally irresponsible.  Other nations… Germany, Japan and Switzerland… the Netherlands, and others were not.

However all these nations contained similar demographic disasters… ie a slowing birth rate leaves a lot of old people without enough youth to provide for them.

Now Japan has even more debt than the USA. Here is a chart of national debt in relation to GDP and interest rates on government bonds issued by each country.

government debt

When a government succeeds or survives doing something bad (the US, UK and Germany are leaders in this) the bad idea catches on quickly.

Fact#3:  There are bad people and predators in government just like in any other organization.

If these facts are correct it means we can assume that any bad government idea that succeeds in one place will spread.  We can also assume that in the government and in the bad government regulation there will be predators.

We have seen in the initial messages in this series some ideas that offer predators a chance to watch us a lot.   We have seen growing government intrusion in Canada and Mexico. Let’s see what’s up in the UK.

The rose colored view of England may be of a common law nation where individuality is so cherished that even driver’s licenses do not require photos.  Law enforcement is friendly Bobbies on bikes.   Excerpts from a recent article entitled “Britain unveils electronic mass surveillance plan” by  Raphael Satter suggests that this image is really distorted and why George Orwell was so very prophetic when he wrote 1984. He just had his timing off by about 3o years.

The article says:  British authorities on Thursday unveiled an ambitious plan to log details about every Web visit, email, phone call or text message in the U.K. — and in a sharply-worded editorial the nation’s top law enforcement official accused those worried about the surveillance program of being either criminals or conspiracy theorists.

Home Office Secretary Theresa May said in an editorial published ahead of the bill’s unveiling that only evil-doers should be frightened.

All that data would be kept for up to a year — ready for browsing whenever anyone in authority wanted it. In some cases, the bill envisages monitoring the information in real time.

“This is a huge amount of information, very intrusive to collect on people,” David Davis, one of the proposal’s most outspoken critics, told BBC radio. “It’s not content, but it’s incredibly intrusive.”

Authorities and civil libertarians have been debating the plan for weeks, but Thursday marked the first time that the government itemized exactly what kinds of activity it wanted to track.

The list is long.

The bill would force providers — companies such as the BT Group PLC or Virgin Media Inc. — to log where emails, tweets, Skype calls and other messages were sent from, who was sending them, who they were sent to, and how large they were. Details of file transfers, phone calls, text messages and instant conversations, such as those carried over BlackBerry Messenger, would also be recorded.

The bill demands that providers collect IP addresses, details of customers’ electronic hardware, and subscriber information, including names, addresses, and payment information.

What May didn’t mention in her editorial — and the Home Office left off its press release — was that the government also is seeking to keep logs of citizens’ Internet history, giving officials access to the browsing habits of roughly 60 million people — including sensitive visits to medical, dating, or pornography websites.

Prefer to send mail the old-fashioned way? That would be monitored, too. Address details and other markers printed onto envelopes would be copied; parcel tracking information would be logged as well.

Officials say they need all that information to stay on top of a rapidly-changing technological landscape. Britain’s online child protection agency said Thursday it was missing out on a quarter of the traffic used by child pornography networks. In an editorial in the Times of London entitled “Trust me, I need to know about your emails,” Scotland Yard chief Bernard Hogan-Howe said that the collection of communications data played a role in 95 percent of serious organized crime operations.

The article went on to explain that the Home Secretary dismissed worries that the bill would stomp on free expression as “ridiculous claims” dreamed up by “conspiracy theorists” and said  “Without changing the law the only freedom we would protect is that of criminals, terrorists and pedophiles,” she said.

This to me is quite frightening.   Even worse is the knowledge that other governments will be watching to see if the Brits succeed. If the UK government does succeed… expect to see this type of legislation in other countries.  Even England’s failure might give some predators information on other ways to accomplish similar goals.

One of the Home Office Secretary quotes is “Unless you are a criminal, then you’ve nothing to worry about from this new law.”  This is where those of us who favor more privacy must have some concern.

These new uses of technology are maneuvers of war.  Governments can get citizens to give up many rights during a war because of fears produce in a nation.

Technology has altered the methods of war by eliminating the concepts of time and space for the battle and battlefield.   Battles can now be fought anywhere… any time at the choosing of the enemy.

The defense is to watch for potential battles and spot the enemy before they attack.

The cost of this defense is the loss of privacy so it is likely that we will see more rules, regulations and laws such as this adopted in many countries..

I hate this but believe it is better to face the challenge of this reality and figure out how to deal with it.   Adapting is better than to deny that this might become a fact.

We cannot go back. We cannot escape the risk that this type of enforcement will be implemented where we live and anywhere and elsewhere.

Every technological change that has evolved during war has created some risk.  The auto in every garage came after WWI.  Now auto accidents are a leading cause of deaths… especially in youth.

Fertilizer emerged from WWII.  Today the risks of cancers have grown… very likely due to fertilizer polluted food.   The internet came from WWIII.  Today we if we use the internet… we lose huge amounts of privacy.

Despite the negatives we gain at the same time which is why most of us have a car… which is why most of us have a full table and which is why  most of us have a computer, iPhone or tablet and privacy robbing bank account and credit card.

Change will come. We are in a global economy and technology has erased the dimensions of time, space and privacy.

The purpose of this series is to figure out the best way to maintain our personal integrity and privacy in an increasingly unprivate world.

We cannot go back.  We cannot escape.  Wherever we move there will be loss of privacy risks.

The next  message in this series will look at opportunities… what we can do and how groomers (boomers who are grandparents) can help live better as these changes evolve.


One way to prepare for change… to be more flexible intelligent and smarter is with Super Thinking.  See more about Super Thinking below.

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Britain unveils electronic mass surveillance plan


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