$16,000 Beach House?

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Customized Ecuador beach real estate tours with no added fees create a new Ecuador beach value.

A beach house for $16,000?  You cannot beat experience when it comes to learning all the ins and outs and buying real in a country like Ecuador.

For example after more than a dozen years of traveling… working… buying and selling real estate and running businesses in Ecuador… we led Jean Marie Butterlin to the coast and he began scouring the beaches from Manta, north to Pedernales… finding the bargains…. meeting the landowners…  understanding the rules, regulations and customs.

That experience made him the expert of Ecuador beach real estate so that bargains could be found and so his clients could overcome the biggest problems and intelligently buy real estate on the coast.

I’ll explain the biggest problem of Ecuador beach property in a moment.

First, let me give you an example of using experience to buy beach property intelligently.

Here is Jean Marie’s second beach home…. secluded overlooking this…


isolated beach home for just…



Jean Marie’s experience helped him overcome one of the biggest mistakes most real estate buyers make on the beach… to think they can afford only one coastal home.

Jean Marie explained it this way.  “My advice to our clients who like empty beaches is… do what I have done.  Build a cabin on a remote beach north of Bahia.  Live in town.  Normally people need a balance of socializing and loneliness on spectacular beaches.   I suggest “to do it the right way round”.   Buy in a nice property, a house or condo in town that is big enough to fill your social needs. Buy a  second one cheap.   My isolated 2 bedroom, 600 sq.ft cottage for example has cost me $16,000.”

Jean Marie lives in Bahia… Ecuador’s best coastal town (25,000 population) in this brand new Bahia condo located right on the malecon facing the sea, the bay.

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He enjoys…

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views like…

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this city living and his cost was only $95 a square foot.  His second isolated home fills his empty beach need and cost him just $16,000 more.

Biggest problem of Ecuador’s beach property.

You may not believe this but the biggest problem expats have when they come to Ecuador is that prices are so low.  Coastal real estate is so inexpensive that new buyers pay too much.   They get a really good price compared to Canada or the US…. but in Ecuador terms they pay too much.

This is an understandable problem.   A recent article in Bloomberg Business News shows that Miami property is looking like good value at $400 a square foot compared to $700 a square foot in Bogota, $1,100 in Sao Paulo and $1,400 in Rio.

Here is a picture showing prices from that Business Week article.


Yet we are still seeing Ecuador beach property for less than $100 a square foot.   This means that new visitors see high Ecuador beach prices and they think these prices are really low… WHEN they are compared with other countries.  New buyers often pay much more then they need.

Comparison of property prices in Business Week article can be seen below in a  link to the Business Week article.

This is why I am pleased to report that the cost of personalized tours organized by Jean Marie Butterlin have been dropped to match his group tours.

Now you can enjoy customized, private Ecuador real estate coastal tours to any part or all of the coast between Manta and Pedernales… any time at no additional cost.


Condo in San Vicente with views across the Chone of Bahia! Asking $50,000.

The customized tours can help you in three ways.

#1:  You can set the exact times and dates of the tour to fit your schedule.

#2: You can quantify particular needs and/or desires in the real estate so you do not spend time seeing properties that are not of interest to you.

#3: You would like to zero on specific types of Ecuador real estate in a certain price range.

This 1,250 square foot unit with 625 square foot roof garden on the beach overlooks the Pacific and…


overlooks the luxury Palmazul Spa and Hotel which is also the condo’s club house.


Sunset view from condo.


The condo overlooks this beach.

The Vistazul club house is one of  the most exclusive hotels and spas on Ecuador’s Pacific and Vistazul. This units owners have access to these facilities.


Club house dining and an…


infinity pool right on the beach.

This is also a perfect rental unit.  The asking price was $89,000.  That’s $71 a square foot if  the roof garden is free!

Now Ecuador personalized beach real estate tours are the same price as group tours.  They can be the most efficient and inexpensive way to get a specific view of Ecuador coastal real estate.


This 6,000 square foot, 12 bed B & B opportunity in Crucita has an asking price of $400,000 or about $66 per square foot..

You can set your own schedule and view very specific types of property.  For example if you only wanted to view beach view condos a customized tour is best for you.

Ecuador real estate tours are the most efficient way to learn about Ecuador’s real estate market.

These tours help you see the maximum number of properties in the shortest period of time.

San Vicente Ecuador beach houses

Eco project on the beach. Houses from $83,000 or around $83 a square foot.

These tours offer the following benefits:

You save time.  Tour guides review the properties you will see in advance.  They schedule the most efficient way to travel…from each property to the next.   They double (and triple) check that the seller will be at the property!  They check again by cell phone even while we are on the tour.  This saves a lot of time.

Frequently, sellers get busy and forget to show up or arrive hours late.

Plus with multi lingual tour guides…you do not get lost!

You Save Money! The real estate tours have taken thousands of delegates to see Ecuador real estate over the past fifteen years.  These are the original and first tours to show Ecuador property.  Years of experience help you avoid overpriced property.

Plus you obtain hotel and travel discounts so your tour is often less than if you travel on your own.

Sellers know the reputation of these tours for bringing buyers to Ecuador. Because the tours do not charge commissions, developers often give tour delegates discounts.

You Gain Safety.  Tour guides know which areas are to be avoided.  They know which restaurants could make you ill. Plus they maintain a list of English speaking Ecuador attorneys who have successfully helped many delegates buy real estate.

Even more important they can sometimes spot scams and help the delegates avoid them.

Here is a quote from the Rip Off Report.   Beware of doing business with this person and the websites he represents because he is a con artist, scammer, and liar!   I have had a very personal “horrible” experience.  It was not a “bad” experience, it was not an “unpleasant” experience, it was HORRIBLE.   Gary Scott cautioned people that were at the Conference last year that this was a scam, but unfortunately this crook had already taken our money and now we have to fight him to get it back.  

In this instance we were able to warn hundreds of potential buyers to beware of a terrible rip off on Ecuador’s beach.

The tour fee for a three day customized tour is $499 for one and  $749 for two.

Your  tour can take you to see Ecuador beach property in Beach villages like Crucita, San Clemente and then centers in Bahia, the nicest town on the coast.  Bahia has 25,000 people and is Ecuador’s first Eco City. You can view condos, houses and lots for sale along the way. Here is the center of Bahia.


The Bahia Yacht club


Here is a Bahia hotel, Casa Ceibo, an old manor transformed into a luxury, boutique hotel that…


coastal real estate tour delegates enjoy.

You can see beach lots…


as well as  houses and…


hotels like…




You’ll save time… and avoid trouble. You’ll gain safety,  get to see many more properties on wonderful surf and sand.. than you would see on your own.

The bridge across the Chone River at Bahia was completed in 2010 and opens great opportunity north of Bahia which you can see on your own customized tour.

san vicente-pedernales-real estate

This 3,000 square foot house north of Bahia at Jama is…


on the beach and …


in Jama for…


$60 per square foot!

A recent article entitled “Building a charming destination”  by Paola Vellejo in the Bienes Raices Clave (Key Real Estate), Ecuador’s leading real estate magazine shows how experienced Jean Marie and his group are in Ecuador real estate.


A translation of the article says:    In conversation with Britain’s Steve Marchant, familiar with the housing boom of Cotacachi, you can see the origin of the phenomenon of its growing popularity as a destination for retirees is the result of the sum of a series of coincidences that inevitably arise from one person: Gary Scott.    Scott was the spark that ignited the housing boom of Cotacachi for retirees.

You can read that article in Spanish here.

See a Google translation to English of the article here. 

Jean Marie Butterlin has worked with Merri and me for over a decade and his Ecuador beach experience and contacts now far exceeds ours…plus he stays up to date!

Jean Marie was born in France and after graduating in 1977 from the engineering college ICAM in Lille (France) moved to United States where he developed a homeopathic and dietary supplement business in Houston TX, with an aim at exporting the US made products  into Europe, with emphasis towards Belgium and France.

Jean Marie Butterlin

Jean Marie Butterlin with wife, Pascale, inspecting real estate.

After living part time on both sides of the Atlantic he moved back  in 2002 to Europe where he has a prosperous business in the natural health field i.e. phytotherapy, mineral supplements, specialty cosmetics, as well as Quantum medical technology, internet publishing for the anti-aging market.

This quest for anti-aging remedies, products and techniques has lead him to discover Ecuador with its valleys of longevity, where he is researching and developing new approaches to live longer and better and bringing the new products and techniques to more and more people in the United States and Europe.

Jean Marie began working with Merri and me on our tours several years ago and moved with his family to Bahia, Ecuador.

You cannot beat experience when it comes to learning all the ins and outs and buying real in a country like Ecuador.  Jean Marie has experience in Ecuador coastal real estate like few others and hopes to share it with you.

Set Up Your Own Tour Here $499

Enroll For Two $799.

Tour starts at Manta.  Tour fees DO NOT include flight to and from Ecuador, Manta, accommodations or food.

Business Week article Foreign Buyers Heat Up Miami’s Condo Market