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Another real estate evolution is beginning.

Merri and I had lunch today with one of our bankers.  The consensus was clear  if you are investing in equities, the global gorillas with worldwide income, good cash flows and revenues will be the place to be.  Cash pays nothing, bonds are low yielding.  Commodities have done nothing for nine months.

Merri and I are lucky… several years ago we recommended investing in overseas government bonds and we invested ourselves  paying 8% to 13%.  These are good into 2015 and 2016 so we’ll hold them for now, but as liquidity comes in it has been going into US (mainly Florida) real estate.

florida house

This is the type of house we have been offering on… short sales.. foreclosures and just plain sales… 3 bedroom, 2 fl baths, 1,400 to 1,700 square feet in the $55,000 to $100,000 range… good for rentals or appreciation.  These offer enormous value in our opinion… but finally prices are beginning to rise.

Those who have been reading our site for some time know that beginning in the late 1990s through mid 2000s we sold much of our Florida real estate and began buying Ecuador property. .. much more than we had in the US.

Then in 2009 we switched and started selling some of our Ecuador real estate and began buying back in Florida.  Over the last three years we have watched a firmness start to take hold with prices in Florida.

A USA Today article entitled “Average U.S. home prices — down by a third since 2006 and still falling — will rise almost 4% a year for the next five years, according to a new forecast” by Amy Sancetta.  This fortifies my feeling that US house prices are on the rise.

Here is an excerpt: Market watcher Fiserv sees prices stabilizing by summer’s end and then climbing, quickly in some places until gains taper off. The forecast is based on an analysis of leading home price indexes.

Investors will drive much of the momentum, as they are now in cities such as Las Vegas and Phoenix.

First-time and trade-up buyers will eventually follow.

By the time home prices stop falling, they’ll be almost 35% below their 2006 peak, Fiserv says.

Separately, market researcher CoreLogic said Tuesday that U.S. home prices rose 0.6% in March from February, the first month-over-month increase since July.

Good affordability and declining inventories are key factors.

Conventional mortgage payments now account for just 12% of median family incomes vs. a historical norm of 20%, says Fiserv economist David Stiff.

The Fiserv forecast, done with Moody’s Analytics, assumes steady economic growth with no major shocks. Markets hardest hit by foreclosures will show the biggest five-year increases in home appreciation, it adds.

Six of the 10 markets where annualized prices are expected to rise most over the next five years had price drops of more than 50% from their peaks.

These markets expected to rise most and of course includes Florida.  Take advantage of low prices while you can

Rising US real estate prices will also increase the flow of Americans southwards into Latin America.  Ecuador real estate will be one of the benefactors of this move.  Prices in Ecuador will rise along with US prices.

Ecuador’s real estate and residence evolution is moving right along also.

A lot has changed in both areas since we began traveling  to Ecuador 17 years ago.

Now Ecuador real estate and the movement of Americans to Ecuador is about to get a boost from US real estate as it finally begins the upward journey again.

This increased pressure could also force tougher rules for visas. Buying real estate in Ecuador and through most of Latin America will cause changes.  Most Latin governments I believe are surprised by the flow of gringos and are now grappling with how to deal with and profit from this wave.

Screen shot 2012-05-06 at 4.59.09 PM

We are helping readers stay in touch with this change and recently shared an updated report entitled BUYING REAL ESTATE IN ECUADOR LEGAL REPORT by Dr. Andres Cordova, a prominent Ecuadorian attorney, who has helped hundreds of our readers over many years.

Ecuadorian real estate prices are much higher than a decade ago but still offer tremendous value in these uncertain times. Whether you are looking for a property solely as an investment, or to develop, or as a place to spend part of the year or to use full time; Ecuador has many options for you.

The financial and confidence crisis in North America and Europe and the demise of many former safe havens and hot-spots for real estate investing are prompting many people to look towards Ecuador to find positive distortions.

You can buy in the highlands or on the coast, in the big modern cities or in small, quaint towns. Ecuador has a fantastic cultural and natural landscapes, with great weather and warm and welcoming people.

The Ecuadorian Constitution establishes that foreigners have exactly the same rights as Ecuadorians do. Private property is a pillar of our legal system and therefore protected in Ecuador.

This report establishes general tips and elements of the purchase and deeding procedure. (It is not meant to replace direct legal advice.)

Previously this report was available only to our Ecuador Living Club members but I can now share this with all is now because Andres just wrote:

Gary, let’s give all your readers the report and let’s give a discount of $150 on all legal services to all Ecuador Living Club members plus send them an extra report with enhanced information.

I am getting many inquiries for visas and have been diligently attending to all of them. Changes are taking place in the visa process and I am preparing a report on this for your readers as well.

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The global economy is in a time of incredible opportunity when numerous basic investments such as agricultural and residential real estate are available at values far below replacement costs.  During such times it is difficult not be be caught in the doom and gloom. This is the fourth global economic downturn I have lived through (1970s, 1980s, 1990s) and each has created phenomonal riches for those who got in the flow of the economic evolution.

Our mission is to help readers in this quest.


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Read USA Today article Average U.S. home prices — down by a third since 2006 and still falling — will rise almost 4% a year for the next five years, according to a new forecast.